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May 2021 · 215
hurt cobain May 2021
You returned me
Like empty bottles of wine
Or something broken
May 2021 · 78
hurt cobain May 2021
I tell him to “talk to me sweetness”
It’s like tasting honey in the summer

Warm and golden

Insulin spikes as blood rushes to my cheeks
He can feel my heart rate through my jeans

Hot and wet
Mar 2021 · 145
hurt cobain Mar 2021
Chemistry on my lips
The after taste of addiction
Cigarettes and the boy I loved
Both can ****, both a painkiller
A sickening irony
that one man's devil
is another's god
You are the heaven I would go through hell for
Mar 2021 · 79
hurt cobain Mar 2021
Smiles when I thought of you
Thoughts whispering your name soon became screams
I was craving you
It wasn’t love at first sight,
Undeniable you were my first sight of love

— The End —