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Zuko Oct 2017
Little girl, there are many things you will be.
Broken at the hands of a man is not any of them.
Zuko Oct 2017
Sometimes, the only person who will be around to pick you up
off the floor
and run you a warm bath will be yourself;
and that's okay.
  Jun 2016 Zuko
I was always too much of something for everybody
But it was quite a surprise to find
That I wasn't enough for you
  Jun 2016 Zuko
What started out with hesitation
ended with a love
that caused a devastating pain
that will last a long time
it scared my heart and terrified my mind
spending a whole lifetime
waiting for the right time
to meet that perfect person
your match, your lifeline
just to find out you were wrong
the whole-time.
Zuko May 2016
I've written a dozen poems about you, the curve of your lips when you smile, the glow in your eyes and the spark in your touch.
I've written even more poems about you leaving.
The pain of  being left lovelorn,
And the vast emptiness you left behind.
Now I want to write again.
But there just aren't any words left to say, the ink in my pen has run dry. Because now it doesn't hurt so much, my mind doesn't wander off to you as often as it used to and now you're just more of a dull ache in my chest as compared to the singeing fire you used to be. I don't write to you anymore.
This is farewell.
Zuko Mar 2016
Virginity should be a choice, not a commodity
Zuko Mar 2016
Love me for that which is not ephemeral
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