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JoJo Nguyen Feb 17
But past distant times
She filters happy

I'm Bumble time
look for me
look for us
look for unfiltered
Time again

Drones at the Edge
of our Tomorrow
All our needs Killed

Live run dare

Set the butterflies in formation
Habituated motion
there is only Irimi

Love dare repeat
Thanks for reading parts of my soul organized for aesthetic appeal. It doesn't sell well. It never does.
Feb 11 · 164
unspoken Voice
JoJo Nguyen Feb 11
unspoken Voice say nothing
as well
as unwritten Words

Deeds done unnoticed,
unheeded, are beheaded in quiet

private Executions
in a Smokey courtyard, pulsing
with Electronica

It's a Plain world
and Fancy words don't do it justice

I rap Words ordinarily
Lisping the loop to synch
with a Caller:

Chattel, chatter, and chatting
under azure Seas thru black

I hear skin and touch tears

I lisp loops like a f*g
being Scratched on an 80's
I wrote this poem in 2008. I was in Germany. I was almost 40 but not yet!
The derogatory slang for a gay man may trigger. It has been sanitized to f*g.
I hope you'll still be my friend. I hope you still trust my message.
Feb 7 · 659
And then there we are
JoJo Nguyen Feb 7
In our mid-50s on a poetry site for our kids in their 20s. Not on top of the world. Not really. Not in real-time.

And you'll be with me
won't you?

In Paris, never really seeing but always trying not to step on all the sh*t.

And you'll be with me
won't you?

In Berlin, looping around endlessly on some Bahn, making crosses.

And you'll be with me
won't you?

In Rome, running another marathon. OK. Maybe you'll run it and I'll just cheer you on.

And you'll be with me
won't you?

In Los Angeles, in the end-- at the peak looking back to see us coming and foreseeing us going.

You'll be here in our seething cities, cities by the river with me.
Won't you?
Feb 7 · 112
JoJo Nguyen Feb 7
Furious Flowers
Flowers mal
sick in
bunches & bouquet

Flower Power
razed from fields
sustained by tech
living in vase
on a table
with synthtic
sap and stale

Her scent
drifts across our bustling
city, city of concrete
drifts down another Los River
full of Angels

She reads dead Latin
Canta vernacular
half remembers
some Lost Inferno
where even concrete
burns, burns like Sylvan fields
forgotten Green
in her bob
Jan 29 · 115
Our Tapestry
JoJo Nguyen Jan 29
Tapestries have 2 dimensions.

But threads have 3 and move with Time-- ticking away the moments that make... A dull day?

Mrs. Dalloway's hours were never such.

Tiny string spinning our own time.
Hands links in many colors AND flavors
To form threads, linear vectors
To weave our observed flatness
Dun face Laura's portrait
Or Dorian pictured fate?

I love you so much it hurts
I hate you so much it burns

I guess no matter where we turn
There is Dharma, robotic steel
neither feeling or dying
Dec 2023 · 130
Sky Fall - Nonbonding
JoJo Nguyen Dec 2023
Big Sky Came
and Woman Fell
to Urth

Sower Parable
seeds and plot
scatter to Gold
bars and Money

Big Bank Came
and Women Fell
to Mean
Dec 2023 · 95
Time of the Zombies
JoJo Nguyen Dec 2023
Seasons change but we're still
the-- Same same:

Ugly beautiful as cotton wood
Viciously kind as killing home

Monster baby as Nile serpent
Sweet w**d as burnt braid

Queer queens like many bladed
Grass-- leaves on the Sword Tree

Windless in the wind like Named
nameless-- Cyclopic nobody

the-- Same same:  Different odyssey
The 4 letter word that has been sanitized starts with "w" but we are not weeping like blades of glass burning from pesticides. We burn like smoked stuff, legalized.
Nov 2023 · 71
Hello Matter
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2023
Hello people from the past--
Collected like dental
implanted detritus

We're all trash people
People who bathe
in plastic r/bb/sh

Hello people of future past--
dark matter matted hair
clogging a collective

We're all family
it matters
what's the matter?
doesn't matter

Hello people of past future --
We weakly interact
a Force fielding questions
prompting action

