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Jay M Wong Aug 2018
You say it’s something you have to do yourself,
When in time you’ll find sweet serendipity,
For in unconditional love we all seek wealth,
From everything that is to bring us tranquility.
Like the summer dawn that concludes yet another day,
From wherein our dreams we discover comfort,
So tell me love, are we to find destiny someday,
Or forever bid idly like abandoned ships at seaport.
Jay M Wong Apr 2014
May the heart be but a tide that crashes and recedes upon the shore,
For too is my heart that loves and recedes for never am I truly sure,
Shall upon the beach-floor I lay, to stare upon the graceful sky blue,
And let'st the ocean waves dance, conducted by the wind as it blew,
May'st my heart and tide be but in 'tis haunting dancing trance too,
Shall I be'st but a single soul, yet shall hauntingly only think of two,
At night shall upon my mattress these eyes stares upon thee ceiling,
Praying for bandages that upon 'tis bleeding heart shall be'st sealing,
For mornings shall I breathe the blossoming air and graceful scents,
Inevitably, I pass faithful monuments where thy presence still sense,
Some days may I, a wandering journey amongst the pouring rain,
Realizing what greatsome throne hath lostfully and heartfully reign,
And too shall I realized that had I really nothing I could really do,
May'st it be but faithful denial for  inevitably shall we say a' dieu,
And shall upon such pure loving hearts, shall greatsome hatred dye,
As what once love shall take a lonesome breathe and inevitably die,
May'st the grace of her maiden once again cross my lonesome sight,
But until then, shall'st I take my leave and abandon 'tis haunting site.
A poem using homophones -- a poem on denials of love and attempting to "abandon this haunting site"
Jay M Wong Mar 2013
Oh, for the dearest ink of thy pen may soon then fade,
And then may find'st the dearest of hopes may thus betrayed,
For an artist's soul lends him nothing but mythical spells,
For the mere soonest or furthest of inevitable future farewells.
Thus, then shall he plead to the heavens to forsaken his heart,
As such remembrance and dreams shall he wishingly forgot.

Oh, let the debris of the wholesome heart fall upon the shallow earth,
Let the facades ring the brotheling walls and the truths seek a'girth.
Let the warren mind rest a'las for there yields nothing but wandering soughts,
And let the mindless wandering commence for has this but painful broughts.
Oh, but the broken pen yields no longer an image of the artist stride,
And let's thy work fall beneath the consuming hunger of the oceanic tide.

Oh you fragile and unfaithful life, let thy be of nothing a flowing stream,
And drift thy way towards the crossroads and paths of tis randomic scheme.

For then, may you think that the fall of greatness is but a event of sorrows and tears,
And then you tell thyself that these sorrows comes not in singles but greater pairs.
It is only after the passing of favorable time does thyself inevitably understand,
That only through the death of greatness can the birth of the greater come a'hand.
A poem on the loss of something valuable. A reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet as misfortunes coming as numerous events.
Jay M Wong Oct 2018
Seasons, like thy heart, will soon turn cold,
For these inevitable things are not to argue,
Yet beneath that frost shall we find gold,
What is now is not forever with me and you.
Somewhere within our cores doth we know,
What is inexplicably and undoubtedly true,
For these things we keep lost within our soul,
And bite or tongues with a simple adieu.
Jay M Wong Jul 2018
Could it be the warmth of your loving soul,
Or the faithful calling of destiny,
For it’s omniscience and seems to know,
What’s truly best for me.
Could it be the silly smile that shines bright,
That’s entranced me to give my heart to you.
For there am I wanting tonight,
Nothing more than to adore you.
Jay M Wong Jan 2013
A dream is but a lingering rose that hangs beneath the cliff of life,
Until thou'st demons forever ends it with His devilish scythe.
But forever may it be lost not, for impairing fragments of seeds,
May fall towards another far away cliff of greater wholesome needs.

A dream is but this very rose; for never can it be abolished a'go.
But only surpressed and hindered by your very demonish soul.
He whom lives beneath your very skin is thy greatest fear,
For the burden towards your greatest goals may then draw a'near!

