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Mar 2013
Oh, the gallant rays help 'tis lonesome rose bloom about the barren field!
For 'tis radiant glory, upon great bestowing shelter for which they wield.
And shall dearest winds sing, oh, how sweetly and a'dear your graceful song,
For your graceful words may feed courage to the littlings to grow a'strong.
Let'st the fulfillment of Gaia's earth, feed you, little rose, the wholesome meals,
And blossom amongst this unforgiving field and propel such greater ideals.

Let the molding of the titan, yet too, shape another being of beauty and life,
Will'st 'tis single rose pierce the heavens, bridging dual worlds by growth a'rife.

But until that moment, will the little rose sit amongst itself, so everly innate.
Until Demeter's tears shed no longer, and the gallant lights again awake.
Until Hades releases his dearest brotheling a'hand, shall it be but a single bud,
And bloom'st the divine spectrum of images and colors of the greater flood.
And wait it will do, for Mater Dolorosa's tears shall flush the mourning skies,
Denying what mere minute piercing rays, that upon the tearsome cloud lies.
A poem on waiting on something great with some references to Greek Mythology.

Gaia is the goddess of the earth. Prometheus, a Titian, molds man out of clay and breaths life into it. Demeter is the goddess of agriculture who has her daughter Persephone taken by Hades to be his wife, it was later determined that she will be allowed to see her mother half of the year, the other half she shall be in the underworld. Demeter (Mater Dolorosa, Mother of Sorrows) as a result weeps with sorrows half of the year, resulting in the death of plantation and the arrival of the seasons.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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