How else are we
to interact with
the Light?
The word that has been sanitized as ******* is rub concatenated with bish.
Oct 2023 · 229
Shuddering Changes
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2023
Our world shudders
with network


But we few
In our Happy Sweet bubble
gunn Barbie Life

We Live on

The revolution

will Be televised
in faded Technicolor
In spirited
Super star Life

We Wake in

boxed in
In a box Garden

We Heirlooms to

the Revolution
Oct 2023 · 298
Social influencers
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2023
Come with me

The fellowship is broken
Heros have died
The twin towers
Lay in ash

Frodo and me; Me and Smeagol.
You me and Amon Amarth

Doom or fate
Fate or doom

Doomed fate
or Fated doom?

"Still, the future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves"

Ourselves free
Still there is a cost
Still we are guarded

Stilgar the Freman

Fear is the mind-killer
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2023
Single egg
To be single and free
Singular egg
To be the only source
Insular egg
Sourced from Aliens
Insipient egg
Foolishly taken
Sapient egg
To be graciously given
Sentient egg
To be in a blue cocoon
Sep 2023 · 174
And here we are Sunday
JoJo Nguyen Sep 2023
And here we are Sunday
Fun day
Din Tai Fung day
Follow me
follow Us
Me trust
means mistrust?
We rust
Iron oxides
trust me
reveals the blond
greying to white
Sep 2023 · 84
Labor Day Poem
JoJo Nguyen Sep 2023
May we all break the
chains to
escape to
metastasize to
other cities to
the Brains in
the plains there
the free-range
people roam still

And yet, and yet when
the Body Forms we
few Buffalo soldiers will
be rejected, casted
out as cancer

Rightly so

Bless your heart Gal
Gadot for being such
a horrible Spy

We can leave
Toxic Masculinity
with Ian
Aug 2023 · 60
Furious Five
JoJo Nguyen Aug 2023
No war here
no famine
nor pestilence
And yet and yet

Heard poets last light
Shedding hearts
At the center-- Los Angeles
where the D line smells but
the A line is fresh clean but
not going to Harlem

We go to Lil Tokyo
new instead
Like a Lil Boy
Or like how a Fat Man
empties a plate

Like skin regenerating
in a dish instead
of scarring
like melanin'd flesh

A new skein
An Avatar
With white voice
And black bodies
Got to listen to some poets night - DTLA
Bridgette Bianca
Conney Williams
Nailah Porter
David Judah 1
Shonda Buchanan

They inspired.
This poem.
Jun 2023 · 75
Again with the Arts
JoJo Nguyen Jun 2023
Pounding hearts
sounds like pounding farts

Pounding meats
smells like alliterative reeks

To be young and meager
To be green and so eager
without me
JoJo Nguyen May 2023
Elder flowers and snake bites
Watch out for the rattlers
babies are the most Dangerous

Chop their heads with shovels
bury them in unmarked fields

Copper Mountain with skis
buyer's Option purchased

9 month babies without souls
JoJo Nguyen May 2023
Love them they us we she he me E.
Nous sommes ** fame; We are who hunger fame.
You want fame? Fame costs.

The costs lie broken and scattered--
Actors who didn't become Jeros.

Cast left packing up our ****--
Moving in mass Exodus.

Crossing ole man River
to the other Side--
where lurks Them
they us we Me.

May 2023 · 244
Black Vinegar
JoJo Nguyen May 2023
"If there are flowers flowers
must come out to the road"

The four Black Vinegar clans:
From the North - Shanxi,
Chinkiang (or Zhenjiang) from the South,
Black vinegar from Sichuan,
And red worker vinegar of Fujian.

Furious flowers wait
across the Realms
across the Changes
"and the spiraling dead,
our black revival, our black vinegar,
our hands, and our hot blood."

we Vinegars
We got this thing
this Thing called Radar Love

(cue song)
(montage of Black Vinegar & Furious Flowers)
Apr 2023 · 195
Bird Clan Rising
JoJo Nguyen Apr 2023
There's a Mystic in the Air

Birds in the sky You know how I feel

Extincted dinosaurs Seeking refuge in the blue

From barking Dog And moody Cat Clans

Forever fighting In our 2D world

I choose you Pikachu!
Mar 2023 · 163
Red Mars
JoJo Nguyen Mar 2023
We dream of flying cars that never come.
Instead, warring Mars become another mining
town, if we will remember, if we have Total Recall.

