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When I make a friend, I cherish them deeply.
I create a special place for them in my heart,
where they can grow and thrive,
becoming an inseparable part of who I am...
so that uprooting such a connection
would mean losing a piece of myself.
All I did was write, until the pen accepted me.
Until the pain escaped from me, or became a part of me.
All I did was dive into the ocean of ink,
Where emotions sail, and dreams interlink.

All I did was write until the labyrinth made sense,
Until I imploded within and was no longer tense.
Until I figured out where every letter would go,
Shooting for the stars, this has always been my bow.

All I did was scribble down as I was always told.
They said between my ******* is a worth more than gold.
All I did was believe in the power of my mind,
That the words I share can touch and bind.

All I did was create, like an artist's hand,
Giving life to my musings, a world to understand,
All I did was illuminate with the written word,
Attempting to bring warmth to the hearts of those unheard.

I was shattered, these words kept me whole,
All I did was let my pen trace the map of my soul.
This war started long ago with your great grandfather,
The difference being he was fighting to stay,
For the same reason you're fighting to leave...
He was fighting for this home which no longer is,
For the gods you now call pagan, for the culture you deem fake,
And the minerals, now heavy jewels around your neck.

This war started long before anyone thought it would,
When the iron snake started wriggling from the coast,
Spreading its poison across the land, carrying modernity with it,
When they killed the protesters of Tsavo and called them man-eaters.

This war started when Kinjikitile failed to save us from the fire spitting sticks,
When nyungu ya mawe fell, when the imperialist found the trade routes.

This war started long ago when your ancestors developed a taste for salt,
And were told to give away a few of your kin to have it...

This war started with that book that you believe in,
the one that speaks about sticks turning into snakes and people walking on water.

This war started when your great grand Uncle believed and collaborated,
even long before that, when the kabaka agreed to split this land.

This war started when we accepted the names the colonialist gave,
to our lakes, our rivers, our springs and then to our children...

Yet here you are pumped up like this war has just begun...
I want you to remember this day,
I want you to know that I wanted to give up.
I wanted to take back my love and seal it in tunnels,
where you would never find..

I wanted to walk out, put cotton in my ear, and never again answer your call.
I wanted to find something else to obsess about,
I wanted to erase your name from my mind and burn the pictures.

Today I wanted to walk out of this book, forget this story,
I wanted this to be my very last sorry.
Today I was exhausted, tired of this war
I felt like a conscript longing for freedom
And almost left without notice to become a deserter

But I didn't, so if I ever stop fighting for this,
I want you to know that today was one of those days
I gave us another chance.
The one who will love you shall come like the wind,
With a gentle breeze or a tempest within.
Their love will caress you with a tender touch,
And bring comfort, like a warm, gentle clutch.

Like a meandering stream that flows so serene,
Their love will be constant, a calming routine.
Through twists and turns, in every season,
Their devotion will remain, beyond any reason.

Their love, like autumn's vibrant display,
Will bring colors to your life, in every way.
With passion and warmth, their affection will bloom,
As leaves gently fall, they'll banish all gloom.

The one who will love you shall come like a flood,
A torrential force, rushing in, fierce and unshut.
Their love, like a bushfire, will spread with might,
Engulfing your heart in a warm, glowing light.

As a mighty avalanche reshapes the land,
They'll reshape your world, with a touch so grand.
Their love, like a soaring hurricane's gale,
Will leave no doubt, as emotions prevail.

Just as lightning strikes, unexpected and bright,
They'll electrify your soul, with love's pure light.
Like a tempest at sea, they'll stir your emotion,
A love that rocks your heart, with relentless devotion.

Like a shooting star, streaking through the sky,
Their love will amaze you, as it passes by.
In the depths of the ocean, so vast and profound,
They'll explore your heart, where true love is found.

Just like the moon's pull on the relentless tide,
Their love will draw you close, with nothing to hide.
In the quiet of night, like a twinkling star,
Their love will guide you, no matter how far.

Their love, like the sun, shining bright and warm,
Will bring light to your life, through any storm.
And just like a diamond, so precious and rare,
Their love will be cherished beyond compare.

They'll erupt into your life with fiery passion,
Leaving no doubt, it's a love that's meant to happen.
For in the journey of love, so wild and free,
You'll find the one who loves you, and you'll see,

So open your heart, embrace love's profound art,
For the one who will love you, shall conquer your heart.
He gifted her stars, but left them in the sky,
so eternities would witness how brightly their love would fly.
He bought her the moon but lent it to the night,
So that forever, the night would bask in her gentle light.
He planted for her roses, with petals soft and red,
A fragrant promise that their love would bloom and spread.
He gifted her the ocean, with its vast embrace,
To carry his brimful feelings for her, an infinite vase.
He carved for her a statue, but placed it in the park,
A symbol of their unity, a love that would leave its mark.
He crafted for her a sonnet, but whispered it to the breeze,
A verse that spoke of forever, a love that would flow with ease.
He built for her a castle, but perched it upon a cloud,
So that she would always be down to earth
He offered her a map, with uncharted lands to explore,
Lands too far but she had come to stay and never soar.
He granted her a wish, but told her to keep it,
Its magic they'd store for when they'd need it...
I am an ocean at times, with swings akin to the tides – rising and falling.
My continental shelf stands proud, while beneath, I grapple with planktons.
My scars, akin to reefs, find concealment within blue lagoons.
Yet, the remnants of my past, the plastics, wash and pile in my depths.
Within my vast mind lay sunken ships and fossils, some forgotten.
I am that place where tranquility and turbulence intertwine,
Where the sun's radiant beams upon the surface brightly shine,
While in the dark abyss, mysterious creatures lurk, unseen...
Bioluminescent wonders illuminate where the light has never been.
I am the dance of currents, a choreography of grace,
Softly caressing shores, yet fierce in their embrace.
In the shallows, life teems with colors that enchant,
While the deep conceals enigmas, daunting and grand.
On stormy days, my wrathful waves like thunder do roar,
Testing the mettle of sailors who dare to venture and explore,
But when the winds are calm and the sea lies still,
I am a mirror of the sky, reflecting its tranquil will.
In my heart, a chorus plays, the haunting calls of whales,
While above, seagulls glide on gentle breezes,
A juxtaposition of sounds, a harmony that pleases.
My essence is change, from high to low tide,
A conversation with the moon, a million miles away yet forever by my side.
I am a world within a world, a universe untamed,
Yes, sometimes I am an Ocean, wrecking, drowning yet unashamed.
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