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Mar 28 · 34
Ringing Dig Truth
JoJo Nguyen Mar 28
We can squeeze sage word
from Reagan's dead mouth.
We pull pithy page
from Mao's hollow ear.
We find cryptic gems
from Tzu's strato-***.
If they all ring true
what difference which
hole dig us from them?
Mar 23 · 65
what the heck
JoJo Nguyen Mar 23
Give me liberty
or give me...
what the heck
was all that about?
It was good in effect
and in moment I agreed
but in passing
what the heck
was all that about?
Impassioned flee,
logic remain
and I...
what the heck
was all that about?
context.//post breakup poem
Feb 24 · 134
This is not it
JoJo Nguyen Feb 24
the time she
slips away and i
am desperate
as a cod wiggles
in my hand

This is not it, but if
she were it she'd have
skin as smooth as a new dollar bill
lips painted like a street corner
and proper dark eyes like coffee
on a suburban living room

This is not it, but if
he were it he'd have
shoulders as broad as a Titanic
arms smoked like an oak
razed by wild fires to a fecund
ash that grips our waisted

life is Good
this is not it, but if
it were Deus, it'd live in the sky
above us in a squeaky clean bath
Feb 4 · 384
Low Bound Theory
JoJo Nguyen Feb 4
This might be the Real
Transmission Mechanism

The niggerly water
lubricating a Trickle

Greens in Rich hand
gets miserly saved

Yet earned on Poor back
miraculously makes it Rain

Washingtons fall
a few Jacksons scorch
land in lap

Even a Benjamin
swallows Trick Dollar
to **** a positive cash

Bills stick on teats
just enough to buy

a comfort Doritos
bag a Brand name

snack for her little boy
So he'll grow up knowing

What value-added Marketing
taste like.
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2018
(I came into a Stagg Street bathroom.)

There're only two-- the shared one in the hall and in a master bedroom.
Our shared lid was down, and spotted with a yellow accident realized.

(I sopped up the mess, and dropped spilled Toilette Paper into flushing water.)

Why is there a Vietnamese renter sitting in the bathtub?
Was he trying to crap in the tub?
We talked and he said the toilet was stuffed, but it wasn't.

Ta Ree's bathroom looks out onto the pool.

(I shut the bathroom door and locked it with that weird turning lock, and looked at the pool, another inside room.)

(I see a slender hand.)

We adjusted our dreaming angle, and it turned into a young Ta Ree.
She had on a remote face, already detached from us.
Under slumber's possible tendrils, a small smile appeared on her face, connecting my Inside with our outside.

(I laughed; She was still with us.)
Sep 2018 · 193
I am the eggman
JoJo Nguyen Sep 2018
I am the eggman
you are the spoon man
we are the Walrus.
Earthly pluripotent garden
with shark attacks

I am the shallow water
you are the whitewater
we are the Foam
Heavenly layers differentiating
with each successive Wave

I am the Brand
you are the religion
we are the Cortex
Solar same same but different
Inside Out development
Mashing streams. LH.Chryssa+me
Sep 2018 · 69
My existence Transparent
JoJo Nguyen Sep 2018
My existence Transparent
Yellow perch precariously half eaten
On ledgers of our Life
Win/Lost columns
Love as defeat
and Possession as Victory
or a slab
underneath which
Death sums up
I don't really think you were a defeat, but then what are you? Someone I will never see again in this vast world, someone not on my networks anymore, someone who's Voice I will never hear again. You have disappeared and have become a ghost.
Becoming Ghost by Cathy Linh Che
Things Keep Sorting Themselves by Jane Hirshfield
Aug 2018 · 71
A Joke and any Jake
JoJo Nguyen Aug 2018
I hear a great Joke
The punchline comes
And I understand wit's dagger twist
It's too funny
I laugh, laugh and laugh
I'll remember the Joke
so that when I meet another Jake
I can decide whether
to tell the joke or fall in Love

I fell for a big Jake
the punchline came
I understand life's dagger twist
It's too sad
I cry, cry, and cry
I'll remember Jake
so that when I hear another big Joke
I can decide whether
to fall in love or cry laughter again
Apr 2018 · 224
Song #16
JoJo Nguyen Apr 2018
Save me in Preservatives I trust
Something like vinegar or briny Word extending me
As an add-on to faint hearted lands spurting
blood offerings to the massive goodness flight

