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Jan 2019 · 340
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
Darling, this is the year we’ll find our way,
Regardless of wherever we end up now,
These are the days that make my heart say,
There is no doubt we’ll love again somehow.
My Love, shall we embrace the memories,
Of past years adventures and romance,
For they are everlasting and shall never flee,
Until we meet again by pure happenstance.
Jan 2019 · 393
You Only
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
Can you see it in your eyes or in your mind,
My heart can’t seem to waver from you,
Love must indeed be so random and blind,
For me to love you so endlessly and true.
No matter the years or distance that separate,
Me from you, my dear sweet darling,
Be it true idiocracy or the touch of fate,
That from your soul leaves my heart starving.
Jan 2019 · 226
Find You
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
Darling you seem like you have to find you,
For that is something only you can really do,
Yet I want so badly to see your beautiful face,
But I know it is best to give you your space.
I know you’re lost My Love, but you’ll find,
That preordained happenstances are kind,
For we will see somewhere and someday,
You’ll stumbling into it all and find your way.
Jan 2019 · 242
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
I’m not really sure of where my heart lies,
But I know deep down you mean everything,
Within my mind where these memories die,
Yet I hang onto the ones of you loving.
There are the dreams that I wish so true,
Like the moments we once had together,
For they are timeless with me and you,
You know I will love you always and forever.
Jan 2019 · 220
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
Oh how beautiful is this sheet of winter snow,
How magical of a night do I see it shine,
My Darling, you are all my heart knows,
For all I want for Christmas is for to be mine.
Do you see how bright these ornaments are,
And you too, aren’t you just so fine,
My Love for you can never really go too far,
Cause all I want Darling is for you to be mine.
Jan 2019 · 380
You Know
Jay M Wong Jan 2019
All that I can see that is inexplicably true,
Is that I want to love and be loved by you,
Through all your worries and all your pain,
Know my love for you shall never wane.
And through all the seasons and every night,
I just wish upon the stars you are alright.
Because Love, I don’t want to see the day,
With you being the one that got away.
Dec 2018 · 212
Fair and White
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
May the stars align once more time tonight,
As the silent cold engulfs us dramatically,
With the winter snow so fair and white,
Shall our hearts never change rationally.
Hath thou always been that wonderful soul,
To whom I just seem to remember endlessly,
For there can not be another girl, no,
Cause I just want to love you fearlessly.
Dec 2018 · 245
For You
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Promise me Darling don’t let our love go,
For you know in your heart this is true,
Through all of life’s journeys high and low,
I’ll always and forever come back for you.
You are the muse to the music in my ears,
When your voice sounds so pleasant today,
To the end of time am I willing to bear,
Until I see your face my sweet, loving bae.
Dec 2018 · 152
My World
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Your eyes spell home, my beloved gal,
For the winds of tomorrow knows not of it,
And to which your voice doth I wish to dial,
But hear nothing for the fires aren’t lit.
Tell me your problems, for I want to know,
How your days are, whether you’re happy,
I want to know it all from your heart to soul,
Because that’s how much you mean to me.
Dec 2018 · 149
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
When the rain falls, maybe we should hide,
Away from the storm that is to come,
Maybe we should go back inside,
Until all everything around us is done.
My Love, let us not do too our love like so,
And escape the reality where hearts call,
For there really is no real place to go,
Yet Darling you know I’ll love through it all.
Dec 2018 · 159
Memories of You
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
When I close my eyes you are all I see,
As the cold night embraces us in sleep,
May we dream of a time with you and me,
When our love was so carefree and deep.
O’ the glory days of when we didn’t try,
Cause everything just came so easily,
Of all the vibes and feelings so high,
Had all bundled into a fond memory.
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
Through the Vibes
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
You are the someone I always want to know,
For you just seem so lost in this empty road,
My Darling, all I feel is your vibe and soul,
As they tell me the all stories left untold.
Within your beautiful eyes I see endlessly,
The fears of tomorrows of what is to be,
When in fact you’re chasing the memories,
And to live in the moment, can’t we all see.
Dec 2018 · 142
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
How many years has it been my dear?
Of us just aimlessly search for meaning,
And yet our hearts just seem to know where,
We’ve always belonged without dreaming.
