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Srujani Sep 2022
Looks silly but
it's like the posts and videos
we like on social media.

we think once we pass through it,
it goes away
but only few are aware of the fact
that all the liked stuff are stored in a place.

we were just the same.
though we like and left,
we always had
a tender memories of each other.

where if we wanted,
we can always go back
just start from the "end"
and go through each other's
changes eventually too.

it almost feel impossible to the world
and they say their words.
But again nobody but us know
how they are nothing more than just words.
because only we know
how many impossibles we broke.

we are always
one step away from each other,
looking for anyone's world
to collapse
so that it makes us
completely enter into another.

But at this point of time
I'm afraid that
we will get needy
and destroy it ourselves
to make an excuse

just to say
"I'm enchanted to be with you."

— The End —