So yes! Fear not the success that you have yet to be sure,
And fear not the failures that you have yet to endure,
Fear not the promising words you have swore to keep,
For by the power of belief dreams you both fly and leap.
A mere phrase along the lines of "reach for the moon, if you fail you land among'st the stars."
Jay M Wong Feb 2018
A rose, no matter its charm, one day withers,
Wherein a garden so colorful beneath winter snow,
But change not my heart, doth it always be with her,
No matter where fate offers her to go.
Yet will our passion one day fade into sublime,
Or survive adversary alike jewels and obsidian,
Doth thou think too, ‘tis love shall blossom in time,
Or wither and die slowly into oblivion?
Jay M Wong May 2016
Of the uncountable stars are none brighter than her eye's shimmer,
For the luminous skies incomparable to her brilliance depicted here,
As Neolithics hath once portrayed nature's beauty by fossilized amber,
Do we as mortals give beauty its name by exquisite sightings this year.
Centennial conjurings of angels hath stolen our sanity by the lot,
A benevolent gift through heavenly hands by the touch of graceful yearns,
Neither paints nor words shall rightfully capture her fairness not.
Regarding a beautiful lady who can nor be described by words not portrayed by painting. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But if no words can describe her, neither can any picture do her justice.
Jay M Wong Mar 2017
May Summer nights harbor brilliant love,
With graceful charms heed graceful farewells,
As by religion’s light doth we bid faith above,
Concludes us all in neither heaven nor hell.
Yet in moral grounds wears us a moral mind,
Infatuated by exquisite maidens whom shall fair,
Within pure palms grasps tainted daggers unkind,
Until what once hath leaves in ghostly despair.
A lovely face shall forever haunt us to the end of time,
Where perhaps we burn silently beyond the mist of life,
Along with all that is beautiful of what once called mine,
Beholds a love and ritualistic ceremony ---.
Oh what a greatly game for had we all played such a fool,
Between clashing reasons with mind and heart,
Yet, what can lust can too be shocked by Someone’s tool,
And alas shall we as two bodies and two souls fade apart.
With simple promises perhaps unanswered draws a final adieu,
But in our deepest thought, do we truly know,
                           That I will always and forever,
                                                      completely­ and utterly, love you.

Until what once withered can blossom again,
We can never, and I say never, be truly sane.
Jay M Wong Jul 2018
Think I’m finally starting to understand
That everyone who comes into your heart,
Teaches you a lesson in their own way and
For every person that tears your heart apart,
Brings us closer to the love we wish to find,
Every soul that vanished without a call,
Assures our realizations and helps to remind,
That everything happens for a reason after all.
Jay M Wong Jul 2018
Sweet gal, when the winds call your name,
Tell me that this isn’t something temporary,
Darling, for my love can’t really be tamed,
Until it’s all gone: your sorrows and worries.
Of the you that sleeps in silence no one knows,
The you with a heart of gold yet so empty,
Wherever you go, my heart shall aimlessly follow,
For your soul is engraved with entrancing beauty.
Jay M Wong Oct 2018
These are the days we’ll always remember,
When the nights are long and we’re all alone,
Only to reminisce love last December,
When we thought we had found the one.
Beloved lady, aren’t you done being sad,
With your lost-filled eyes and loving soul,
Don’t you wish for love that you once had,
Cause to love and be loved is all you ever know.
Jay M Wong Sep 2018
I think of you upon the morning light,
When the pigeons sing their delightful song,
I think of you during this summer night,
For you’ve been on my mind all along.
Darling, tell me now that it feels alright,
As your mind convinces you it’s wrong,
My love shall never leave you out of sight,
For you my sweet girl is all I ever long.
Jay M Wong Jul 2017
Inside her eyes, glimmering stars untamed,
Lands an unearthly angel born worlds apart,
O' lovely, fair maiden by which named,
Valentine of my dear little heart.
Enslaved are we all by her beautiful soul,
Yielding remembrances of a time passed,
Ordained to never once more be whole,
Until the space between us diminishes at last.
Summer roses alike our love must bloom again,
Had once wintered sheets consumed the land,
And within our hearts does it always remain,
Yearning but a kiss upon her hand.
Like rainfall, her next majestic decent we wait,
Yet in her absence, we adore still with certainty,
No distance for the heart can separate,
A pretty face that haunt us for all eternity.
Destined then, to neither be tranquil nor sane,
As life's unfair course leads us wherever,
Must yesterday's memories never grow wane,
Shall I love through it all, always and forever.
Jay M Wong Apr 2018
My darling, embrace your hopes and dreams,
No matter how impossible doth it seems,
Let us fight for the futures we believe in,
Cause in my heart, you’re always here within.
I don’t want to forget your face my dear,
Wherever you are, you’re in spirit here,
For our love can’t just simply die in vane,
Because unlike any other it’ll always remain.
Jay M Wong Feb 2014
Cold showers may bring cold flowers a'here,
Eternal winter may the skies unwillingly bear,
Could the warm bodies of thee thaw 'tis not,
Impending frost hath these very skies brought.
Likewise to the oceans, who shows but fiercesome might,
Into the depths of 'tis drowning tomb, shall you seek tonight,
And shall never again will I say your name...
An embedded secret message is to be found...
Jay M Wong Apr 2013
Oh poor self! Why has thou'st chain thyself to the boulders with shackles so adorably great?
A'watching the sea before thee, and see nothing but the passing waves so favorably innate.
But oh for the calming oceans possesses not a single mind, for the treacherous waves may seek,
And inflict wholesome pains upon your very chests, clashing thy knees until 'tis inevitably weak.
And so, shall you clench your heart and hope and pray that the greatest of waves has passed,
But be'st faithful thinking, brings only falsified hope for sorrows comes not in singles but in greater mass.

