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Jin Tran Sep 2016
Along with your lingering smell,
the warmth in my heart has left me.
Long nights, wet ears and loud music,
fighting to forget the burning house.
Trying to get back on my feet,
using my elbows and knees.
But I can't be moved,
I'm a brokenhearted man..
Jin Tran Jul 2016
Losing my sanity,
I wait for the train.
I have nothing left,
Except for pain.
I tried to escape,
this soulbounding chain.
Goodbye cruel world,
goodbye relentless rain.
Inspired by MellowMomo
Jin Tran Jul 2016
In the night,
my demons come to life.
In the night,
I lose my will to fight.

Joy replaces by fear,
laughter becomes tears.
No light to be seen.
No warmth to be felt.

Hiding under the covers,
praying for the morning to come.
I lost my mind,
My body feels numb.
Jin Tran Jul 2016
Like a coin tossed into the fountain,
You sacrificed me to accomplish your dreams.
I'm burrowed in this shallow pool of water,
Accompanied by other victims of trust.
So many fallen comrades in this battle of love.
Dropping like flies, piling upon each other.
Waiting for spring to come,
When this fountain of broken dreams gets cleaned out.
So I can try again..
Jin Tran Jun 2016
I caught myself,
thinking of you.
Everysince you were gone,
that is all I seem to do.

My beautiful angel,
my shining star.
I will always love you,
No matter where you are.

Did I leave an impact
or at least a scar?
I will keep the memory of us,
deep inside this jar.
Jin Tran Jun 2016
Your chest was so close,
that I could hear your heartbeat.
What was once lullaby which carried me away and eased my pain,
is now a rhythm haunts my dreams and memories.
It chains my soul to this bottomless ocean.
I'm drowning, suffocating..
Breathless yet again.

— The End —