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6.6k · Feb 2015
Grace Yu Feb 2015
As I look into the skies
I saw birds that flies
That have brought themselves miles
As the people walk with smiles

And when I went into the sea
I felt my heart rush with glee
Seeing those debris
That makes me want to see

I went into the mountains
That only soil contains
But when comes the rain
Still it remains

I looked and saw those things
And wonder in my life what it brings
And then my heart gladly sings,
"Oh what a wonderful things!"
5.2k · Feb 2015
Walang Iwanan
Grace Yu Feb 2015
Walang iwanan
Kahit mamatay pa ang iyong tatay
Kasama na ang iyong nanay
At kahit mabuhay pa ang mga patay
Dahil ang pagmamahal ko sayo'y
Walang kapantay
Kaya't ang pangako ko sayo'y
Di magbabago kahit mundo'y magunaw
Basta't walang iwanan.
918 · Feb 2015
A Poem for my Ex-Friend
Grace Yu Feb 2015
How would I even have a chance
To have another dance
When everything we've been through
Has been forgotten by you

"Everything's been said and done"
Were the words I heard from you
What would I do to have it renew?
When the memories are gone

Seconds, hours and days have pass
How could I even surpass?
When I still feel the pain
In my heart it stained

I feel helpless
But nevertheless
I am hoping for God's presence

That in time we'll both be okay
And never will be astray
That I'll always pray
That somewhere in my life you'll stay
739 · Feb 2015
The structure of LOVE...
Grace Yu Feb 2015
The structure of LOVE... an art,
That is visible

The structure of LOVE... a LANGUAGE,
that is spoken

The structure of LOVE... a LIGHT,
that should be kept with truth

The structure of LOVE... a diamond,
that should be valued

And its structure is found,
to which YOU and ME is
406 · Feb 2015
Grace Yu Feb 2015
It seems like there's an urge in me
To write something
About everything
Yet there's a limit
In my mind it can't burst out

Why do people write poems?
Is it because on what they felt?
On a word that means something
That are easily poured on a single line
And formed on a stanza that doesn't even rhyme

No matter what your reason is
I hope your heart will always be at peace
And in this  single piece
I pray that you'll be at bliss..
Just random thoughts ;)

— The End —