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hallee May 2021
I have marks

that decorate my skin like war paint from a battle

I never could win.
hallee Jan 2018
Fearing our strength,
The Gods divided human into




Envious of our love,
You were stolen.
No longer

Roaming the world alone
Searching for your part,
Praying to find "us",

Craving "one" heart.
hallee Jan 2018
The law of nature
California poppy
You'll never be mine
hallee Jan 2018
His heart was always at sea.

Oh, how I wished I was his ocean.
hallee Jan 2018
When people ask me about my first love,
I remember the smell of melted crayons.
Not your smile, your golden skin, or the way your face would wrinkle in deep thought.
But about the carelessness of a child in your backseat,
And how with help from the sun,
your car was forever perfumed by a melted, purple Crayola.
I grew to love this scent.
It's an odd thing to even say aloud now.
However, it's permanently imprinted in my mind.
Over summers spent in your car and nights staring into your eyes,
I grew infatuated with this waxy, sweet aroma that filled the air between us.
It became your cologne that stayed with my clothes while you were away,
My comfort when you were near.
It was never sickening or invasive,
But desired and wanted.
So when people ask me about my first love,
I tell them about this boy who always smelled of crayons and how much I miss him.
hallee Jan 2018
I've been staring at a blank canvas..
Its cloth looking back at me,
With no sense of direction,
begging for inspiration.
A purpose maybe.
Something to guide it from its emptiness.
But I'm weak and my mind is tired.

Perhaps I have become too comfortable with the lifeless and colorlessness of this canvas that I have failed to realize..

I've been looking in a mirror all along.
hallee Oct 2017
The clock beats in rhythm
with my veins,
My heart trying to keep time...

I'm running out of tempo.
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