Don’t be scared of what feels so right,
For there can not be any better way I see,
No fairer soul I want to hold so tight,
Than you, Love—you’re the only one for me.
Dec 2018 · 127
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Let me write you a song and be your lullaby,
And let you fall soundly asleep my dear,
Cause this love I want to really try,
To see Darling, where, oh where,
Can we finally see it through and realize,
That you’ve always been the one for me,
No matter where my heart think it resides,
It always brings me back to you, baby.
Dec 2018 · 134
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Honestly not sure what this even means,
When you’re scared what tomorrow holds,
But in your heart you love yet it seems,
For our story has yet to be fully told.
What are you looking for, all these days?
You seem so conflicted with your soul,
When whatever your heart feels just say,
Out loud, so we both can really know.
Dec 2018 · 128
Let’s Stop Running
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Faith tells me there is something special,
Beneath your fair blue eyes my princess,
When your company makes my heart full,
Of warmth and butterflies I must confess.
Your beautiful vibes make my heart melt,
And too your contagious smile so bright,
Why hath I been running from what I felt,
When everything with you is so right.
Dec 2018 · 128
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Let’s not fight the love that our heart calls,
So deeply in whatever chamber it resides,
When we know what is truth through it all,
Then why do we fight against what’s inside.
Darling, no other roses that smell so sweet,
Than the company of your my princess fair,
For again and again, my heart’s your defeat,
When you’re always and forever My Dear.
Dec 2018 · 125
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
We all make choices, we can’t look back,
Beyond the horizon of which the past lies,
And where the memories are still intact,
Yet, slowly they diminish and start to die.
Can it be lost everlasting with me and you,
When conversations as brief as prologues,
We hate to admit it but it might be true,
Our love has been long lost in the fog.
Dec 2018 · 150
Lynx XXX
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Souls within our lives may come and go,
Had neither of us known this realization,
Are we to melt away like the winter snow,
Lonely and broke without no relation,
You are scared of commitment, my dear,
Now am I too, but I just seem to know,
Another day without you, for what I fear,
Dies our once epic love, painfully and slow.
Dec 2018 · 114
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Where are you Love, when the night ends,
Is your heart wondering aimlessly,
The year is soon over, so let’s not pretend,
We‘re not what we wish we want to be.
Whether or not, babe, you are with me,
I don’t want to see you sad and alone,
Darling, this season maybe, just maybe,
Our hearts will find their way back home.
Dec 2018 · 110
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
I just hope that I’m still the same person,
That once loved you so effortlessly,
Because with all these years on the run,
Must do some damage on you and me.
Darling, our feelings will last the test of time,
For there are no greater truths than my heart,
Until then, know that you’ll always be mine,
And that we are never truly apart.
Dec 2018 · 137
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Your heart will find its way back home,
Beneath he Christmas lights my dear,
You know that you’re never truly alone,
Because you are always in my prayers.
My Princess, no matter where you are,
Or where you so desperately want to be,
My heart is never really that far,
Just know it’ll always want you with me.
Dec 2018 · 330
Forever Bae
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
One of these days, we’ll find all we want,
Regardless of where leads us to be,
For our love shall re-emerge and haunt,
Our minds until you are back with me.
One of these days we’ll find clarity,
And realize what our hearts want to say,
Because you will forever and always be,
The girl my soul sees as my forever bae.
Dec 2018 · 106
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Don’t leave me gasping for air,
Girl, this can’t be the way we say goodbye,
For we have so much more love to share,
So let’s not give up before we even try.
My Sweet Darling, I miss your body,
And your beautiful eyes, are they so blue,
Without you here I can’t kiss nobody,
When all my love was meant to be for you.
Dec 2018 · 127
Lynx XXV
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Girl, I was buried in your blue eyes,
The more I loved you the more I got high,
I loved you from your head to your toe,
I just want to know your heart to your soul.
You were my drug, you were my cure,
So **** gorgeous you make me insecure,
Even now I don’t know what to say,
Cause in the end, I’m a sucker for you bae.
Dec 2018 · 190
Where Were You
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
You were the only story in my heart,
Acted like you knew every part,
You were the only thing on my mind,
But you never seem to put in the time.
