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Esridersi Mar 2019
I am the son
of a man whose
impotence in love
sought refuge in lust.
Esridersi Feb 2019
water-slicked concrete
won't deter the idiots
from Snapchat selfies
Esridersi Feb 2019
falling in love
with love is like
searching frantically
for your iPhone
in 1847.
Esridersi Feb 2019
dead roses
to violets,
our hate,
a watered glass
Esridersi Feb 2019
if light weighed like lead
and your smiles were cheap
we'd ignite Manhattan
with some cents and a sheep
crushing them all, dead.
atomic number
Esridersi Feb 2019
your stretch marks, my dear
like cascading ripples of rose, or
wrinkled dryer sheets.
Esridersi Feb 2019
strictly speaking,
there exist no
for Yesterdays Aches
or Tomorrows Concerns
in the Real World -
quaint tongue dances
and groans
of the throat.
"worry is preposterous" - Wi Po Yang
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