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Apr 2014
May the heart be but a tide that crashes and recedes upon the shore,
For too is my heart that loves and recedes for never am I truly sure,
Shall upon the beach-floor I lay, to stare upon the graceful sky blue,
And let'st the ocean waves dance, conducted by the wind as it blew,
May'st my heart and tide be but in 'tis haunting dancing trance too,
Shall I be'st but a single soul, yet shall hauntingly only think of two,
At night shall upon my mattress these eyes stares upon thee ceiling,
Praying for bandages that upon 'tis bleeding heart shall be'st sealing,
For mornings shall I breathe the blossoming air and graceful scents,
Inevitably, I pass faithful monuments where thy presence still sense,
Some days may I, a wandering journey amongst the pouring rain,
Realizing what greatsome throne hath lostfully and heartfully reign,
And too shall I realized that had I really nothing I could really do,
May'st it be but faithful denial forΒ Β inevitably shall we say a' dieu,
And shall upon such pure loving hearts, shall greatsome hatred dye,
As what once love shall take a lonesome breathe and inevitably die,
May'st the grace of her maiden once again cross my lonesome sight,
But until then, shall'st I take my leave and abandon 'tis haunting site.
A poem using homophones -- a poem on denials of love and attempting to "abandon this haunting site"
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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