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Jeff Raheb Aug 2014
I was lost in the Bermuda triangle
It was like Egypt in a sea of flesh
the great pyramid
******* in all surrounding life
A tilted triangle I thought
circumscribed around your hunger
but you knew my weakness
Told me it was a fig
so I bit into its sweetness
leaving my smile on your thighs
Told me it was a grapefruit
You were right
I bent down and tasted it
kind of sweet
kind of ****
I ate every section
around the center
with my tongue
There were tremors in your skin
as I swallowed your body
as you swallowed my hardness
as your body
swallowed the milk of my trembling
I came to Egypt
I came in the great pyramid
between sky and sand
The Pharaohs were waiting for us
You were waiting for me
I visited the pyramids in Mexico
and was jungled in
like green-iguana-slowness
like Asian fever
sweet and sweaty
swollen like an anaconda
moving in and out
digesting the heat of a fresh ****
In Sudan, the Saharan winds
shatter the pyramids into pieces
I lick their dryness like a cat its fur
let the heat burn my bowels
Now there are tremors on my skin
I exhale breath of wet fire into your lips
and rain down upon your body
like night crashing into the surf
like sweat pouring into the sea
like sand screaming into the wind
I even became the wind
so as to enter every part of your smoothness
slipping past even your seditious skin
The wind has no mercy

We draw shapes in the morning light
with our naked bodies
while only the birds cover us
with their fluttering wings
made of the down
of your brown belly
I tasted that too
like Indian velvet
like a Bahian feast of papayas
maracaja and guarana
Da danca do mar
In Brazil the sensuous sun seeps
into the scorched sand where our form was
and cuts through the hot flesh of the earth

To the center
where all desire has fused
has seeped through the surface

To the center
where my mouth burns from wanting

To the center
where your wetness burns my tongue

To the center
Your center

Jeff Raheb Aug 2014
Shadows on the wall
Leather puppet laughter
seeping through the ground
Javanese man long buried
is uncovered by the puppet dance
The hammering sounds
of the gamelon orchestra
move like vapors through the blood
vipers through the ground
Shadows on the wall
Our shadows
      like puppets
          we are watched

The darkness hides the real figures
We see the shadows
only our shadows
Dancing on the wall
The audience laughs
from the wall
We see ourselves sitting

The wall is everywhere
Jeff Raheb Aug 2014
my Japanese friend returns to his room
I sit in mine
listening to the sound of rotting wood
Then she comes again
sneaking past the sleeping attendant
she looks 14
‘You want make nice nice’
No, I don’t want ‘nice nice’, I say again
She laughs
I refuse, leave my gray fungus covered hotel
walk into a temple
Rows of orange robed monks sit all around
Death not a mystery
He lies in front of me
Burning in his saffron robe
Orange smoke spiraling up
joining night clouds and moon
At midnight
they will come and take his bones
Not a mystery
later, I sit with Buddhist children
playing a guitar
They sing melodies of the east
our voices spiraling up
joining orange clouds and saffron moon

It is not yet midnight
Jeff Raheb Aug 2014
I pour you a cup of tea

It drops
on the ground

I pour you another cup

it flows
the side

I tell you

get a new cup

or burn your hand
and stay thirsty
Jeff Raheb Aug 2014
Spin me
Roll me
Turn me
Tearing off piece by piece
Not even stopping at the skin
Do my clothes look white and fluffy?
You certainly seem to think so
And no my name is not Scott

How many wipes are left anyway
I feel emptied
Right down to the cardboard
And these **** stains
don't even come out anymore

But lovers are like a roll of toilet paper
They're always being replaced
Jeff Raheb Aug 2014
There appears a window
at the top of my head
and at night
the stars and moon shine
clear to my feet

Like a greenhouse in the sun
my organs are warmed
and grow stem-like arms
and bulb-like eyes
and root-like feet

When the snow melts
I stand on my hands
and open the window wide
for spring cleaning
Jeff Raheb Aug 2014

falls from my tongue


like saliva on my floor

you tissue it up
find ways
to make it river

I smile
you understand
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