Where were you when I was lonely,
Now you acting like you know me,
You never saw or even called me,
Baby, where were you when I was lonely?
Dec 2018 · 140
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
My Love, Darling be my forever after,
For we just seem to vibe so effortlessly,
Why don’t we dance in endless laughter,
And be all that we ever wanted to be.
Always, I want to spend time with you,
Get to know your heart and your beauty,
Because if anything in this life is true,
It is the crazed love between you and me.
Dec 2018 · 111
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
We can always try to fool ourselves today,
And convince ourselves that this isn’t it,
For the words we fake and fail to say,
Can’t talk myself out when you’re a hit.
Darling, no matter where this life leads,
Fate shall be the one who knows what’s true,
And my heart shall be the one that bleeds,
In the end, no one else compares to you.
Dec 2018 · 188
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
There was this angel whose name is Shay,
For her beauty illuminated those around,
Wanting to spend time with her everyday,
When it seems like this is the love we found.
O’ darling, I really just want to know,
All the feelings and stories you tell no one,
For the secrets you keep in your soul,
I want to know all of you, said and done.
Dec 2018 · 130
Lynx XXI
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
O’ the day we find ourselves in endless glee,
My fair maiden shall time slowly wane,
Inevitably you find your way back to me,
Cause without this love we go a bit insane.
Hath thy been well my sweet darling,
When these seasons have came and gone,
Yet it leaves or hearts alone and starving,
For love that resides deep within our bones.
Dec 2018 · 169
Lynx XX
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Without you, the sun won’t rise tomorrow,
For you are its beloved muse, My Dear,
I need to know if you’re happy or in sorrow,
Cause my heart has room for us to share.
Are you dreaming of a place out yonder,
Where we can escape reality one day,
Darling, tell me if you ever seem to wonder,
Where, oh, where, is your beloved bae.
Dec 2018 · 118
Lynx XIX
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
What is a love without your name,
Shall it be but a rose without thorns,
A fierce lion that is now so tame,
Or an angered bull without its horns.
My lonesome heart knows not without you,
For your are it’s life and radiant light,
And through it all it knows what’s true,
Cause without you, love just isn’t right.
Dec 2018 · 161
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Oh, should we dream so large and grand,
When the roses blossom across the land,
As the sun finally sets so beautifully at sea,
Should your beloved face come haunt me.
Of all the beautiful places we see, oh,
Just one thing is undoubtably true,
No matter where in this world we go,
There is no fairer sight than the sight of you.
Dec 2018 · 133
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
Let us not blame Fate for what’s in stored,
As destiny is for us to write, My Darling,
I won’t believe in some overseeing Lord,
That preordained our hearts for starving.
Let us not fight no battles nor wars,
When our hearts seem to long and call,
If our story is already written in the stars,
Why don’t me and you rewrite them all.
Dec 2018 · 135
Lynx XVI
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
My Darling, that cursed word shall it hide,
Beneath our anxious lips, just one more day,
Like the passionate flames we hold inside,
We just can’t find ourselves to say.
Let us not mouth that four letter word,
Only to summon a swarm of confusions,
We’ll rather our feelings get lost in the herd,
Than for our hearts to draw conclusions.
Dec 2018 · 150
Lynx XV
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
O’ Sweet Love, am I to keep on my regret,
Upon these days when I let thou’st go,
Yet, thy beloved face haunts me to forget,
All the memories that only we know.
My adored little Lynx, why can’t you see,
That my heart is the same as your’s too,
For it has always been what it should be,
And that is—to love and be loved by you.
Dec 2018 · 127
Lynx XIV
Jay M Wong Dec 2018
When it seems like they come just to go,
Love, won’t you hold on to the memories,
For my heart should never waver, no,
As long as you don’t forget me, please.
Darling, I wish I could find myself to say,
How much you truly mean to me,
And that I want to see it through someday,
For you are all that is meant to be.
Nov 2018 · 176
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
You are the muse that keeps me awake,
Every night, My Love, I dream of you,
Of a happily ever after we inevitably make,
All of our long lost dreams come true.
Of all the million dreams in my mind,
Your beautiful soul is the brightest I see,
Without regrets nor to play rewind,
One day we’ll both be, who we dream to be.