Bad airline brands are barely mentioned while
I fall pass small screen shots on back headed Seats
to our Heritage sure room

I find good advice under glass
blessed plumage from a Jurassic age
that guide our voice controlled nights

My right hand justice isn't interested in Absolute
but hopes with Mama heart and soul

Leave me outside the mechanized church
underneath our short coated lives to flash
Joy and her sister Faith
pleasuring our cheap tomorrow
Jan 2018 · 468
The Cadence of She
JoJo Nguyen Jan 2018
There is a Soldier I know

Her short cadence
with military precision
is always careful

At every bridge she
breaks step
to avoid foolish
oscillations a peeking midriff jog
pounding shoes
on asphalt pavement
hard could these send infatuated
hopes to destructive swing

Who knows what chasm
fantasized are crossed
Who knows what war
wages and what broken
battle of bulges lost
Why burn another Leader
ego living in some
Downfall Bunker

There is a Soldier I know

Her short cadence
in boots bare run faster
than legged strut

Every night she comes
through a backroom window
protected by a silver
Spoon at best
and every morning she
survives as golden tongue
poetry written on
our wired cages

There is a Soldier I know

Her name is Eden
and her hands are hot
with Dante's inferno

Her adolescent face is cool
and on each ear
a ring of Blue Herons

Every day her short cadence
brings rouge life
to our clay complexion
and every night
her milky whey
lips wonder lost
in our King Lear
kabuki song
Dec 2017 · 255
JoJo Nguyen Dec 2017

A child traces animal ghosts on a cave
wall Left
pictures we had before
our memories and youth
were in them


We dig down Trees in primordial
dirt Left
hidden as roots-- a Dad our Moms
found still loving us diverging
green offshoots

The furrowed brow on an infant's
face Left
impressions within a big sister's
emerging intelligence the natural

to an ancient
matriarchy Left
here full of media streams
saturated with siblings
nieces and cousins


Will social constructs
connections Left
on neural networks firing
locally across our communal souls
be remembered?
Nov 2017 · 123
Hello Poetry
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2017
Enjoy the Saturday
in our Frigid

Conditioning response
as our Kevin

Bill and Harvey's name
on our wall


Nov 2017 · 224
healing scar
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2017
The golden egg
on a car after our
midnight's vandalism

It leaves a trail of pubescent
yellow stains marking our
classroom past

We find childhood artwork
as a patchwork of our
scarlet badges

Down the historical spinal
mini trophies become our
silver astrocytes

who make scar and transgression
into fuchsia bundles in our
Hope homes

A Technicolor Dreamscab
the regenerative return of our
polymer Messiah
Oct 2017 · 242
should i
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2017
Should I? Must I?
A tender gave, gotten and allowed to leave,
looking left, sawing to the remains
Should I? Must I?
Take this catch, crooked took listening,
learning, a dramatic shock taught?

هل علي أن؟ هل يجب علي؟
أعطى مناقصة، حصلت وسمح للخروج،
ينظر إلى اليسار، ونشر إلى بقايا
هل علي أن؟ هل يجب علي؟
خذ هذا الصيد، أخذت ملتوية الاستماع،
تعلم، صدمة درامية تدرس؟

Should I? Do I have to?
He gave a tender, got out and let out,
Seen to the left, spread to the remains
Should I? Do I have to?
Take this catch, I took a twisted listening,
Learn, dramatic shock taught?

باید من؟ آیا من باید؟
او مناقصه داد، بیرون آمد و بیرون رفت
دیده شده به سمت چپ، گسترش به بقایای
باید من؟ آیا من باید؟
نگاهی به این دست انداختن، گوش دادن پیچ خورده را گرفتم
یاد بگیرید، شوک چشمگیر تدریس می شود؟

Should I? Should i have
He tendered out, went out and went out
Seen to the left, spread to the remains
Should I? Should i have
Look at that, twisted listening
Learn, shockingly taught?
This, a short missive from broken hearts is translated through Google, in a fun game that even Jimmy Fallon does now, and shows even we can learn.