Oh dearest ****** daggers, why must thy unservantly float about 'tis lingering sky?
For as I ponder amongst the lonesome land, and you draw'st the very blood of my.
What impairly sharp and piercing pain has thy minute item brought to this very scene,
As its lingering blade still smirks at the blood of thy as you, against the solid wall a'lean.
Dearest faithful God, for where has thy gone? Where has thy hidden and danced a'lost to?
Where dearest God are you to see this lonely site? Oh dearest God, where indeed are you?

Oh maybe, could I have walked a'stray from the paths of solitude and faithful regime?
Or have I wandered amongst the darkest skies for which your being sees not here it seems?
Or even maybe, thy'st has now gracefully turn'st thy back away from this lonesome world,
For us bittering, faithless humans has pressed hard enough on the earth with our silly whorled.
Jay M Wong Mar 2014
For a child once laid upon the field, of which an empty park rested,
And stared into the night skies, towards the stars, gracefully blessed,
A ferris wheel hath stood before his view, which ponders his thoughts,
For his life too, be but a wheel, a cycle, that lives but moments forgots,
Shall he treasure the moments of which his dearest breath blows,
Or live’st the days unknowingly lacking of a meaningful purpose,
Oh, for the dearest stars may glister to light the midnight skies,
Shall even the falling stars pass through his glowing innocent eyes,
Oh, but to be an innocent wandering child, for many shall wish again,
To hold such innocence without both society’s shackles and chains,
To possess the eyes that glare into the dreaming midnight sky,
And to hold such idiotic bombastic dreams that shall never die,
To be fearless of inevitable failure and fearless of seeping love,
And even to be fearless to face alone the Heavens above.
For may never again shall we hold the mind of our childhood self,
Hath, both maturity and society values our minds unwillingly engulfed,
For hath we made such greatsome dreams that failed to succeed,
As no longer are we children who call upon the stars for our deeds.
A poem about a child at an amusement park -- influenced by a friend T.F.
Jay M Wong Jan 2013
A being with no name is but a nameless rose,
Who bares no existence that no One knows,
And has no spacious being for One to call.
For without a name thus be nothing at all.
Jay M Wong Jan 2018
My love, arth thou but a gorgeous fiend,
Blessed ‘pon the lands with unspoken grace,
The most angelic maiden the world has seen,
With luminance and beauty ‘pon thy face.
She wears the vibe that makes life simpler,
When all one thinks is to love and be loved by you,
For no thing exists when accompanied by her,
Until inevitable departures doth we smile adieu.
Jay M Wong Aug 2018
O’ Lord, is this not but another mistake,
For feelings like prologues can be so brief,
And hearts that give more than they take,
Tend to be the ones that are always in grief.
For those that open up are the ones that see,
The inevitable pointlessness once you know,
How she shines so angelically as can be,
But she reaps souls of those in sorrow.
Jay M Wong Dec 2013
For shall we tell'st the mighty tale
    Of the kingdom by the sea.
Where lives there a maiden
    By the name of Annabelle Lee.

