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Jeff West Mar 2018
I'm inspired by the fire dancing on the walls
as shadows crawl across the floor toward unopened doors.
I'm pushing boundaries profoundly past my sanity,
past the vastness of my vanity.
I'll capture the rapture of ever after
as disaster's cast around me.
I'll find the magic in the moment
in the beauty to invoke it.
For I've broke and I've been broken
and fear is now outspoken.
I hear the mystery in music and words unheard before.
Like the seers whom always saw it and couldn't be ignored.
Implored by Heaven for the masses
the stars will guide the way.
I'll swim through this sea of darkness
until tomorrow brings us day.
The crashing waves caressing me
at the helm of my dismay.
Splashing me incessantly
whispering foreplay.
Jeff West Apr 2016
At first I was nothing, vast without contrast.
But then I passed all that… I became a dot,
And thought the whole universe was mine
Until a line appeared!
And as that line neared me,
I feared the end of my existence.
But with persistence,
this line convinced me to come along…
So I joined, I now had momentum.
You couldn’t stop me I was all I could be!
But up ahead, another line appeared
and I feared a collision would leave me dead
so I veered left.
And became a right angle,
tangled in a web of myself
and my wealth and my worth.
I’d turned inward once,
so I thought, why not once more?
And as I did this I realized I was traveling parallel to myself, back toward the beginning of my existence.That dot I thought I once was! Suddenly I stopped
because far off to my left I saw a door
I hadn’t seen before.
So I turned inward once more toward that door,
My new destination!
And when I arrived at that door
I realized that I was not a dot,
or a line, or an angle.
I was a square! I was a shape,
give me a cape and I could be a character.
I thought, it doesn’t get any better than this!
This must be bliss this must be…
Awkwardly, I heard a knock, knock knock.
So I opened that door, expecting to find someone behind it knocking. Only all I found was another line descending downward.
So I followed that line into a blinding white space, which I assumed was hollow.
Due to the echo when I yelled
“Hello”… Hello… Hello…
“Is anyone there?”… Is anyone there?…
Is anyone there?…
Unaware of my surrounding the
line abruptly became a point
which diverged perpendicular in two directions.
I became confused as to how one became two? Still, I moved onward.
But then, when two became four I
could no longer ignore the possibility
that I was probably more than
the four corners of this square,
And when four corners became six sides,
eight points and twelve lines
I realized that I had depth!
I was not just a dot, or a line, or a square…
I was a cube! I had three dimensions dude!
And I thought, it doesn’t get any better than this.
This must be bliss this must be…
Then I heard laughter and a voice told
me to unfold myself, and I said what?
And again, quite clearly,
a voice told me to unfold myself.
So I listened, and as I did this
I realized I was not a dot,
or a line, or a square, or a cube…
I was a thought, unfolded into a cross,
accosted by love that seemingly
had nowhere else to go.
And I thought, it doesn’t get any better than this.
This must be bliss this must be…
And again I heard someone laughing
And a familiar voice asked me,
“Do you think this is it my friend?
Do you think it ends here?
Don’t you know, it keeps going!”
Hope you enjoy! Feel free to comment / critique...

— The End —