If you'd like to translate this poem to your favorite language, feel free to do so, and let me know so I can read the new version!

Oct 2017 · 201
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2017
We treat others like dirt

A lot of dirt makes a Mountain
and when the Mountain moves
the Earth shakes

A Mountain does not quake
at being treated like dirt

Dried **** burns
A mountain of fertilizer
explodes with a spark

We treat others like dirt
We treat others like manure
We mix ourselves together

And plant our seeds
on this excrement Pile
hoping our next
generation Children
will come
On a new cloud layer

Zephyrs lacing leaves
Brooks babbling over roots
Precocious progenitors
come to rejuvenate
humanity's Mountain
Oct 2017 · 260
I have my breakfast
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2017
I have my breakfast
I have fool's art

I have my bass
that never learns
a slapping face
wears fine lines
between syncopated opiates
and rhythmic beats

In our Populous cities
success crescendos
to demands for a stadium
full of gladiators dying
in entertaining tragedy

We have time
We have loose change

We have youth
that imp which finds

Romans still sneak
under progressive lust
beneath beer fences
and Coliseum bleachers
with girlie giggles
and stiff speared Heroes
into history
What's going on, what's going on
Sep 2017 · 333
Hirshfield's Invagination
JoJo Nguyen Sep 2017
What does it mean when
Our impish curiosity at forty eight
grows tired and ridiculously became
an Ancient soul at twenty three?

What is poetry heard when
Our otic form invaginates
to a nothingness shape
worthless for publication?

Who inherits money when
Our optic evagination
lives large and expands
sideways not in Academia?

When do features play at
Our theaters twenty three
weeks less computationally
intense than forty eight movies?

Where Is Rogue One seen when
Our self-organizing map
projects friends and faces
onto a understandable dimension

Our two faced goodbye, Ciao

are when hazy mornings rise
in O'Keefe's blue note
meeting our Aloha
surfing stem cells reduced
in the returning space-time
tide to a 1D-film

We have two ins but only one out
I've read Jane Hirshfield's Habit, and Hope and Love...
Sep 2017 · 220
Mathew 13:47
JoJo Nguyen Sep 2017
... the kingdom of heaven is an internet cast into humanity's lake to catch all the colored fishes. When full of complexity, the investment fishermen pulls it to safe harbor. Then sitting down, they bin the good ones, and throw errors for bad. This is how it will be at the end of the Age of Pisces. The ghosts in the machine will come and cluster the good bins into productive castes, and collect all the garbage, permanently deleting time in a blazing shredder where there will be weeping at airports and gnashing of teeth.
Aug 2017 · 291
Realizing later
JoJo Nguyen Aug 2017
For me we it
comes realizing later
that Chris Cornell is gone
same as Dad but different still
we have our Garden
of Sound with weeds sprouting against
the grim Cutter hoping
for a missed experienced

Maybe the refugee's trauma
have dried all the tears on
lonely crowded airfields
of a long ago Vietnam seeding
salt from a Grandmother, mother,
father, aunts and uncles,
paladins in our child eye dry
because of the stampeding Thestrals
we shouldn't see

And now almost 50 we know
better the slings and arrowheads
of fortune the calcifying currency
souls make by roughing the round edges
of damning tears scattered like petals
over littered cigarettes killing
us softly because they've metastasized
from intellectualized Lung ****
to a flowering carcinoma
Jul 2017 · 225
a word
JoJo Nguyen Jul 2017
In the beginning was
a connoted Word
a representation
canonical information
before the fracturing
before the fall

We **** genius in our
simplistic love of self
our tribe living
in fractal time
across Eden nucleating
an uneven sky

like freckles dotting
a girl's face flowery

like our branched tree
budding with delicate snow
flakes a new layer upon
the Stack
Jun 2017 · 391
Thou shalt not kill
JoJo Nguyen Jun 2017
It is the sheep in
wolf's clothing
killing with
a smothering love it
is a viper in the eye
**** the amygdala

It is Zod kneeling down
with both Hands
on the wheel

It is a tied die
shirt we wear an
autoimmune shooting
a Lupus in disguise
an Ewe in disgust

Can I get a witness
Jun 2017 · 240
Solar Cult
JoJo Nguyen Jun 2017
We return
a cabal of Suns
an outer layer
pyramidal over  
angled mica panels

