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Harrison wisdom Jan 2019
I get the best feeling ...when you say HI or even smile at me because I know, even it its just for sale second , that I've crossed your mind
Harrison wisdom Jan 2019
Suicide is not an option
Everything has to be done with caution
Be it wrong accusation or depression
Taking your life will reduce our population
Believe me, all you need is affection
Speak to someone who'll relieve you of your oppression
Who'll give you nothing but compassion
You may need trust and care in addition
When facing life challenges and tribulation
Take not suicide for a compensation
Try to have a little comprehension
Of the afterlife using your discretion
And also have a little conversation
Involving you and your intuition
Considering suicide may be as a result of impression
Or thought in abstraction
Or even to punish a relation
No matter the condition
It doesn't worth your life as a rendition
If you do plan of taking this action
I beg you take this into consideration
And do a bit of cogitation
That suicide is not an option
Though, it's taking it toll on the nation
Leading many to quick expiration
My fella, suicide is not an option
Try to do some reconciliation
And make sure to somebody you mention
To get your mind in a good position
Or perhaps it might change your situation
And set you in a new direction
Again I say suicide is not an option
Take this into admonition
That your afterlife may as well be in inversion
That live each day with vision
Devote smile to your face a portion
Do activities in admiration and jubilation
And in you life begins a resurrection
Thereby killing the ulterior notion
And also averting a possible perdition
Because suicide is never an option.
Harrison wisdom Jan 2019
For two decades, you keep writing under the blue;
You begin to fade away petit á Petit
Like chalk particles.

You worked tirelessly in order to fulfill the demand
Of the professors;
I thought everyone who works deserves an incentive?

Where’s your incentive?
Where’s your compensation?

You engaged in a war with mortar and pestle;
You were grinded from inside to outside
Till you were broken into meaningless form.
I miss your essence.
*Stanza 1,line 1*
For 20 years, we keep working on earth.
*Line 2.*
As we begin to work, we advance in age and our strengths keep reducing.
*Stanza 2,line 1 and 2*
In a quest to become someone worthwhile in life, he embarked on the so called 6-3-3-4 educational system.
Getting to university which is like the final lap, he worked hard in order to graduate with a better grade.
*Stanza 3,line 1 and 2*
Although he read, he tried all his possible best, but it's like there's nothing to show for it.
*Stanza 4,  line 1*
He diagnosed of a heart disease
*Line 2*
The disease started eating him up little by little till it became obvious.
*Line 3 and line 4*
He died.

The poem was actually written to honour a friend of mine that died recently

— The End —