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Mar 2014
i miss the nights when i would feel nothing, see nothing
the nights when i wandered to another astral in the midst of my deep slumber
when i discovered what it is like to be in a realm of dreams, to be devoured by the lucidity of nightmares.

now that is all set and done i have finally grown up
an entity managed to lift the veils of sands that shielded my eyelids
i've lost my yawn, my drowsy eyes
sleep has transcended itself from being an effortless routine to an ardous task
clouds of thoughts lingered in my mind attacking me
a myriad of irrelevant voices resonates in my ear
i am distracted by pathetic regrets
an hour quickly turns into a whole night of arguments with the inner being that dwells inside of me

so i am left with no choice but to fight them
every war leaves casualties
and it seems that my soldiers ought to be treated with large prescription of sleeping pills
izzat haziq
Written by
izzat haziq  borneo
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