We guide sacrificial  
light to a deep
mercurial crucible
within the Capital
of creationism

We twin feathers
from a same
sugared Phoenix
of socialism
May 2017 · 182
Atop a Clearing
JoJo Nguyen May 2017
Atop a clear plastic
mountain box
random syncs
side with me
lying in bed
And we peers
through the murky
clear polymer
haze to see
reflections of us
Artefacts stored
in coffee cans
used empty
translucent existences
and by observing
transform our
historical objects
to Art permanence
Jan 2017 · 389
Again with the Kali!
JoJo Nguyen Jan 2017
Where can I find Kali?
I have no Gold to Gamble
No body wants me
A cyclopic *******
Perhaps I can find her
In my massive consumption
of Drink<strikeout\ing\>  and Swine?
Jan 2017 · 661
Gravity Heart
JoJo Nguyen Jan 2017
My heart is gravity
My heart pumps Pb

Our weak ventricles murmer
Our bloodlines muddle

All is as it should be
With a strong sad smile

A short wink hooded
Our precocious Facebook children

With mutant gifts crinkling
Brow concentrating in deep

Play practicing trying catching
Pokemon policy phrases

Riffs to redeem siblings lost
Down Kentucky mine shafts

Yet tribal rite remembers
How blacken heart recapitulates

In our habitual memory
We abdicate poetry
We abhor progress
We abjure peace
Nov 2016 · 403
Left of Center?
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2016
Love the Center thing
Miss that
and miss Everything!

Love the Center thing
We miss that
We miss Everything?

Love the Center thing
if we Miss that
2e'll miss Everything#

Nov 2016 · 364
Ode to the Sparrow
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2016
What is the Sparrow to me
or I to Spared sorrow be?

They like we dart
in visual space
trying not to ****
from exertive Race!

We fly on Change
loose jangling face.

Venom eyes range
with furtive cover
for succulent dress
to stripped under
talon's caress.
Nov 2016 · 535
Who's down with OOP?
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2016
I'm down with OOP
You down with OOP?
Yeah you know me

Somewhere before
the code was
the Word and
the Word was
the Class and
the Class was
the Word

In the beginning
the Word named
the Class God and
called an instance

This is ourUniverse
There are many like it,
but this one is ours
ourUniverse is our best friend
It is ourLife
We must master it as we
must master ourLife

There maybe many
other parallel instances
but ours is our favorite no
butts about it

Yeah you know we
Who's down with OPP?
We're down with OOP
Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 2016 · 616
Breakfast Mine
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2016
A thin egg coats
fast breaking

Mushrooms read
as crowded flatmate's

Beads of brine
sweet from Sopressatta

And a Cheesy foam
crest upon our Coffee
Nov 2016 · 683
Shaft of Sunshine
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2016
A shaft of Sunshine
thru the Looking Glass

Dust dance
in Brownian Motion
atop the air

Reality's trembling
leaves flicker on my
Plato cell wall

How long have I
gulped Heavy

Fire! firing
currents on greasy
Myelin copper wire

Spray the ABC
at a spreading Cortical
Fire.Heavy water>interlace.//
Nov 2016 · 208
JoJo Nguyen Nov 2016
Like the day
she was dark

no color
Like the night

no darker
Like ink flowing

no whiter
Like a rooster comb
stain on ***** sand

no deader
Like deepening
purple washing
a ****'s crow
into bleached

she was
Oct 2016 · 558
Magdeburg postdoc
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2016
and here I sit, at the bottleneck.
a postdoctoral headlock squelched
in an economic ice age.
what idiosyncratic feathers
will we evolve to make stolid
careers ****?
is it possible these colorful
plumage have unintended
consequences of flight?
early real down
or Icarus waxed illusion?
a poem fished out from one of my past streams! is it already 5 years?!
Oct 2016 · 396
Sia inspired
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2016
I'll love you till
the day I die
but I ain't living another
day with a handful
of weekend vacations
and spurts of popcorn comfortable