For may'st our dearest love penetrate
   The bounds of heaven and sea.
For my clingful heart be always with
   The beautiful Annabelle Lee.

Yet may'st the heavens be'st cruel,
   To part my beloved from me
And leaves but her body afloat in
   A tomb by the surrounding sea.

For may'st maiden and tomb fall beneath
   The shining drowning sea.
Shall upon the seafloor lie but the tomb
    Of the beautiful Annabelle Lee.

For may'st the tides engulf the body
    Of the beautiful Annabelle Lee.
And when thy beautiful flesh deteriorates
    Shall she still be loved by me.

For may'st the crows feast upon the soul,
    Of the beautiful Annabelle Lee.
And leaves me to love the carcass,
    Of what used to be.
A poem on Shakespearean foolish young love and Poe's Annabelle Lee.
Jay M Wong Dec 2016
Let the mighty tale be told
   Of a newfound city,
Where there lives a maiden
   By the name of Annabelle Lee.

May my love for her penetrate
   The bounds of heaven and sea,
Should my dear little heart love always
   The beautiful Annabelle Lee.

Had our love blossomed once afar
   Where the night as still as can be,
And upon her lips had I planted a kiss,
   For the beautiful Annabelle Lee.

Wherein that Summer had we countless more
   And many wonderful memories,
As I fell in love with the beloved eyes
   Of the beautiful Annabelle Lee.

Yet may the heavens be cruel
   To part my beloved from me,
Brings her to 'tis newfound land
   Leaving me to love what used to be.

Alas the secret is that 'tis tale
   Be'st not that of an Annabelle Lee,
But of a lovely maiden ---- ,
   Who'll be forever special to me.
Jay M Wong Mar 2018
Should our souls make amends,
When my heart rests in your hands,
For when things don’t last forever,
But this love can never really be over.
So will you still be that girl anymore?

Doth I wonder about it everyday,
Had I let you get away?
For these things we can’t ignore,
Can we love like we did before?
And will you still be that girl anymore?
Jay M Wong Jan 2013
Unvalued values share not a single light,
For those of lightlessness bare yet greater height.
Those who deemed less are but greater in death,
For current values pose not to the lively civil wealth.

Facading flashy lights grabs the attention of all,
And do too of a beautiful face from Heaven a'fall,
Though see not in the outermost showing shell,
See what's greater in the innermost lively hell.

To the people of dullshipness should the fair rise a'fame,
Leaving the lesser yet greater in the hidden sides remain.
Appeal to the sweetness of their little filtered ears,
And be applauded for mediocre contents without fears.

To say the sweetness of their simple desiring thought,
But only the painfulness of the eyes do truths sought.
A mere simplistic phrase of how the undeserving always gets the fame, but the truly talented does not.
Jay M Wong Apr 2018
Are we my darling two aimless fools,
Trying to keep to ourselves and to play it cool,
When instead our hearts conjoined, my love,
Fated by some unexplainable thread above.
O’ sweet maiden, do you see it too?
The lingering love between me and you,
Alas, do you think to yourself it’s true?
When everyday feels like April Fools.
Jay M Wong Apr 2014
For may autumn deaths bring but a carcass of sorrow souls,
    Yet April showers may hinder thou'st flowers a'grows.

For may the wind howl into the emptiness of the midst of night,
    Yet shall the songbirds still sing their lovely tunes tonight.

For may the graceful tide, like the seasons only to come and go,
    Yet shall graceful tide meet graceful wind hath it truly blow.

For may wholesome hearts shatter at the hands of lingering fate,
    Yet when whole again shall the butterflies cherishly mate.