Nov 2018 · 163
Lynx XII
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
I’m gonna love you like nothing’s wrong,
For it seems like you were my girl all along,
No matter where my mind wishes to be,
My heart always brings me back to see,
A beloved girl who I once knew so well,
Who had a heart of gold we all could tell,
That she’s just trying to make it through,
Yet, everything leads me back to you.
Nov 2018 · 189
Lynx XI
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
Therein lies my love for you, Darling, in tact,
Regardless of thy presence here or not,
It appears as my heart has made a pact,
Where you its grand ruler or so it thought.
My dear Lynx, for I can’t seem to escape,
When you, bae, live endlessly in memory,
For I’m bound forever to that shape,
Or I chasing a shadow of what used to be.
Nov 2018 · 145
Lynx X
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
Your voice is the muse I’ve been looking for,
You might not think so, but I know for sure.
Your eyes is the maze I want to be lost in,
For I feel it in my soul and in heart within.
Those beloved eyes is all I want to see,
With you My Darling, is all I want to be,
Oh, should we ever see that one beloved day,
Or are we to silently wish it all forever away.
Nov 2018 · 91
Lynx IX
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
I’ll keep falling for you over and over again,
There just seems to be something real,
Darling despite it all, you drive me insane,
But I suppose I can’t control how I feel.
Something special must lie in our souls,
Wherever you are or wherever you’re going,
No matter where it is my heart knows,
What it sees is a reflection worth knowing.
Nov 2018 · 122
Out Loud
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
My Darling, you see we’ve come so far,
To give up on a love we once believed,
My heart is with you wherever you are,
So please, tell me bae you won’t leave.
For there are these words I keep alone,
When those who know are those above,
I can’t find myself to tell you on the phone,
Cause out loud I won’t say I’m in love.
Nov 2018 · 149
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
Sweet princess, my mind is forever on you,
No matter how many times we say adieu,
No words shall ever describe you to me,
Must there be no other with your beauty.
Yet, I find it in my heart shall my mind lie,
In truth you can‘t be replaced even if I tried,
Even when I was looking for someone new,
Can I finally see no one compares to you.
Nov 2018 · 194
Lynx VII
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
O’ even if we don’t live to see tomorrow,
My sincere love for you will forever grow,
For there are no bounds my angel dear,
When my heart is for only you to bear.
No matter where the winds set our sails,
Inevitably our love shall always prevail,
O’ please don’t let our love get lost at sea,
Because darling, you’ll always be my baby.
Nov 2018 · 129
Stars Beyond
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
There are times when our memories flee,
Like the thought of you I can’t seem to see,
O’ how I can no longer picture your face,
Yet I know your beauty isn’t far from grace,
My Love, where hath all the time gone,
When our love felt so right, yet so wrong,
For you My Darling hath I been so fond,
Knowing that we’ll live under stars beyond.
Nov 2018 · 145
Lynx VI
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
Upon my bed tonight shall I silently lie,
Beneath the winter night’s encompass,
Where our love can never say goodbye,
When in our minds it seems to forever last.
And within my own, shall it think of you,
Regardless of where our hearts roam,
It is forever you my love, my beloved beau,
Who is always where my thoughts call home.
Nov 2018 · 146
Lynx V
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
Somewhere in this world we know we’ll see,
The day that everything just makes sense,
Despite all the troubles with you and me,
There is no reason My Love to be so tense.
By pure happenstance had we came to be,
When you’ve came into my life my girl,
Where that summer hath we found glee,
And I was ready to give you my world.
Nov 2018 · 198
Syla X (Fin)
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
There was a time, My Love, when I cared,
Whether you’re feeling lonely or in sorrow,
Would you tell me that you were scared,
Anxious of what is to happen tomorrow.
But, My Dear, can we not play this game,
When you fail to see I’m what you lack,
And alas your heart, I failed to tame,
So we walk separate paths and never look back.
Nov 2018 · 159
Syla IX
Jay M Wong Nov 2018
Darling you’re beautiful as ever tonight,
Though I’m here and your somewhere,
It might just be that I’m out of sight,
And soon out of mind, for I’m not there.
Yet I your heart for you are what I long,
When we stay up and talk about our stories,
Of love and lost but we’ll always be strong,
For we are here to write our own histories.
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