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Jon G M 48m
Lived my own life
Not worrying what others think
Building my own path
Jon G M 1h
Still longing
Waiting waiting
For a completely
Passionate life
Still longing
Jon G M 4d
Saturday night
Strolling Congress Ave.
You know it’s coming
The **** show

She will be like the dazzling model
Staying true to her style
Her love for life
Loving it

You know it was coming

Stepping out braless
In a revealing sleeveless dress
Open at the front
Clinching her waist
Perfection in all the right places
Her statuesque shape

Her body curved
She danced to the rhythm

You know it’s coming

Loving it
A dazzling Tease
Oh yeah

you know it's coming

Working it
One last taste
Strolling Congress Ave
  4d Jon G M

How I miss a touch, that never was

but an ache brought to life,

forged in burning fires words ignited

and imagination kept alive.

Blinded, I could only feel my way

across your dreams, your skin

veiled with stars felt distant,

but you said, what is a destination

but a flowering elation,

and I fell into your universe

writing my love inside.

What remains now?

A memory if all,

bound to the feeling

of a touch that never was,

until your eyes closed

and never even knew,

I was not there-


April 2019
It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.
-Frederick Douglass
Jon G M 7d
pity that their bias blinds them
recognize that their motives are in nature
Jon G M 7d
She asked for love
I gave her my time
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