For may wandering spectres be'st that which resembles you,
    Yet when the day is over, shall speak'st nothing but adieu.
A poem on breakups and starting new.
Jay M Wong Mar 2014
A seagulf drifts amongst the shining blue ocean waves,
For beneath such currents holds but drowning graves,
Of fearless sailors who upon thy majestic ship held,
The knots of greatsome strengths, oh hath spelled,
For but may knots interleave not for eternal might,
As what once was dearest may drift apart tonight,
Thus dearest friendships may be, but a knot of a sailors hand,
For close bounds may last some time, for until thy ship lands,
Where now, what close hath drawn closer to lesser a’dear,
And’st burry what past friendships shall forsakenly fear,
For may friendships be but knots, for when untied can he,
Holds such distant strands for end to end may’st interleave,
May broken bonds of broken knots seek’st thy savior.
Until what once tied, shall tie again the sailor.
But oh, may such bonds repair with such grace and ease,
Shall such unspoken friendship rest appease,
For old mates of friends may come again,
But tie’st the ankles to the distant chains,
For hath neither souls seen in years a’last,
May dearest friend be as dearest as thee past.
A poem on the hope of repairing past friendships.
Jay M Wong Jul 2018
I can’t believe that after all this time,
My heart’s been right after all,
For there is no reason nor rhyme,
But my soul feels complete with what it saw.
A beautiful girl with heart made of gold,
Who wears it on her sleeves for all to see,
Yet none truly and endearingly holds,
Her heart unconditionally as it should be.
Jay M Wong Mar 2018
As the snowbanks thaw at the wake of Spring,
And the flowers blossom once again today,
Through glacial months this warmth brings,
A love that carried on through it anyway.
Dear Maiden, under the rainfall my love lies,
Yearning but a single kiss upon thy lips,
Upon a rock bed with blooming roses aside,
Shall I bundle them into a bouquet with tulips.
Jay M Wong Feb 2013
A single spark may light the gentle forests aflame,
Yet a single dose of venom may yield engulfing pain;
It takes merely a single portion of value to draw a'here,
That a tainted piece upon a ground of white that bear.
For the most evil of creatures may with the heart sway still,
Until a shifting heart pulses with a greater strengthening will.

An elderly woman may polish a metal pole 'til dawn,
Until one day it yields a sharp needle for her to yarn,
An honest fellow may stupidly and forever dig and shovel,
Upon a mountain wishing to remove whose existence burdening hovel.

