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As long as my heart
begins to speak,
so long as my mind
starts offevolved

There's a
language inside
that bubbles,
bursts in fire,
- yeah, my burning desire.

My soul floats
in the sea of clouds
that my eyes
distends to check
thousand of words
racing up in my pen
to write on my sheet.
Which area you consider a comfort zone to write poetry better?
Marie Mar 2019
Arise in a morning dew
God says "Hello"
He demands the sun to rise
To untie the ribbon of hope

Soar like the birds in the eastern hill
Discover how life's journey is fueled with thrill
As the white fluffy clouds turn into blue
Let out a smile with a glow

May your mind be in a state of zen
May your sense of sight be keen
Hold on to His promise of grace
Wake up!
Take the pathway of life with ease!
Genesee Mar 2018
The angry fire that is within me
I'm trying to quieten it down
But it's no use
I knew I was hurting when music couldn't ease my pain today
And it felt surreal almost like the clouds kept looming over my head
It felt like I was dragging myself along
I promise I was paying attention if the teacher asks around wondering if I was paying attention
But at the same time not a day before we had a powerpoint
going into a little bit of detail about the signs of depression and the symptoms of mental disorders as well as emotional
When it got to one slide
All I could think was you don't have to go on and on about the signs of one thing
Trust me my life experiences can vouch for me
I know more about this subject than I ever wanted to know in the first place  
All I could think was I'm drained and tired emotionally from this
I needed a distraction so I settled for drawing
When in reality I thought I know heartbreak all too well
sure enough, I didn't show the signs of sadness when it was spoken out loud the signs
My friends know the truth
Teachers don't
As if I'm going to open up to one of them and tell them a sob story of how I am heartbroken  once again
I know they are there to comfort other people in times of need
Hurting etc.
But I rather let no one know about my heartbreak
except for my inner circle and that's it

— The End —