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Jeuden Totanes Jul 2015
she was resurrected

and when she found heaven
it was because ink
was splattered
all over
her brown dress.

we call her a notebook.
Jeuden Totanes Jul 2015
and losing
a leg

hopeless romantic
and breaking
a heart

maiden by the footstool
crying and mending
a sweet sweet affair
Jeuden Totanes Jul 2015
Promises hung
on brick walls
strange, far flung
of none
wishes of some
love long gone.
Jeuden Totanes Jun 2015
We fought and argued
I screamed f*ck you
I wanted to cry too
but I couldn't.

You told me so
I thought I love you
I wanted to weep too
but I didn't.

I cuddled my pain
And cursed and killed you
I wanted to die too
but I haven't.

I regret kissing you
I regret loving you
I wanted to leave you
but I wouldn't.
Jeuden Totanes Jun 2015
once there was a boy
who loved a girl

but now there's a man instead
who's in love with another man.
Jeuden Totanes Jun 2015
America raised a rainbow banner.

I woke up today.
Facebook wasn't blue anymore.

Unicorns came pooping all over my friends faces.
Love wins.
Jeuden Totanes May 2015
I heard a whisper
It came from outside
I tiptoed and I ventured
Not knowing what to find

Then a faint light burst to sunshine
A friendly face so kind
A hand eloped me from the past
The past so far behind

Some summers we spent in bliss
Some winters were so sudden
Not knowing what have we missed
Only to push me deep in again

Now darkness is a warm shelter
Another shell of frozen safety
Its cold and warm and scary
But darkness is so so friendly
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