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Heart of secrets Nov 2017
A dozen eyes are staring at me
I look around and my eyes meet my mine
I Tell myself
"I am the problem"
  Nov 2017 Heart of secrets
Star BG
Every experience and interaction
can spark a poem
WHEN writer is aligned to emotional body of the human vessel.
  Nov 2017 Heart of secrets
Star BG
Today I shall
consciously release old mind patterns
of judgement and ego limitations
so my divinity shines,
and peace is mine.
Inspired by conversation with dr zik Thanks.
Heart of secrets Nov 2017
I read your poetry to understand
Other's  thoughts then myself.
How I hurt them and I can feel the pain I caused.
I Read your poetry because these thoughts are weary and tired and need to be met.
I Read your poetry because it better then mine because even though I think mine is good it is only because I understand the pain.
I Read your poetry because once and a while I will find another soul like mine.
And we meet in my mind.
I Read your poetry because I am listening' i hear you.
Because I feel you
DO YOU feel me?
You return
Like the autumn leaves
And I
                   Every time
@LadyofRavenhill 2017
They haven't met each other yet,
But they've already fell in love,
I can bet

Spent days talking to each other,
Without physically hearing the words,
straight from their lover

Attachment became inevitable,
When it goes on everyday like this,
Its impending, unescapable

Promises were made without a doubt
They needed to reassure each other, that the feelings won't fade out

They've already invested in the idea,
How they want a future together,
Even to naming their daughter Sofia

It all seemed so perfect,
But they were never aware, that their relationship was the imagination's effect

They still haven't met each other yet,
It's a concept that millennials get,
By filling their lives with regret
I think our generation "the millennials" tend to go through this situation at least once. We somehow could find comfort in strangers online, and finally feel attach. We fill ourselves with these feelings and finally fall for something so abstract.
  Nov 2017 Heart of secrets
Oh my poor whole world
Is crashing down
In stinging purple spark explosions
And salty little girl tears
And I can hear
The echos of
Every time
I ever wished on pastel birthday candles
Distorted, flooding,
Rushing like ice white water
Wish Wish Wish
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