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PJ Oct 2018
The biggest mistake
Was living a life to prove
Happiness for someone else

How I wish I could turn back
The time
PJ Oct 2018
Have you ever felt
So afraid to leave home
Not because of the temporary comfort
But the pain of knowing
He could end his life at the
Drop of a
Being an adult is terrifying

Someone please let me out
PJ Apr 2018
How do you forgive someone
For taking three years of
Trust, and
Throwing it back in your


How can you stay mad
At someone who once was your
Whole world, it was just one

PJ Apr 2018
My mother tells me I have no
Compassion because of all the
Nice Boys
I have broken, the ones who really cared

My father asks if I will ever find a
Man, one good enough to
Keep around, as if it is my
Standards that are impossible

But there are so many memories I'm afraid to tell
And so much weighing on the truth
I've been hiding

Last summer I felt real pain in my heart
For the first time in my short life
Because she made me feel
And then she left

I've spent a long time hiding in shame, but
Something has got to
Give because
It is only a matter of time until
I finally break
PJ Mar 2018
I wonder
Where my life would be
If you never touched my
Neck, or
If I never had to
Hear the creak
Of your apartment
Door as I watched you close it
Gently, just quiet
Enough to leave me Silent
Six years later

I wonder
Where my life would be
PJ Dec 2017
Little girl so loved by her number one fan
A proud father, he does what he can

A women who has a world of support
Her dad to talk to, a man in her court

Too many drinks deep, he should have learned
His wrath untamed, her world has turned

Hurtful words are just a game
But coming from him, her body shakes

Slurred speech, bloodshot eyes
Dissapointed girl, a man of lies

Once so wise and once so kind
Has nothing left to hide behind

She knows he's wrong, shouldn't drink 'till sleep
But this is her secret, an embarrassment she'll keep  

A role model ruined by self destructive paths
A girl too scared to take off his mask

So she lives to believe he is the one
To look up to so blindly, staring straight into the sun

She convinces herself its okay
Until the point he drives his little girl away
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