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JL Smith Aug 2018
I used to think the pinnacle of elation
Derived from you so wittingly
Conjuring my laugh,
But I must attest,
The sincerest bliss occurs
After I induce the same--
Witnessing your face illuminate
Is a gift unwrapped

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2018
If the grass
Ain't always
I'll set sail
Away from land

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
Left out or left behind
In your shadow every time

Watched from afar
The praise you received

Admired you
And what you achieved

Your name well-known
Among our peers

Mine forgotten
Year after year

Relentless pursuit
Your path I followed

A hand-me-down
Everything borrowed

Sought your approval
Constantly dismissed

Realization in time
As I now reminisce

So similar to the eye
Yet worlds apart inside

I stopped being you
My first sense of pride

Earning recognition
Embracing my own strengths

Not ashamed of my weakness
Hope kept at arm's length

I've gained your respect
I know now it's not needed

Who I am, I always was
My own approval exceeded

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2017
The race I run
Feels endless
The distance
Detours denied
Mountains to climb
Persisting ahead
Hope in the line
Victory in time

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
I'm wasted on your words
Held hostage by your speech
Hanging on to syllables
Their emphasis and reach

The tone you chose is subtle
Distress unfolds to peace
Annunciate your authenticity
Lest my intoxication cease

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jul 2018
Come sit with me a moment
Let me reveal your worth
I'll share stories of triumph
After I believed things couldn't get worse

I've caught that glimpse
Of doubt in your eye
When I speak of dedication and success
You hang your head, standing by

You make excuses
"It's just not in my cards,"
But as a player, stop accepting what's dealt
And become the dealer, himself

Don't compare yourself to others
Resist imitating the norm
Embrace your originality
Your God-given power--that of a magnificent storm

When it comes down to it
Your potential bursts to excel
You alone possess capabilities of greatness,
But you must believe it yourself

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
If your eyes
Were the only set
To read my
Candid thoughts
I'd write
My fingers
I'd write
My head

© JL Smith
JL Smith Sep 2018
What I desire
Is no more
Than you revealing
What's inside
Your head

But alas,
Pulling teeth,
Extracting nails--
Comes so much easier

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
You won't impress me
With your Bentley
I'm just as beautiful
Driving my 17-year-old Camry
Shades on
Windows rolled down
Radio turned up
My spirit radiates
Across town

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2017
The happiest ever after
I've found
Is falling in love with yourself

© JL Smith
JL Smith Oct 2018
Calm my heart
And steady these hands
Grant peace among my distress
As the evening moon
Cools desert sands
Ease my frustration
As I rely heavily on faith
I trust in your promises
As droughts await your rain

© JL Smith
JL Smith Sep 2018
I often wonder
If your thoughts wander
Along the boulevard
Of what could be
Leading out of the urban
And into the rural fields of gold
With me

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
You're like a
Bad habit,
A fever I can't break

Like a
Natural disaster,
Devastating earthquake

Yesterday's promise
Today's heartache

And I expect you
To give,
But all you do is take

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2018
Give me
Star-filled skies
Bright, city lights
Poetry in books
Breathtaking sights
Give me
Rain outside my window
Vinyl on repeat
Warm tea, an old sofa
Stranger to meet
Give me
Rips in my denim
Converse on my feet
The scenic route
Hole-in-the-wall place to eat
Give me
Rustic or antique
Quiet time
Alone so I can think
Give me
Beauty through art
Passion in romance
A captivating smile
Invitation to dance

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
I reached a crossroad
My integrity tested
I chose traveling justly
Knowing the path may grow ugly

I gritted my teeth,
Yet carried of firmly
And soon you approached
Armed to provoke me

But I stood my ground
As you crept closely
Ready to retaliate
An adversary, ignorant of my faith

Your attempt to attack
Will fall short in our midst
For an army stands behind me
Pledging allegiance as goodness persists

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2018
I sincerely miss
Giving the top of your head
A kiss
When you appear in my dreams
On nights like this

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
And most won't get it
Some never do
But it wasn't meant for them
This is about you

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2018
It's not that
I'm playing
Hard to get
I just wasn't made
To be kept

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
You caught your reflection
And told yourself a lie
"I love myself," you said
But you disbelieved inside

You made others laugh
Depicted a world full of joy
"I'm happy," you exclaimed
All part of your ploy

You didn't want to face it
Denial of your past
"I've moved on," you swore
Oh, how your demons had massed

