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 Feb 2015 Ian
Daniel Kenneth
 Feb 2015 Ian
Daniel Kenneth
Insomniac nights are so lonely and
Bizarre, with the medicine not working
Tossing and turning, half awake hallucinating
Sad and confused and fed up and bitter
Praying for sleep, or death, or relief
In the back of my mind wondering
If I'd ever fall asleep sad with you by my side
 Jan 2015 Ian
I B Liviu
Sandman comes 'n starts t' raise
Golden dunes o' fairy land
A world o' dreams ahead now lays
Come on lovely close yer eyes, 'n

By th' gods o' sea 'n sky
Start 'n sail on puffy clouds,
'n with them green 'n pretty eyes
Steer yerself t' cotton grounds,

Dream o' love 'n joy 'n sea
Made o' liquid silk 'n gold,
As a cap'n ye shall be
Sailing in th' Nevertold,

Hoist yer colours in th' blue
'n trust th' heart t' point the way,
Ye be sailing straight 'n true
T' th' port o' Dreamland Bay.
 Nov 2014 Ian
 Nov 2014 Ian
I used to write to wend my way out of the darkness,
to talk myself out of the sadness,
to cure my broken heartedness,
but now I find that

Because you took my heart in your hands
and because you bared and repaired me
I have only joy.

I alone hold the joy of your freckled skin,
I alone know your virtues
and I alone hold your sins.
I alone know your tenderness, your truth,
and I alone have you, and

You, alone, carry my burdens and my vices,
hold my laughter and my care,
and you alone have brought me here.
I haven't written in about a year, and I thought you all deserved an explanation.
 Nov 2014 Ian
Madisen Kuhn
i think we still exist
somewhere in the universe
behind the sun
where all of earth’s abandoned
soulmates go to rest
i think i can see us
when i look up at the sky
and squint directly into
the rays of light,
your brown eyes burning
into mine

i think we are together
in the time that trails behind
the present, dancing
in circles until the last stars
fizzle out

i think that our promises
seeped into the soil, like
february rain, our souls sown
together, tucked in
beneath the world

i think what we had is
somewhere just out of reach,
pulsing in the dim spaces
between heat lightning

and although, in this lifetime,
we became nothing but shadows,
monsters that linger on bedroom walls

we are there, we are alive,
and we are still in love.
 Oct 2014 Ian
An Ocean's Love
 Oct 2014 Ian
Some people have
Only heard of the ocean

I stood there imagining being
Brought under, the feeling of
Panic for those few short
Moments as you are tossed around
With no way to tell which way is
Up, wishing to be brought back
To the safer depths of the ocean, but
You are spit back up
To the beach, as both the sand and the
Wave that just carried your
Panicked body slowly recede back
To the ocean where you are no longer wanted

Some people have
Only heard of love

But I don't think it is much different
 Oct 2014 Ian
Madisen Kuhn
he’s telling me about the girl at school
he can’t get out of his head,
and how he feels like
it’s always this chain of
"i don’t want all these people that want me,"
(i winced)
“and the one person i want doesn’t want me
in the same way.”
(i inhaled sharply)

i told him he’s overthinking it,
and when he asked, “how do you not?”
(i forgot to breathe)

my eyes got watery, but i blinked quickly
before they could settle
(i exhaled)

and replied,
“i'll let you know.”
 Sep 2014 Ian
Madisen Kuhn
i wanted you to love me on purpose.
 Sep 2014 Ian
Daniel Kenneth
 Sep 2014 Ian
Daniel Kenneth
Friendship shouldn't feel like a one way street
You shouldn't love someone only when you're in need
People aren't tools you can use to just solve a problem
And throw back into the shed until you need them again
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