Again, and again on disparate planets
They desparates arrive with risk, cuz
who else would take such dangers for so little?
Only Miner ****** with no good options
Only eager John's digging for gold
but reaping meager Death profits.

We here, at Home
depend on them, out There.

We corporate Heads
harvest gold
Depend on Hearts
to bind risk and takers.

We here, in Comfort
numb to the toxic holes
left scattered with dead
Red Ghost towns.
The word that has been sanitized as ****** rhymes with ores, like fool's gold.
The Wh we place before it, like
A silent Who,
fondled as a Fool
But is a greater Gold
Mar 2023 · 77
Oh or Ode
JoJo Nguyen Mar 2023
Odyssey or an ill Id added on an Ego?

Here we are at the Apex!

Predators with an easy, downhill decline into senescence.

No apoptotic pyrotechnics No wizard's Dragon birth from hobbit mischief.

Iggy Pop stares us in the face voicing farcical fanfare --something about not being gentle with the good night

Smash her moon Face Punish her still
with adolescent Rage
Pounding still
for morning glory
even as holies poke
the fabric of our Universe
falsifying the theory of homogeneous beginnings

that begat us

the few, the Proud
the discreetly Great
White Snark
JoJo Nguyen Jan 2023
In solitude unimaginable for social networks--

In confined cells
watched by supermax panopticon--

we ritualize the creation of Creation; we assign primes to segment time;
we bin days with witch to make or to

Enjoy, my fellow passengers with agency.
Jan 2023 · 105
Breakfast time!
JoJo Nguyen Jan 2023
Easy time
Hard times
Time as primes

Sunday adjoins real
Numbers of our work week.

Prime Monday 2 mirrors in Symmetry

Tuesday's 3 breaks it

4 expands our mirrored self
******* the ****
pass procreating 2

Pentagon 5's primal safety

2 Friday the six a child of
monday and tuesdays

And we rest on the 7 sabbath
dominant or diminished
it doesn't really matter in
Number Theory
Jan 2023 · 482
Olde Tymers
JoJo Nguyen Jan 2023
For Gwendolyn Brooks

And with that 2023
has slid into we

Bound in leather
or some new polymer

Alloys coaxed together
Like Master and server

We Olde Tymers
We Neu! Rhymers

Fashion updaters
Swift haters

What weird magic
this that binds tragic

sado to majestic maso
a Quanto entanglo

In rusty romp we fumble
as dream walls crumble

A Sun begs for mercy
A Flower forgives

Strange entanglements
Mixing emerging flavors
Nov 2022 · 168
It's Black Fridy
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2022
A day so dense in capitalistic
that reasoned light can't even
We buy
like abandoned storage
site unseen but worth something
like unvirgin #2 plastic
bags piling up after
all the veggies they
help bring hermitically
clean home.
Nov 2022 · 368
In November
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2022
For Gwendolyn Brooks

A song most frosty
She sings in November terribly.
A hymn most dark,
Never after cruel but crazy.
Oct 2022 · 91
Welcome to our Adventure!
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2022
(As a great wizard said, "a journey is done solo; an adventure is shared")

So many Mickey Mouse wizards
And I'm just a magical broom

bringing buckets and buckets of CO2
down our yellow Brick Road

in a Submarine
crossing Downton Abbey

to reach Emerald City
to find no One
in Das Schloss

I bid u peace or pence
for there will be no Trial
only execution
Oct 2022 · 88
They Tea for Two
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2022
The I is not the me.
An AI is not an object
merely to pass methods

They Keys connect I
manig Ah moments HA
to a Forceful ki-AH!
Oct 2022 · 193
The Fallen
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2022
The Fall is here
The Frighting begins
with scary Killings

Who and when was
a Right of ancients
a Power to decide
who passes and
who is Left

The Chilly air
exposes our Chaotic
Center. Marginalized.
An edge honed for

Weaponize but not
Indoctrinated. Rip
van Gangster. A  
Wild wild West
in heavily populated
Aug 2022 · 106
Riots in our Warpland
JoJo Nguyen Aug 2022
For Gwendolyn Brooks

Not 500 years yet?