You rebuked my offer for help
Instead you chose me as your pawn
"I'm all you need," you promised
As the naive trusts the conn

You allured me from the start
I fell hard, you stopped short
Those three words to you mean nothing
Pray my heart is the last you distort

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2017
Stroll into my life
Conveniently a critic
Choosing when and where
To enter my story
Pessimistic cynic

The mask you wear
May hypnotize
Attracting followers
Here and there
I'm not deceived,
But wise beyond my years

Project onto me
Anger and jealousy
I'm constructed
To comprehend;
What you portray
Deflects your fear
As loneliness sinks in

Defining your disease
Is simple
A hypocrite,
You pretend
I offer my hand,
A genuine token
Yet your pride
Is in command

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2017
I woke before the sun,
But if I'm honest, I never slept
I knew I'd dream those nightmares
Of the secrets that I've kept

So, I confess

I sense when you're behind me
As I turn and lock your stare
Or how my insides go crazy
When your laughter fills the air

I act as if it chills my bones,
But you possess the warmest touch
Others grow weary of discussion
Yet, I crave your words so much

Distance draws an ache
I try to feel you near
The clock becomes my nemesis
Time is closing, I fear

I'd get homesick as a child
Inside different walls I felt alone,
But now it's not a house I miss
It's your heart I've called my home

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
I've forgotten
The kiss upon my lips
The way to let go and be held
I've forgotten
To accept unconditional love,
But I'm hopeful I'll remember how

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2017
I was going to piece these words together
To write you something just short of magic,
But then I realized it was I who needed them
More than embracing my hopeless romantic

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2018
It's nights like these
My bed for a queen
Holds me restlessly hostage
Laying alone as I freeze

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
I've endured the deepest blue:
Shades of midnight,
Presidential and navy, too

Once was prescribed medication
To help see me through,
But learned you can't bottle happiness
So, I chose an alternative view

Transforming pain into power
Biding hurt adieu
I channeled my grief
Into spreading hope, love and laughter
Among dark palettes to brighten its hue

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
Seven billion people
Seven billion faces
Scattered across our globe
Composed of beautiful races
Some rough around the edges
Others smooth as velvet,
But when pieced together
Form a puzzle if we solve it
From first glance, you look different
And what's unknown instills fear,
But my heart knows better
For all of humanity bleeds a red so sincere

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2018
When you hear the voice of "can't"
Know that it was never really yours
You've been preprogrammed to believe
The doors of opportunity are closed

Our language's vocabulary is vast
For every contradiction of "You can't"
There is always an "I can"

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2018
In two days
I'll follow the wind
Whichever way it blows
However it will send

I've been running in circles
Yet, idle in this spot
Caught in routine
Prisoner of thoughts

In two days
I'm a stranger somewhere new
Open to change
Alternative views

I'd prefer your company,
But I know you're needed here
It's time my freedom finds the highway
And my troubles steer clear

In two days
I'll follow the wind
Whichever way it blows
However it will send

© JL Smith
JL Smith Aug 2018
I'd always choose
To let you sleep,
But just this once
I'll stir you from dreams
To whisper in your ear,
"I believe in your vision
After these stars disappear,
The sun rises for you
To chase your ambition"

© JL Smith
JL Smith Dec 2018
It's been said,
If you love something
Let it go

So you did
And I'm free,

But I'll return

You love me

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
You ask me
To go for a swim,
But you stand there
Treading water
As I drown
In the

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2017
And when she tells you,
Tells you she's wild
You laugh and then contemplate
How she's compiled

Reserved in appearance
Occasional demeanor, too
As you seek a sign
To reveal a divergent view

But most won't notice
What's sacred to discover
She's disciplined beyond measure
Yet, an untamed lover

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
You're deep in thought
As I look your way
Awaiting your glance
To lead you astray
I caught your attention
Like I usually do
There's the smile I sought
I give you mine, too

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2018
May I ask you a favor?
Join me for a walk
I won't steal too much time
Or demand you to talk

I'll lead if you follow
Just don't question my aim
Mysteries concealed within
Consist of heartache and pain

These streets buzz loudly,
But your presence bears peace
We're almost there, I promise
Around this corner, a few more feet

Enter this doorway
We're taking the stairs
I forgot to mention, you needed sneakers
A comfortable pair

Too late, up we go
Breath is heavy at the top
Your heart pulsing, a little frustrated
A dead end as we stop

I unlatch the bolt
And we walk through the door
Onto a roof under the night sky
Stars lighting our dance floor

You sing and I twirl
As we draw closer to the ledge
Peeking over onto the city
Down below, a world outstretched

And out of nowhere, it happens
I scream into the air
You stare at me baffled,
But I've released all worry and care

I glance at you and smile
You laugh and shake your head
Then climb onto the rim
And yell until your face turns red

That's all I wanted
It's what we need
To take a stroll, scream a little
Spend life in good company

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2017
Oh, how the echoes of your voice
Wake the terrors of my mind

Perturbed by deafening volume
Ceaseless in passing time

Subdued conscience
Manipulation at its prime

Questioning validity
Was I guilty of the crime?