I'll love you on
my death bed, but
I ain't your mamma

Give it to me
I'm worth it it's
you and me
in our rough *** cell

You'll  stand at my funeral
after working the most boom
***** to death
and say

I ain't sorry
I'll love you till the day I die
but I ain't your daddy
me or the machine?
Oct 2016 · 707
Children forging
JoJo Nguyen Oct 2016
Children forging
ripple across
a deafening dune  

Flowers bow
their head to pray
lulled by the sound
of pillows

Our sappy creek nearby
sinks in time silence
trickles beyond
a graveyard

Was I in the wind
beyond clouds
beyond angels?
me or the machine?
JoJo Nguyen Sep 2016
sand falling through
tightly laced

can only know
neoprene kisses
purple from asphyxiation

my kefir spurts
sour oats
to the dry wind

never finding
spreaded parchment

never inking
sailor's story come
Sep 2016 · 551
Ode to the Nightingale
JoJo Nguyen Sep 2016
what the **** is a Nightingale I
know its a bird I
know there Florence Nightingale
and in my abstract mind I
see a bird of the night
sitting upon the chest of my
sick child

she's not plucking her
eyes for food instead
she's giving her Dark
magic from our book

she's nursing Midnight's Children
with kisses as tender
as an obsidian blade
shaving pubescent legs
to a sharp sheen
ready to cut morning's
edge with ebony rage
Sep 2016 · 600
Morning Be's
JoJo Nguyen Sep 2016
In twilight of cloudy morning
I look unglassed into a mirror
and sight nearly the old
face that use to be

In reflective hours of still
young morning
I listen for passing echos
from cars and passengers on
their Work way that will be

In greying silver of late morning
Summer I feel expire
as the class of 2020
arrives at Harvard
wondering want can be
Aug 2016 · 214
Saturday Reading
JoJo Nguyen Aug 2016
May the Force be with you and also
with you although me walk through
valleys Solo Han'd we're not fearing
any man or Cain any Able
minded soldiers packing power
converters once more
unto the breach
me or the machine?
Aug 2016 · 253
More for David
JoJo Nguyen Aug 2016
It's October 25 for David
and the 3rd of August for me we
both had always known
that graduate school will be
the best of times as David
reads Auden, Freud and
Lionel Trilling who? while we
read mysteries about NFAT, Fos
and Jun who? we
both imagine a wondrous future with dolphins
in Space and Uplifting worlds we
had so much time
to binge and watch
Netflix being born
as DVDs through the mail before streaming consciousness
remembers our Dads taking us to see
the Yankees lose
or buy comic books we
lend out to friends
not realizing we
haven't asked them
to please take great care of our
small instance of the Love class
Aug 2016 · 371
It's oK
JoJo Nguyen Aug 2016
I hardly new a girl once
in High School she was a Home
Coming queen in her late
forties now probably
married with kids
and a husband spreading
out a little
but when he stares into
almond eyes he still sees
a petite girl
with a raspy voice even though
she's never smoked
a day but maybe inhaled the Hours.
JoJo Nguyen Aug 2016
Dreams they drown
under the Stone
under the Star

At least we
Stole The Show

Our Houdini act
of failed dedication
defiant to the End

Fragments float
up scenting a
stream with rotting
love locked
in the truck
Aug 2016 · 300
Nobody ever expects
JoJo Nguyen Aug 2016
Cancer takes us to dinner
then ghosts me never
calling again

The anger, sadness
and disappointment
metastasizes to every
node of our social

In desperation we rip
me out leaving wires

Eventually, new growth cones
form and try again to connect me
with we but perhaps the two
scared ends have given up

And the fibers connecting us
will fade in a slow Wallerian

Cancer will never know
and never cared
JoJo Nguyen Jul 2016
if we're blue right
it out in a left
handed jaundice
sky a golden sky sky
key yellow way

like we're creeping
banana wallpaper pealing
off heaven in claps
of thunder clawed
off  beneath tiny
media sausage paws
of a black & white Terrier
we've dressed

in unnatural
sarcasm difficult to rightly
see in the tall indigo
grass we're

green again if mixing
blades with lowly plain Asian
tone is a thing
Jul 2016 · 661
A man comes into Starbucks
JoJo Nguyen Jul 2016
A man comes into Starbucks
and says to the barista "I
want 3 coffees-- One for me
One for you and One for

The barista is slightly annoyed
but serves the coffee; the next
day the man comes
in and says "I want 3 coffee-- One
for me One for you and One
for YOUR MOM!"

