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 May 2021 hurt cobain
Janna B
Happy non-anniversary to you.
I marked it emotionally
but I forgot what the day was.
I marked it by
processing, tracking my progress;
taking a very rare breath to reflect.
I recognised the barriers still left,
looked at ways to overcome them.
You meant so much once,
and now I forget.
Happy non-anniversary
to me.
 May 2021 hurt cobain
A Friend
I am thankful for each goodbye spoken to me

The most painful are never said,

Never explained
 Feb 2015 hurt cobain
i crave the taste of your tongue on my sweat-speckled skin
as you run your hands down my body
and pull me in harder

grabbing. moaning. scratching.

I have no control
over what my body is doing
when it's under your spell

— The End —