The fire still burns
between births of Father
and Son Riots We

of unheard
Ghosts from ovens,
camps, killing fields,
and the many Handed
machetes. We

an Egyptian myth
a simple bird,
Dumb n Adored
in her privileged plume
in his busy Bushy

Jul 2022 · 350
Warpland Blue Spells
JoJo Nguyen Jul 2022
for Gwendolyn Brooks

War planned black
Warpland blue

Hard manna to mix
In Spells form a deep
Hurt placed

the River comes
around turns and flops
after a terrible
Weather channel

We build now
here almost near
Future-- love from
lion licks
wolf hurts
and worreid aunts
JoJo Nguyen Jun 2022
The game
The blame

We say
Man made the train to carry the heavy load

We say
God made women to carry men

The stronger half
The smarter America

E say
e will e erhlich e will e

Our Flame
Our Dame

We blame our victims
The better half of ourselves

Can't you guys get your act together?
Can't you become a homogeneous

vanilla controlling our owned electric
body, any body?

Can a body get a witness?
Any witness?
Jun 2022 · 119
Cages and grottos
JoJo Nguyen Jun 2022
Howling bird in cage
Blackish crow in rage

Odin's eyes scan
All-father sees fan

Stylized violence
Rapes with diligence

Half-breeds born
Poseidon shorn?

Roman Hercules
Or Greek Theseus?

Our grottos of painted *****
Wombs for hero cornicopia

It makes sense
but doesn't rhyme
Jun 2022 · 88
You will be here
JoJo Nguyen Jun 2022
"Big Bessie throws her son into the street"
interlacing with Gwendolyn Brooks

It's a winter day
in July chimes
a chipped cup
precisely etched - eternally empty
- forever gainst the flame
the candle's imposition
Rooted here
in the future - down the Street
- We cool
- We fool
Jun 2022 · 65
... in glorious day
JoJo Nguyen Jun 2022
in glorious day-- basking in sun
bass star or dough
A major or F minor chord
Graded white or brown Dwarf
Live dough or cash
bread or past die
cast of four sides
for magic-users
in baskious day - patient down
May 2022 · 68
My breakfast, my
JoJo Nguyen May 2022
My breakfast, my
vilifying to build internal
cohesion, moving in sync--
to actuate what?
Stylized, synchronized violence
resolves vanilla limits--
resources, rarity
barter, banter
to rectify an austere
child in a hood.
Stylized, synchronized violence
corporal spankings--
to hold a center
doing, doping--
to push our child
even though she is not better
than my non-existent
We are too busy
hustling, hating--
building, breaking
Stylizing our grotto
with shadows on wall,
ghosts in grime,
reminders of death
and dying
<Didn’t know we had a king. I thought we were an autonomous collective.>
May 2022 · 94
Egg worms and crow
JoJo Nguyen May 2022
An singular, insular egg--

A poultry product trafficking from ancillary islands.

Why does Black Velvet weep in Buffalo?

Two Johnsons joined by  bitter worms, quantum entanglements

fed to little crows, caged birds howling cold and broken.
Apr 2022 · 175
Heart felt Wishes
JoJo Nguyen Apr 2022
May your mornings be dewy, and your nights breezy
I love things that are rhymy, like a dove clings to me
like our evening farts and dawning hearts.

To the old lady-- Mothers, sisters, Minerva and Mary

May my piece of mind be with you.
JoJo Nguyen Mar 2022
Time enough to
wait for the heros to
Time enough to
save the thugs and
TIme enough to
for we Others

Lords of the Flies are
fragile beings with
short life spans

Is time to leave the Islands
leave the isolation
leave the ostracization?

