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  Jun 2014 anony
Whenever I like someone
they don't like me
so I'm trying my hardest  
to not like you
but you're not helping
by making flowers grow every time you smile
  Jun 2014 anony
fly, be free

                            B        C
             ­           D                E
                            F      ­  G

                 ­                     Just
                                          L ove
    ­                                     One (ever did)
  ­                                  Time
                    ­                Unknown
                                   ­ Vows
                                       X haling a breath
                                       You land in my
  May 2014 anony
I tend to leave things
Leave things as it is.

Like that guy I like a year ago
I never expressed my feelings.

The books that I promised to write in it
Few pages were filled
It is there for most of the time a few pages filled.

The book that I promised to read
I only get to read a few pages.

These feelings of hatred?
I left it there in my heart and never touched it again.

The worries I have in my mind?
Never did anything to make those worries gone.

You see,
I'm afraid of commitment.
Afraid that things would not go as planned
Afraid that people would not do the same thing to us
Afraid that things would just be a waste of time and energy

Afraid that people would not just give the same commitment to us.

The reasons are always even with a twist of words.

I tend to leave things as they are because I'm afraid of changes that I would not settle down for.
anony Nov 2013
Those feelings of hatred
Those feelings of being used
Those feelings that you just can't say when you want to
Are just ..
The words left unsaid
Words burried deep down
In your fragile heart
Words that are meant to be said
To the person who hurts you
And yet you can't hurt them
With your words cause
Those are
The words left unsaid
hah hah what a masterpiece lol just trying my best here thank you
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