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So many thoughts
Not shared

So many words
Not read

So much music
Not heard

So much beauty
Not seen

So much time
As I get older I feel like I'm running out of time to experience everything.
A corpse maybe
You being here
Sometimes not
When I call out,
your name echoes.
When you reach out,
my voices take heed.
You are dead sometimes
You are there sometimes
But a corpse most times.
Restless, useless murmurs
poison the airs
journals and a bead plate stare
back at me, they connive, as i wait.
On the coffee table,
rough drafts lay parallel
sunlight and clear citrine spears
refuse to create shining tears.
Ideas dangle, then crumble...penciled,
then crossed out, darkened...the mind
is a lonely mannequin in a dark space,
no fire or warmth...only cold stares, pizzazz.
There's no glitter or sparkle
to excite an opaque mind,
to sharpen dulled senses,
my beadworks
need candor and splendor.
i need my swarovskis...n o w.


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
    January 17, 2024
 Feb 15 JoJo Nguyen
light pierces the leaves
under the oak, you with me
october ends us
they say nothing good can last
you, my love, have proven this
i have been trying my hand at tanka poems recently :)
 Feb 15 JoJo Nguyen
parchment paper moon
stars sprinkled across the sky
laying on your chest
my heartbeat dancing with yours
i wonder if this is love
(i hope it is)
Once upon a timid willow

The sweetest songs of

A hyacinth girl

Floated on waterlilies

Had a sleepwalking lyric

The moorings of her heart

Overlooking undercurrent

As she dared all things

Gently down the stream

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