For the world holds no task whose value further exceeds that of man,
For to be human, is to have such innate motivating undying plan.
For that of which can succeed will succeed given a moment's time,
And be blessed upon souls may the will greater never to sublime.
For that of which may seem too large for a single I or you still,
As nothing can be greater than the stubborn undying will.
References to old idioms and stories by the Chinese culture of an old elderly woman who has a persistent work ethic, who was able to polish a large pole into a small needle as well as a man who was able to slowly dig out a mountain that was an obstacle between his house and the village.
Jay M Wong Oct 2018
Oh Dear, beloved gal, I now see it clearer,
As happenstance it shall be by faith’s call,
Arth an angel or simply her mask’s wearer,
Trained to play the part and fool us all.
Doth thy bid theatrics so grand and fine,
For we are two souls that aren’t the same,
A heart as prologues brief and never mine,
When I seek the fortune and fame.
Jay M Wong Mar 2018
When the darkness engulfs the night,
Doth these feelings despite out of sight,
For I feel it deep within my bones,
Telling me to never leave you alone.
O’ my sweet darling where arth thou?
Are you somewhere safe and sound?
With thy heart warm with love and kisses,
Or somewhere missing a time promised.
Jay M Wong Oct 2018
I don’t care if you love me anymore,
Sunday’s horizon has never been brighter,
When I’m cruising autopilot since you tore,
My little heart apart, but I’m a fighter.
Darling, I don’t care if you’re in tears,
For autumn has never been more grim,
Don’t care to whomever your heart shares,
The attention that you so crave within.
Jay M Wong Oct 2018
Oh Princess, I see your world like no other,
Yet I’m bad at love, and just seem to smother,
Your precious heart with attention somehow,
Cause that’s all you really want now.
Oh Darling, you don’t really want love,
You just want to know you’re thought of,
We’ve grown accustomed to the company,
But alas now, you’re nothing but a memory.
Jay M Wong Apr 2016
Roaring thunders shall hereby commence by Zeus’ skies,
As great winds encircle thy mound where ’tis forest lies,
Before Selene shall the engulfing waves devour the shore,
Too shall Demeter blessingly notion the changes of Four*.
Amongst the storm may ****** yield the brewing winds,
Capturing but a wandering petal, which draw’st a’reminds,
With deadly souls for whom lord Hades has grant no pass,
For tell’st, sorrows comes not in singles but in greater mass,
Oh greatsome winds, may thy’st capture ’tis haunting tune,
Voice’st a dearest maiden ’cross the great seas of Neptune.
A poem on attempting to write a note to a “dearest maiden ‘cross thee great seas.” Note – Zues is the mighty god of the skies, Selene is the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Demeter is the goddess responsible for the seasons due to the loss and regain of her daughter Persephone, Four* refers to the four seasons, ****** is the Greek storm god, Hades is the god of the underworld, Neptune is the god of the sea.
Jay M Wong Aug 2018
Darling, why are you driving me crazy,
When in your heart you somehow see me,
Cause when no one else is around,
Our secrets connect seamlessly sound,
There is a side of each of us that no one knows,
Yet we find sincerity within our souls,
Only to dream of love that each of us might find,
And never consider the fact you could be mine.
Jay M Wong Mar 2013
Oh, the gallant rays help 'tis lonesome rose bloom about the barren field!
For 'tis radiant glory, upon great bestowing shelter for which they wield.
And shall dearest winds sing, oh, how sweetly and a'dear your graceful song,
For your graceful words may feed courage to the littlings to grow a'strong.
Let'st the fulfillment of Gaia's earth, feed you, little rose, the wholesome meals,
And blossom amongst this unforgiving field and propel such greater ideals.

Let the molding of the titan, yet too, shape another being of beauty and life,
Will'st 'tis single rose pierce the heavens, bridging dual worlds by growth a'rife.

But until that moment, will the little rose sit amongst itself, so everly innate.
Until Demeter's tears shed no longer, and the gallant lights again awake.
Until Hades releases his dearest brotheling a'hand, shall it be but a single bud,
And bloom'st the divine spectrum of images and colors of the greater flood.
And wait it will do, for Mater Dolorosa's tears shall flush the mourning skies,
Denying what mere minute piercing rays, that upon the tearsome cloud lies.
A poem on waiting on something great with some references to Greek Mythology.

Gaia is the goddess of the earth. Prometheus, a Titian, molds man out of clay and breaths life into it. Demeter is the goddess of agriculture who has her daughter Persephone taken by Hades to be his wife, it was later determined that she will be allowed to see her mother half of the year, the other half she shall be in the underworld. Demeter (Mater Dolorosa, Mother of Sorrows) as a result weeps with sorrows half of the year, resulting in the death of plantation and the arrival of the seasons.
Jay M Wong Apr 2014
For amongst the rays of sorrows shall 'tis bloom,
Thee faithful rose that engulfs the misfortunes of I,
For which thy troubles yields nothing but doom,
Shall 'tis rose be fed with thee tears I cry...
Jay M Wong Mar 2013
Captured by a passing gust, minute petals dance in the warmth of the heavy air. The sun rests overhead; its blinding, piercing rays, malicious in warmth, scorch the innocent earth. The air is hot and heavy – suffocating, if not, stifling. There lacks any existence of life in this barren wasteland. It is a dry and it is dead; the depleted desert stretches for miles and all that could be seen is but the dry terrain – the earth and sand engulfing everything that was once there. And still the minute petals dance in the blazing heat; their owner, a withered flower, suffers the harshness of the burdened terrain. Whether it be the blazing heat or the heinous droughts, the flower struggles for survival, its florid beauty, withered, but it continues to exist and play the role Someone gave.

I was born – their first baby.  I had inherited all my precursors’ failed dreams and was burdened at birth by their expectations and goals. I was to achieve what they failed to achieve, be what they failed to be. I was to walk in their footsteps and finish their unfinished business. My parents were the first to set foot on American soil; hoping to succeed in this new society, they had set valuable goals for themselves – which unfortunately they failed to complete. And knowing that their desires were no longer achievable, they bestowed their past dreams to the next generation.