Time to we
Time to forget the hero Me.
Mar 2022 · 297
JoJo Nguyen Mar 2022
Well. We eat cake well from the Well.
Farmilar castings weld, fastens together
Winfalls gather from the wind
Wheat chaffless from our daily grind
Without husk and worrisome bustle
Bound together with we,
our wherewithal, the water
Wielding weirding ways
We make cake
We eat well from our Well.
Aug 2021 · 276
August 2012 inverts 21
JoJo Nguyen Aug 2021
August begins
on a cool breeze
rustling Magdeburg leaves.
Scattered heatwaves
heal beating days
but now back to the stir,
future unknown,
braving it alone
ironically with you.
I wrote this in 2012
Mar 2021 · 406
Cards at Hand
JoJo Nguyen Mar 2021
The Card Deck exists
like a first probabilistic
dimension of our

A priori we know
the deck is stacked
King and Queen -winners
even Jacks with horses are

And Aces?

Our high flyer fishermen
Our David heroes who take on
too much risk
not knowing not caring
of Black Swans
of Cold Snaps
and Power Grid
Price gouging surge

They will always bring
home a win fall
Fishes or Death


A sleeping
A shuffle of coils
A ghost in the shell
lingering at the bottom
of our ocean cloud
waiting for Aragorn's
summon a Call to Duty
a cry to battle one
last time brutish twitter trolls
and hordes of pundit orcs
them & Us ghost processes
finally released back
to our collective


Since the Garden
and foaming waves
twos have been losers

still. Double deuces
ain't bad looking at a polluted
River with mix Numbered plastics:
7, 3, 5 and standing styrofoam


You and me we play
with Poisson's hand
the Right embraces
a lover's heat
the Left wiggles
from a child's energy
and the Center holds
our grandmothers together

A new dimensional
alt Left strikes
with father's hammer
while novel ancient alt Right
pays from mother's purse

With what frequency
do these hands
give us Chance?

The cards are known to Us
but the unordered shuffles give
surprising Turns
extending our
Game into unobservable
Realms where we
are all in
Jan 2021 · 328
Green dream of rain
JoJo Nguyen Jan 2021
In dreams I've met
never remembering her
face but knowing I'm in

love I ask if she
made the omelette well if she
did I'm gonna eat it turning
to give her
a kiss

In long dream
worlds we build our
memories of places in

people old novel and
new well if we always come
back to a middle space linking
me and she it's
our house

people and places linked instances
of class and coordinates
(x,y,z,t, and our
shared d dream

My love I've met
many times at (t and d) never
remembering her

face but knowing I'm in
love I ask why she
cooks in my dream she
turns to leave me
a wake
Dec 2020 · 192
Coming Together
JoJo Nguyen Dec 2020
Here come we
as perfect a baby

Button nosed
and dimpled cheek
shrieking nights
and babbling morns

A handsome son
A beautiful daughter


We become misfits
design by Evolution
or Grace
to take too much risk
with each other

Nose ringed
and potted face
acned ambivalence
and strident justice

We come together
in holy matrimony
to find outsized
reward randomly binds
only a few in rarified

The languid eternity
of a few
nasty brutish and sharp

We leave her
We leave him
Here stay we
Oct 2020 · 409
Song #147
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2020
A Song for L Cohen

It's fun when praise is done. It's cold and razed when broken. Hallelujah. She rejoices in Jerusalem dress, gathers her Israeli hemmed forces; She's not seen the sun shine.

She paunches Markiplier the gamer and hears his night cries. Maybe her star numbers call us by name, courting with love, but all we've learned is how to quick draw ya.

Our proud Mother, her endless Voice, and every Hallelujah was breath drawing to shoot. We humbly exterminate the casted people, thrusting evil doves into us. A singing Harp in cheer. Hallelujah. Remember how we rhythmically move in us?

She hides in clouds, prepares a mountain with tear sprinkles and told me still when to till her verdant knoll. She feeds the caged bird and hears little crow howls cold and broken. Hallelujah. She rides the bucking horse; is not satisfied with a man's leg, and knows not victory in love's march.

We fear, hope, and grant merciful praises but live alone with a marbled Zion flag. Hallelujah! A high room walked with blessed Rapunzel. Baked peace, wants, and the best wheat on our lips.

She orders fast takeout, brokers deals, and cuts Samson's goldilocks, all from a mainland kitchen chair. She weaves snow wool from the falling ash, baths in moonlight and glows tawny from quickdraw fire. She weatherproofs our faith with winter's bite. And sends fourth, preaches fifth, exhales minor and lifts major -- A baffled Queen commanding.

