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Jan 2013
A dream is but a lingering rose that hangs beneath the cliff of life,
Until thou'st demons forever ends it with His devilish scythe.
But forever may it be lost not, for impairing fragments of seeds,
May fall towards another far away cliff of greater wholesome needs.

A dream is but this very rose; for never can it be abolished a'go.
But only surpressed and hindered by your very demonish soul.
He whom lives beneath your very skin is thy greatest fear,
For the burden towards your greatest goals may then draw a'near!

So yes! Fear not the success that you have yet to be sure,
And fear not the failures that you have yet to endure,
Fear not the promising words you have swore to keep,
For by the power of belief dreams you both fly and leap.
A mere phrase along the lines of "reach for the moon, if you fail you land among'st the stars."
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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