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She came into my life as quickly as she left
Laying awake with emotions swirling between our heads
Stars between our thoughts
She stole my heart
And left with it
She ran fast, never looking back
But she still has my heart
And I’m still empty because of it
So I hope whoever she gives my heart to deserves it
Because she sure as hell doesn’t
She kissed me on the lips so tight
But I didn't kiss her back that night
It was my first time
A symphony of static running down my spine
Little did I know, it would be my last first time
society had a party with everyone invited
i arrived only to see everyone ignoring me
a party called life and im dancing alone
she saw me and came over to change my tone
we danced in the corner all night long
hoping nobody would change our song
a poem about my first love
I have tasted the stars
And hooked I was on the liberating feeling of love
Because your love was like the light shown from the stars above
But the feeling was soon forgotten and over thrown with hate and wrongful acts
And now I'm stuck here playing pretend in a life I long to end
I have a love for hatred

Since you clipped my wings

I wasn't trying to get away

But now I want to leave

If there's no trust -

How is there love?

How can you judge my dreams?

All I wanted was to be loved by you

Now only hatred is left for me
How could a heart like yours
Love a heart like mine
Yours full of love and dreams of life
Mine full of-
Well it isn't full at all
It's broken
And you were kind enough to look for every piece
And put it back together
I still don't understand this silly game called "love"
A person falls in love, once in their lifetime
Never twice
You can lie to yourself
You can lie to others
But if the one love was true
It can't be undone
It wont go away
We took the plunge
But her love came with strings attached
A bungee
She jumped back up
While she's on top
Calling to me
While I'm wishing her down
And I have no bungee
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