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Dec 2013
For shall we tell'st the mighty tale
    Of the kingdom by the sea.
Where lives there a maiden
    By the name of Annabelle Lee.

For may'st our dearest love penetrate
   The bounds of heaven and sea.
For my clingful heart be always with
   The beautiful Annabelle Lee.

Yet may'st the heavens be'st cruel,
   To part my beloved from me
And leaves but her body afloat in
   A tomb by the surrounding sea.

For may'st maiden and tomb fall beneath
   The shining drowning sea.
Shall upon the seafloor lie but the tomb
    Of the beautiful Annabelle Lee.

For may'st the tides engulf the body
    Of the beautiful Annabelle Lee.
And when thy beautiful flesh deteriorates
    Shall she still be loved by me.

For may'st the crows feast upon the soul,
    Of the beautiful Annabelle Lee.
And leaves me to love the carcass,
    Of what used to be.
A poem on Shakespearean foolish young love and Poe's Annabelle Lee.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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