She and Jacob wages in jurisprudence but we can't pay the music bills, can we? She did no one but keeps a secret progression that leads to Lehman's judgement. Hallelujah.
May 2020 · 269
Marine Spacetime
JoJo Nguyen May 2020
bell rhymes with hell
from where Gay Chaps

and every time a bell
chimes another back
ground Daemon gets her

how do I reduce
the dimensionality
of our Minds, the
minor Mirror of our Gods?

as wax melt
round a burning Blackhole,
effluvium seeds up

while we observe
only Brownian
specks ejected orthogonally
back down our Spacetime
I was inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks ...
JoJo Nguyen Mar 2020
In angular moment
my Habit resists
his strong effect

a Strange muon
positively trying my
ungodly K hole

Nun shall pass
save the Charmed
and evil Mr.

B gas lighting
my safe Zyklon
moment He's

no Mr Darby
come strolling down
a dusty Holocaust

lane My weak
Forces atop Space
and Witch Mountain

fluctuate between his
goofy Disney village
and Strong atomic

world It's a
small one after
all I suppose

Sunshine stains my
****** hijab with
spotless and lazy

after Thoughts like
white umami pudding
delivered free by

familial ghosts Each
birthing pack crying
parables of Pain

Each warming quantal
offering us happiness
for changing Time

Delta girls under
smooth curves find
Calculus without spin
Jan 2020 · 101
Song 23
JoJo Nguyen Jan 2020
Lehman's Medicine Song

I lose nothing
as She herds

in fecund fields
filling our Cantina

with refreshing milk.
Our screen rates
are set right
by Mos Eisley!

In the Valley
of dark ****
I'm not afraid
because Obi Wan
is with me.
Your team and
our team help
cheer me up!

First we Feast
on movable tables
frontin Death wings.
Don't touch eyes
or brush heads
with anointed oils!

Click truly here
to follow kindness
and love me.
All my likes
are housed virtual
Jan 2020 · 107
Dog Life Fight Spiral
JoJo Nguyen Jan 2020
There are rules and protocols;
movements and routines.
Not quite episodic and semantic.
Nondeclared transition and rituals.
Rounded manners distinct
from infinate loop
and routed inner biplane
hemmed to a sight line,
spiraling death down.
Earth or Spitfire flare dare?
Grounded embrace forever comes.
I move, postponing
and extending.
The declared break is now.
Airflow ripples,
and eyes tear.
Straining shear forces
reducing reasoned response
to instinctual joysticks.
Old, new, modified,
learned, sticky
quirks of friends.
Lost love, lingering,
switching *****,
adjusting yaw, pushing yoke,
subtle procedural affectations
stolen, infused in
to fly, bank, and escape.
Dec 2019 · 206
Song #139
JoJo Nguyen Dec 2019
Sir, we're looking for me? We know me?
Sir, we've distant data on me? Are we tired of me sitting and late waking too?
My ghost, bugs, and Sir, weirding way are all known to us.
Sir, we know everything.
We grab ***, squeeze ****, and put high finger on it
Such wrapturous goodness for me myself and I, but where?

In Crazy Horse Native Americans strip mall?
In ridding me of a brown heritage we desperately want to keep?

With every two drink minimum we are there Sir
With every bedding down in our laps we are there Sir

In ******* Dawn on Carefree wings
to lining our sitting Sea

Our hands, guided piercings
of me we are there Sir

We sleep in darkness sweet til
babbling Brooks wake us from snug slumber
When even Darth night shines with Gwendolyn's tomorrow
And inside my full belly, we stitch our patched life quilt
Of praise, amazement and montaged
secret places

We see Degas tattoos on milky body without form
without preconception

We count precious thoughts to fall
asleep in dark innocences, in stuck vengeance
only to wake with us, always with us


If only I could **** an atheist
to quench our tribal blood thirst

Our folly speaks evil
I hate those, who in folly hate us
I count them as us in the Game
of finding deep hurt and worried aunts

We hurl away insults to leave bare haters and me
eternally on a path to we
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