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Dec 2016
Let the mighty tale be told
   Of a newfound city,
Where there lives a maiden
   By the name of Annabelle Lee.

May my love for her penetrate
   The bounds of heaven and sea,
Should my dear little heart love always
   The beautiful Annabelle Lee.

Had our love blossomed once afar
   Where the night as still as can be,
And upon her lips had I planted a kiss,
   For the beautiful Annabelle Lee.

Wherein that Summer had we countless more
   And many wonderful memories,
As I fell in love with the beloved eyes
   Of the beautiful Annabelle Lee.

Yet may the heavens be cruel
   To part my beloved from me,
Brings her to 'tis newfound land
   Leaving me to love what used to be.

Alas the secret is that 'tis tale
   Be'st not that of an Annabelle Lee,
But of a lovely maiden ---- ,
   Who'll be forever special to me.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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