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Mar 2014
A seagulf drifts amongst the shining blue ocean waves,
For beneath such currents holds but drowning graves,
Of fearless sailors who upon thy majestic ship held,
The knots of greatsome strengths, oh hath spelled,
For but may knots interleave not for eternal might,
As what once was dearest may drift apart tonight,
Thus dearest friendships may be, but a knot of a sailors hand,
For close bounds may last some time, for until thy ship lands,
Where now, what close hath drawn closer to lesser a’dear,
And’st burry what past friendships shall forsakenly fear,
For may friendships be but knots, for when untied can he,
Holds such distant strands for end to end may’st interleave,
May broken bonds of broken knots seek’st thy savior.
Until what once tied, shall tie again the sailor.
But oh, may such bonds repair with such grace and ease,
Shall such unspoken friendship rest appease,
For old mates of friends may come again,
But tie’st the ankles to the distant chains,
For hath neither souls seen in years a’last,
May dearest friend be as dearest as thee past.
A poem on the hope of repairing past friendships.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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