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Jan 2013
Because you love me, you hold those a’dear far,
Since those a’far, you hold dearly without mar.

Because you love me, you wield a grand mighty fist,
Which across my face does it seemingly, passionately kiss.

Because you love me, you speak not a single word,
As through the door have I rushingly stirred.

Because you love me, do you not chase me out the door,
For I have chase thou, only a single week before.

Because you love me, do you give not a single look,
For through an hour of the winter’s warmth have I shook.

Because you love me, you surround yourself with hungry crows,
That feeds your life unknowingly and reaps what you sow.

Because you love me, do you give the mind to those pesky crows,
And to me do you instantaneously produce your quickly no’s.

Because you love me, you cherish your crows greater than I,
For am I nothing but a tool, a naming figure, a passive shadow to thy?

Because you love me, my gifts sleep near a flame,
Whose warmth reaps the ashes of the heart, it claimed.
Because you love me, a pendant bestowed to you, split a’two,
For means nothing have you month not yielded the two a’glue.

Because you love me, thee crow’s charms sleep upon your bed,
For a tool-like shape do you and it gracefully wed.
Because you love me, upon my head do my heart you toss,
Whereas the pear-like plush upon your bedding does it doss.

Because you love me, you are unaware of those around,
Until they have advantageously brought you to your mound.

Because you love me, you say you love me with wholesome lies.
But it is only me that your mind wants, but subconscious denies.

Because you love me, you are grateful with the loss of I,
For at a deathly grave, a flower blooms ever so greatly high.
For what differences hold between either the crow and I?
I know not, for upon the earth I stand, whereas crows fly.

And that a heart holds only a finite volume of heavenly light.
Until it inevitably bursts by the wrath of the greater hellish might.
And with your grand fist may you then grandly smite,
My wholesomeness into shattering pieces, both left and right.
Until then will you finally arise to your greater heights,
For may you and crow make the happily greetings tonight.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
   PoetWhoKnowIt and Md HUDA
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