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Freydis May 2017
I used to look at girls and compare
myself to them
am I prettier than her?
am I fatter than her?
I used to pretend
Paste a fake smile onto my face and walk forward
although I didn't know then
I was really going backwards

Pretend for everyone
You're living a happy life
don't let them think otherwise
but you're not
you're dying inside
or maybe, you're like me
and you're already dead
Freydis May 2017
We will be here when everyone is not
We will be who we were yesterday
and who we will be tomorrow
We are who we are
We are leaders
We are followers
We have seen the future, things that have yet to come
We have seen the past, the things that have been
We have heard the wails of a newborn
We have felt the misery of an elder on his deathbed
There is one thing we do not yet know
We are focused on the future, the past
But what about now?
Will we ever know?
Freydis May 2017
I am the night that flows like the Amazon river
I am the North Star bringing hope to the lost
I am the soul of your love or has been loved
I am a fleeting shadow on the evening beach
I am a bright lighthouse on a sandy hill
I am a dead leaf floating in the wind
I am alive and free
I am fire, burning the world
I am water, drowning those who know not of right and wrong
I am everything and nothing
Freydis May 2017
Show me your words
Whatever you got, tell me more
of this ******* you have to say
to bring up your ego
killing others just to keep your chin up
Freydis May 2017
Then on that river, brightened by the stars,
you kissed me
said I was the One.
Freydis May 2017
You gave me those looks
when you thought I wasn't watching
you smiled at me and laughed with me
and lead me on
but then you betrayed me
broke my heart
the lines on my wrist prove that
you called me boring and unattractive
what happened to you? where is the boy I loved?
what happened to us?
Freydis Jan 2017
Whisper in my ear like you still love me
That you still love me and not her
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