Now the barista is really ******
cuz he's kinda old school
Eastern European momma's boy
but he controls his anger
serves the coffee anyways; the next
day the man comes in and says "I want
3 coffee
One for me
One for you and
One for YOUR MOM!"

The barista loses it jumps
over and starts beating on
the guy until the other customers
separate the two; the next

day the man comes in with his right
arm in a sling and bandages
covering several lacerations he
says "I would like just 2 coffee One
for me and One for YOUR MOM because you
CLEARLY can't handle your coffee"
Jul 2016 · 530
Higher Groundlings
JoJo Nguyen Jul 2016
it's the old Lehman
interlace again I
wonder how many I's
might some day buy The
Daily Mirror making
David the first poet to become
rich but like so many artist long
after they're dead

we're like nerve fibers
fasciculating fine word
that juxtaposes well to fardels

we bear-- words
heavy with too much bass
restricting us to only 3
degrees of freedom: Music
Word and Color

we' ld build a higher Babble
if only unbound from
a flat syllable world

we'd settle the Prometheus score
with 4D notes like cut-red-Bminor-spin

we'd render the higher ordered
flesh with 10D swirl-syncopated-reflect-bass-kisses-Lorena-Tom-***-soft-cookware­
to a fatty shard able
to cross synaptic chasm but maybe
we shouldn't for there's the rub in our xenophobic
extra dimensions

we'd find Superman
banished enemies or Buckaroo
aliens waiting to invade they always come from that extra
dimension don't they the ones

we don't fully understand the ones
wavering on the edge of perception of curiosity of fearfulness of exploring
a neighbors yard watchful for their dog
ready to run back
to safety back
to our one dimension back
to one Word
Jul 2016 · 293
Me or the machine?
JoJo Nguyen Jul 2016
A son of a Sun
we of light
hoping after
warm change
bathe here
in measured persistence
moving masses
of resonating germs
dawn's gun
our only voice
Is it me or an algorithm spitting out verses?
Jul 2016 · 409
light poems
JoJo Nguyen Jul 2016
we write poems about the Sun
because long after we
are gone long after
We have changed
She will be still be here

perhaps the poems will persist
harder than any stone or
ring any steel germ
or marriage guns

perhaps the pink voices
of early morning dawn
will resonate
faster than momentum
because our measured
lyrics are lost bathing

we write warm
golden octaves hoping
the Diogenes light
will find an honest Son
JoJo Nguyen Jul 2016
did we know that today
in 2016 we'd be reading the future
about the Great American
depression interlaced
August 16 with Lehman
Sach King David
how this time it will be
different but the bubble
in 1995 always burst
even if its only two years
later Elizabeth Montgomery
died we were joining the Academic Mafia
around Circle Drive
Korean BBQ
Blues Caravan and
cruising around East Los
in a Blue Toyota pickup truck
there's a parked Prius
because we're too busy
numbers a racket
in Cambridge that leaves us
just a bit of fried egg in the morning
with coffee vorleser-ing and documenting
as any moral Hannah would do
in 1939 to say hey this is the way
we wanted right boxcars leading
to abattoirs today we do our best
of a weak McNamara
mea culpa
Jul 2016 · 886
wanting a coke
JoJo Nguyen Jul 2016
all I wanted was a Coke
with careful tendency you

call me a loser suicidal
so why don't you **** me

cuz at
19, 19, n nn n, 19
I'm not gonna do it for you
anymore the days

to be more patient tries
my patients separated

by hospital bed
and hospice care into
one love and loved

ones separated by popstar
Purple curtain Rain

This is my life compressed time
SVG Maginot lines

that impossibly pixelate under
our modern scrutiny
they Blur

the heat giving off distant
Mirages that promise

reunions in death's
false Oasis
Jun 2016 · 319
coffee breakfast
JoJo Nguyen Jun 2016
a coffee breakfast last
year dad had just passed
away last month ta ree
the year before i'm away
from Home again i think
I can still call
them and talk update dad
on work ta ree for a recipe or how
to cook something I remember
everywhere there's food
and habit and repetition they
are there like the coffee
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