Did I first hate their burden blaming Someone for placing me into the heavy shackles of the past. I felt their goals, a mountain of failure, upon my shoulders. I was drowning deep in the ocean of my precursors – their dreams, their desires, a treacherous wavefront upon my chest. I was a vassal made to fulfill the dreams left behind. I was a culprit perished in the barren lands. But above all, I was blind.

My mother was burdened by my birth; her dreams, a shattered mirror, were no longer a reality. In order to nurse my toddler self, her desires were put aside, as she worked multiple jobs to support not only our new family, but the existing family consisting of my father and his siblings, due to the death of their mother months before my birth, and the abscondment of their father to flee financial issues. She had sacrificed her livelyhood and personal dreams for the family's posterity. She had forfeit her wishes to a foul hindrance, one whom abolished her hopeful dreams: me – my birth, an anchor upon her merchant barge.

Yet, numerous times have I waken in the midst of night to find a glaring beam beneath the door; its illuminating glow, penetrates my room through the confined entrance. It was my father finally home. He was never someone to talk to for he was always at work; he was never home for his restaurant never permitted; he was never present at my birthdays but cake was bought from his sweat and soul. And often would I not see his face for months due to our disarranged schedules. Had I hated him for his absences. But now do I love him for his sacrifices. He had trusted the next generation with his heart and soul, and his absences were solely to support his loved ones.

Had I not understand, beclouded by the mist of Why me’s and I cant’s, but now do I find their bestowment a gift. Slowly, have I grown to understand; their pain, their suffering were merely a token for my success. They have gambled their livelihood solely for my efforts; it is something simple I love you’s will never equate; their debt, I must attempt to repay – sole gratitude will never recuperate the wounds of a broken dream. Their wounds tears my eyes when I envision them. Their ideals yields a weight upon my chest. Their agony crumbles my heart like an unneeded paper. In the past, did I not understand their ways but now have I realized the blessing they bestowed upon me.

Therefore, I was granted their heritage and must fate drive me to abide by its path. Do I now understand the pain they have suffered and the sacrifices they have made. I was born into a family of high hopes and expectations – I was their withering flower. Have I grown to accept that role – to shadow my precursors hoping to shatter their traditional defeat; it is the role Someone gave. And He will never be blamed again for He will rid this blazing heat and treacherous terrain so that this flower will cease to wither but bloom in the autumn air.
Originally an essay that was written as part of a college application in 2010. Now, it is a fragment of a biography.
Jay M Wong Jul 2018
When we can’t find what we’re looking for,
Perhaps it was there beside us all along,
But we’ve long since closed the door,
To which leads us away from all the wrong.
Yet instead we inevitably lose our way,
When the days get a little bit longer now,
From where we hope to be we’re now far away,
But we know we’ll make it back somehow.
Jay M Wong Mar 2018
Do we dream of a time when the heart’s free,
From the dreaded shackles of society,
As we long today for our secret randevu,
To finally do things that we shouldn’t do.
My lady, let us raise hell and enjoy the fun,
For love, before all maidens thou’st the one,
With crazed hearts there is nothing we can’t do,
So let’s lose the sanity, ‘cause I’m perfect for you.
Jay M Wong Feb 2018
Darling, let us blossom our hearts in foreign lands,
Dance amongst the streets of Barcelona, love,
Locking our lips with a Polaroid in hand,
And share a champagne in Spanish skies above.
Let us embrace a nice buzz and blurry haze,
Drinking sangria on a beach in beautiful weather,
Forever passionate, young, and crazed,
Shall we my dear, redefine happiness together.
Jay M Wong Apr 2018
You are as beautiful as the glistening sun,
As vibrant as the reflecting winter snow,
Amongst all the fair maidens arth you the one,
For it is something you should know.
Your eyes are as bright as the moon tonight,
Your face so gorgeous it empties my mind,
Blossoming the wild roses under your light,
Shall I bundle them to a bouquet for you to find.
Jay M Wong Oct 2012
For the drone among'st the bees yield neither harvest nor labor,
But yet, upon the great harvest-ments of the others may they savor,
And wheedle and plague society with their coaxing lies,
Let not a drone wiggle its behind into manners with guise,
For they hold their shameful mind and deceitful nature dearly,
Best with evil trickeries, may your mind cloud severely.
Living off your riches 'til you're barren and weak,
And flee'st to another hive should they then for-seek.
Should goody Hesoid warn: to trust them is to trust thieves,
Where the wo of man and its plague from Pandora's box, leaves.
Reference to Hesoid's *Work and Days* and *Theogony* where Zeus commands this beautiful evil to be created as a punishment for Prometheus's crime as he stole fire from the gods and gave it to the humans. Pandora opened the lid of the jar containing all the plagues and diseases of the world which was inherited by womankind.
Jay M Wong Jul 2018
You’re never truly accompanied, they say,
Until you find someone else one day,
That shares the same hiding place,
For then undoubtably hath thou found grace.
Of all the beauty that this world contains,
Perhaps a speckle of love in this heart remains,
For a girl with the most beautiful soul,
Like the void that only we ourselves know.
Jay M Wong Jan 2013
Because you love me, you hold those a’dear far,
Since those a’far, you hold dearly without mar.

