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fluffel Apr 2018
Just *** for me 
Release all your energy 
Just focus on now 
Feel my tong go round 
Your beautiful **** 
Feel my **** on her 
Bite your lip   
Enjoying my every touch with a purr 
 Arms wrapped around your thighs, 
This will be my demise 
Your taste I crave 
With every breath, I must chase 
The idea away 
Of having you stay 
With me, here 
For our futures, they fear 
We are addicted in fact  
To each other, not the act 
A bonus to our presents 
Is knowing each others talents 
They fear, we will stay near 
To our roots, but we know we must go 
To the unknown 
The world beckons 
To go far and wide, we must learn lessons 
This area cannot offer 
 So we must go 
What will the journey behold?  
Will I find you again? 
Or will you find another man? 
I hope he’s cool calm and collected  
Can support you with through everything 
Treats you right 
 Not just at night 
but also in the day light.
fluffel Apr 2018
fee fi fo fum,  
I feel ******* dumb  
hickory dickory dock 
just want the clock to stop 
knick nack paddy wack 
my life and mind have no slack 
where it will stop, no body knows! 
my mind always running but I wont let it show!
fluffel Apr 2018
The puzzle crashes once more 
Finding the familiar rigid floor 
Unforgiving and strong 
It was so close, after so long 
One or two pieces at best 
Needed to figure out that extravagant mess 
But the table wasn’t enough 
To hold all the pieces, twas just too tough 
Crashing down with a loud clatter 
Now all is gone, with only one to care for the matter 
Search for all 
Like finding identical leaves in the fall 
They all have changed 
Now he must find one that matches his own strange ways 
A piece that fits his moves and quarks 
One who embraces him with a genuine force. 
He must find this one in himself 
For only you can continually fill your empty shelf 
Take the table out of the equation 
Puzzle made on the floor 
No table to collapse, no weight it must bare. 
This realization can change everything 
And rid one of desperate madness, 
Even in the worst situations that wash ashore.
fluffel Apr 2018
As two puzzle pieces 
Fit together so divine. 
Make me feel like you’re all mine 
No other could make me feel so fine 
All day walking around with some special kind of shine 
No other pieces could fit together like we do 
Not just once or twice, but every single time 
Complete the need that is felt inside 
Matched together at first sight, 
Now I just need some kind of sign 
You want to be whole again, don’t give into the fright 
Be strong for me, look deep to find 
That one that was thrown aside. 
Somewhere the piece lays, 
The one that will keep destruction at bay 
On the table for weeks, 
Just waiting for the piece. 
That will complete the picture it beholds 
Fulfill the potential it has 
To look beautiful from its own mold. 
Doesn’t follow rules or norms 
To its own ****** up drum, it roars 
As a bird sings its own melody as it soars, 
The puzzle shows purity in the darkest of forms 
Bad things have hurt the pieces before 
But through these, they still seem to fit, 
So amazing once more 
Connected together, souls intertwined 
Flawlessly together at this time. 
Embracing the moment they have together 
Wishing to be in one’s company forever. 
Morning strikes a harsh blow. 
The rising sun forces each to go.
fluffel Apr 2018
The cut was deep, 
At first to him, keeping the wound bandaged to forget 
Out of sight but not of mind 
Every movement gives a twinge 
Every thought leads back to that fringe 
Never willing to accept his weakness 
never able to heal, his tree leafless 
Nothing could infiltrate his mind, 
It raced for an acceptable excuse to find 
But never successful in it’s hunt 
Just mental fuckery and the final realization that he was a **** 
No reason for his action 
Just a bad coping mechanism and a run in with an alcohol-obsessed faction 
Now he must deal with the woman he loves reaction 
Forgiveness is preyed for, but not seen as an option 
More alone than before is the only viable result of that ‘final’ verbal transaction 
Inevitable though 
He can’t keep living with his mind as a foe 
It needs to be clean, clear, and precise 
He must succeed and leave everyone in surprise 
He must expose this wound with shame 
With only himself to blame 
The words slip from his lips as light from a flame 
Leaving himself vulnerable but eyes still full of desire 
This overwhelming ****** feeling that he knows 
He has hurt the one he loves 
The wound is deep 
She is hurt, no longer feeling complete
fluffel Aug 2015
Let flesh to flesh make you free

Just be in the moment with me  

No worries in the air

No cares

Just me and you exist in this world

No thoughts of sadness or fear

Just us in the moment, right here.
fluffel Aug 2015
The shackles,
so inviting.
You need no control.
Give your control to the shackles,
They love it…that’s what they are meant for right?
Take control from the occupant.
He must obey.
Must be taken away.
To where?
He has no say,
The shackles love the control
And he loves the powerlessness.
Nothing is expected,
Nothing needed,
He gets joy from being powerless
Powerless of what happens and free
Everything is let go.
No memories, responsibilities,
the shackles have taken it all away
The shackles love the control

You just need to get away.
The relationship gives both just what they need,
At least they think, at least for a second.
One more drop, their grip grows tighter.
Take it all, not just some.
“sure another”
They beckon and you ponder
Then he tips it back.
Both think this is what needs to happen
Made up their mind
Another down
just let it happen
the shackles love the control

take it from me,
all worries,
it’s their’s not mine.
He thinks.
The shackles love the control.

His eyes open, no shackles in sight.
Just empty bottles and a faint light.
He thinks it’s going to be ok, at least by tonight.
Knowing he’ll feel the familiar metal clamped tight.
as he grips the glass in fright.

Scared of it all
The memories,
The empty thoughts,
The unresponsiveness of the sky.
He gives up, gives it all up
Throws the key,
And just lets it be.
Clamped tight for the night
He has let go of it all
Thanks to the cold remedy he thinks heals him so well…
Until his eyes open on another glimps of light
In an unfamiliar place
Maybe this will finally end him of this destructive chase.
Or to another breakdown,
Maybe the same whirlwind  
That he just spent the last 8 hours in
The shackles love the control.
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