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Feb 2013
A single spark may light the gentle forests aflame,
Yet a single dose of venom may yield engulfing pain;
It takes merely a single portion of value to draw a'here,
That a tainted piece upon a ground of white that bear.
For the most evil of creatures may with the heart sway still,
Until a shifting heart pulses with a greater strengthening will.

An elderly woman may polish a metal pole 'til dawn,
Until one day it yields a sharp needle for her to yarn,
An honest fellow may stupidly and forever dig and shovel,
Upon a mountain wishing to remove whose existence burdening hovel.

For the world holds no task whose value further exceeds that of man,
For to be human, is to have such innate motivating undying plan.
For that of which can succeed will succeed given a moment's time,
And be blessed upon souls may the will greater never to sublime.
For that of which may seem too large for a single I or you still,
As nothing can be greater than the stubborn undying will.
References to old idioms and stories by the Chinese culture of an old elderly woman who has a persistent work ethic, who was able to polish a large pole into a small needle as well as a man who was able to slowly dig out a mountain that was an obstacle between his house and the village.
Jay M Wong
Written by
Jay M Wong
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