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Marie Mar 2019
Crazy, that's what they think of me
I tend to laugh so hard
I coat my true feelings with a smile
Funny, coz they dont know how I turn my feelings into words.

Words woven with metaphorical phrase
A phrase that leaves them some illusion
Illusion that answers why poetry becomes my passion
Passion that I'll wouldn't leave for

Just judge every piece that I weave
It wouldn't matter to me that much
'Cause I'm just a penless poet
Who writes the thoughts that seize me all day long.
Marie Mar 2019
Arise in a morning dew
God says "Hello"
He demands the sun to rise
To untie the ribbon of hope

Soar like the birds in the eastern hill
Discover how life's journey is fueled with thrill
As the white fluffy clouds turn into blue
Let out a smile with a glow

May your mind be in a state of zen
May your sense of sight be keen
Hold on to His promise of grace
Wake up!
Take the pathway of life with ease!
Marie Mar 2019
When the moment we cross our path
No one can explain the pleasure I feel
My world stop, when I heard you laugh
My heart beat as fast as it capture well

You're like a rose bloom in the garden
Where your beauty can be seen
Your like an angel in heaven
That guide me now and then

Yesterday, I don't believe in destiny
But in the morning gentle as dew
That perspective in my mind faded away
'Cause you just came in a blew

Oh my lovely and dearest treasure!
I'll keep you and love you forever
As your love to me, gives me courage
To dwell all the life challenge.
Marie Mar 2019
I couldn’t imagine how fast the earth revolve around it’s orbit.
I couldn’t imagine how fast the clock rotate every seconds.
I couldn’t imagine how the darkness swallowed by the light in an instant and another day come.
I couldn’t imagine how living things survive as the earth revolve to it’s orbit and as the time keep moving on.

How I wish that the time freeze just for a moment.
I don’t want to wake up and face how cruel the reality of the world.
I want to heal the wounds of my soul.
I want to free myself in a great ruckus.

How should I rise?
How should I go forward?
Who will light my path?
Who gives me strength?

Worries always in my mind
Perhaps, I fret on every downfall
I couldn't ponder why?
I just don't know to dwell this life of mine.

— The End —