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May 2021 · 158
But, I love me
Shamus May 2021
As I was driving home tonight,
Crying and feeling disappointed by a human,
I realized the importance of self love,
It is something you hear about often,
“Love yourself”
Without really questioning the meaning,
Today I found out,
If no one loves me,
But, I love me,
Then that’s all I need to survive another day,
Because I have enough love for myself,
To hug my arms around my body,
And tell myself I’ll be ok,
Because I carry love for me.
It’s funny how we hear all these things but none of them click until the moment we feel it and it all falls into place, making sense.
May 2021 · 38
Shamus May 2021
One thought,
And another thought,
Turns into many other thoughts,
Forcing me to forget my to-do-list,
Making me appear lazy to the world,
But what they do not know is,
I am fighting my brain every day,
Trying to feel a sense of consistency,
Expressing my negative feelings to my therapist,
Telling her I don't want to live like this,
But there is no other way round it.
Mar 2021 · 1.4k
Shamus Mar 2021
Don't mistake,
rain for water,
if he wants to be with you,
he will,
it's not drizzly, moist, or muggy,
it's plain simple.
Mar 2021 · 378
empty love
Shamus Mar 2021
I do not need nor want the kind of love
That is one-sided
I want people
Who give me energy and support me
The way I am
I want people to treat me the same way I treat them
sad about the fact it is so much harder finding new friends as you grow up, in comparison to how it used to be when you were young
Shamus Feb 2021
At 4 am, you’re sleeping,

But me?

I am fleeing what once was my home,

Leaving behind a part of me,

I look back at my dad,

Watching him wipe away his tears,

Questioning when I will see him again,

Whilst worrying about his safety.

Iraq, you were once my home,

You served me nothing but terrifying memories and fears,

Fears and anxieties stuck with me forever,

I can’t help but blame you,

Blame you for the struggles and challenges I face every day,

But deep down,

I know I am made from you,

And for that,

I am thankful,

You moulded me into the tree that will one day survive the storm.
Still not over it

— The End —