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Fatimah Noor May 2019
Cherish the moments you spend with your loved ones

Cherish the person who brings a smile on your face whenever you are sad

Cherish the books that taught you what no one else did

Cherish the person who is always there to listen to you

Cherish the last sip of tea you drink with your family

Cherish everything because everything is meant for your betterment in a way that you might not apprehend  now but you will realise that it is a blessing in disguise soon.
#love #cherish #moments #sweet #memories
Fatimah Noor May 2019
We are like the horizon of the sky
We merge into the same colour
And hear everywhere the flutter
I am chasing you as the wind is chasing the clouds
The clouds and my words stir up and paint the sky
Wish the sunset could stay a little more
Till my sorrows turn into silk
Till I get enough of that moment
The birds go back singing to trees
My soul goes wandering in the breeze
I'll stay here till the moon appears
So I can handover him all my fears
I won't let this evening go hopeless
For I  have a lot to confess.
Fatimah Noor May 2019
The deepness of the ocean
Reminds me of the profundity of my soul
Strength of my words
Level of my patience
Power of my love
Emptiness of my eyes
And storm struggling within myself
Wrote this while I was staring at the beautiful Atlantic Ocean a few months back.
Fatimah Noor May 2019
The flowers I  planted
Bloomed everywhere in the fancy
My veins filling with nectar
Eyes capturing alluring views
Thorns embracing all the blues
The paper smelling fresh roses
As I jot the proses
Are they only roses?
Or a wonderland enclosed in a bouquet
Fatimah Noor May 2019
When spring and autumn combine
You and I shine

We fancy upto the skyline
Doodling with some new designs

With the musings that we can't align
Holding fears that we can't decline

In all the stories you're mine
Says even the sunshine

People come asking are you fine?
Little do they know I'm on cloud nine

— The End —