Because you love me, you wield a grand mighty fist,
Which across my face does it seemingly, passionately kiss.

Because you love me, you speak not a single word,
As through the door have I rushingly stirred.

Because you love me, do you not chase me out the door,
For I have chase thou, only a single week before.

Because you love me, do you give not a single look,
For through an hour of the winter’s warmth have I shook.

Because you love me, you surround yourself with hungry crows,
That feeds your life unknowingly and reaps what you sow.

Because you love me, do you give the mind to those pesky crows,
And to me do you instantaneously produce your quickly no’s.

Because you love me, you cherish your crows greater than I,
For am I nothing but a tool, a naming figure, a passive shadow to thy?

Because you love me, my gifts sleep near a flame,
Whose warmth reaps the ashes of the heart, it claimed.
Because you love me, a pendant bestowed to you, split a’two,
For means nothing have you month not yielded the two a’glue.

Because you love me, thee crow’s charms sleep upon your bed,
For a tool-like shape do you and it gracefully wed.
Because you love me, upon my head do my heart you toss,
Whereas the pear-like plush upon your bedding does it doss.

Because you love me, you are unaware of those around,
Until they have advantageously brought you to your mound.

Because you love me, you say you love me with wholesome lies.
But it is only me that your mind wants, but subconscious denies.

Because you love me, you are grateful with the loss of I,
For at a deathly grave, a flower blooms ever so greatly high.
For what differences hold between either the crow and I?
I know not, for upon the earth I stand, whereas crows fly.

And that a heart holds only a finite volume of heavenly light.
Until it inevitably bursts by the wrath of the greater hellish might.
And with your grand fist may you then grandly smite,
My wholesomeness into shattering pieces, both left and right.
Until then will you finally arise to your greater heights,
For may you and crow make the happily greetings tonight.
Jay M Wong Oct 2018
Something about the way you look at me,
Makes me want to care about your love,
Some intangible thing that seems to be,
Telling me as if were a sign from above.
O sweet gal, don’t you believe in fate,
Don’t you believe in magic and chemistry,
Cause if you do, my love, then let’s not wait,
To see where this leads, both you and me.
Jay M Wong May 2018
Be my princess and everything will be fine,
I’ll dry your tears and your sorrows will fade,
Be my princess and let me call you mine,
When our lone souls entwined were made,
For each other in this wretched little place,
Cause princesses aren’t meant to be this sad,
My darling, arth thee but the touch of grace,
Should one day bloom good from all the bad.
Jay M Wong Feb 2015
Hath questioned we all, to be or nay,
For to be's, a dare to which hardships face,
To battle'st what demons bred day and day,
The blood 'oth our guards we inevitably taste,
In hopes dreaded will may hone value some day...
And for nay, a cowardly escape, yet speaks of ease,
Yet alas ar'th we scare greater by nays than be's.
A poem on living burdens yet we still fear the alternative - death.
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