Hush these demons, now
The evils mimicking the mime

Grasp that's what the wicked do
Attempt to create themselves within you

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2017
You speak your mind assuredly
But Darling, how you've forgotten
Your eyes translate your heart

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jul 2018
So, maybe my head's always lived in the clouds
My lanky legs carried me too fast lifting me off the ground
You demand I descend and embrace the conventional
Abide by the rules, conform, fade to black--forgettable
But as I look down, you're all running in circles
Chasing immediate pleasures, shying from hurdles
I'll admit it's a risk, though too many fear heights and flying
Yet up here, my vision is clearest soaring after the horizon

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2018
I diverged
From the foreseen path most follow--
The route adhered to avert one's fears
Instead, I boldly strayed into the uncharted
Inquiring answers to what ifs and the unclear

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jun 2018
You said it hurts,
But it cuts me deeper
I yearned for you to say it
Yet here I am, still playing mind reader

My brain's shut down
While my heart continues bleeding
Echoes of our love
Linger on while I'm grieving

© JL Smith
JL Smith May 2018
I'll let you in on a secret
I'm selfish, you see
I give hugs to comfort others
But honestly, it is I in need

© JL Smith
JL Smith Mar 2018
It's one big puzzle
Piecing this with that
Learning to walk
Without falling flat
Placing one foot in front of the other
And not looking back
Falling in love
Getting sidetracked
Making time for others
A balancing act
Nurturing yourself
Embracing what lacks
Forgiving the source
Of the pain from your past
Letting go of it all
As it comes and goes just as fast
Like tides of the ocean
And the weather forecast
Challenges arise
But soon they will pass
The grand picture unfolds
As your stories amass

© JL Smith
JL Smith Dec 2018
After traveling the winding roads
Lit by a crescent moon
Kissed by the crisp breeze
Your kindness welcomed me
Like warm rays from the sun
And sweet honey from the comb of bees

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
Tie your laces
And watch your step
Don't fall for this heart
That hasn't healed yet

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jul 2018
There's a part of me
Who wants to love the hell out of you,
But there's a piece of me
That lacks the trust to believe
You won't leave me
Dancing with the devil

© JL Smith
JL Smith Apr 2018
My darling,
First, let me apologize
For taking 31 years
To accept you needed me

I look back
And I see all you have experienced
I look back
And I see how you wished you were free

An identity lost
Your route shifted their way
Drowning in doubt
A tomboy, stowed away in a tree

Never shown respect
Still caring candidly
Voice hushed by sovereignty
Yet, maintaining a heart of glee

Outstretching my hand
I'm yours to trust
No one had eyes for you
But I see you--I'm here
And it's safe to grow up

© JL Smith
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JL Smith Sep 2018
Your voice shakes,
But speak loudly
Your hands hesitate,
Though write proudly
Your thoughts linger,
So, ask profoundly
Your feet wander,
Seek devoutly
Your spirit differs,
Embrace oddity
Your heart aches
Yet, love constantly

© JL Smith
JL Smith Sep 2018
At times, I long for
Drops of rain instead of sun
Gardens full of green
Rather than concrete paths to run

Sometimes summer's absence
Of winter's frosted flakes
Leaves me desiring blankets of snow
In place of sweltering rays seeking shaded breaks

After witnessing so many dusks
Of painted, sunset skies
For once, I lust after the dawn
Wondering how morning colors reflect my eyes

But mostly, I covet the luminosity of stars
Among the night throughout my day
Yet, when darkness arrives, I miss you most
Yearning for warmth while you're away

© JL Smith
JL Smith Oct 2018
Maybe in those moments
When you're reminded of me
Your heart strongly feels mine
Longing for the love I need

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jul 2018
Of all the lies I've been told
Of all the promises that have been broke
The ones I lose sleep over most
Are those three words you misspoke

© JL Smith
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