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Elsie Greek May 8
Clearly it's snowing
In your heart.
You wish you thawed,
Still wish you to though.
The cold of it keeps
Glowed you up,
The smartest streak
Of such a generous
Remark is showing
The obsessive drift:
Repetitive at nothing,
Novelty at stake.
It's where you are,
Still drifting there
As though
In cycles of the dark.
I wish you knew,
Let's hope it still is not too late.
What is eating you? - Preoccupied society suggests cancellation to fix whoever may be ruined long before.
Elsie Greek May 7
Created me in spring
But I swallowed water
To grow anywhere from green.

In gulps of disturbia
Breathed in and out
The leap of fate that is found
In osmotically lean sciences.

They trusted to morph
My lucid moments of thrill
Into smudges of change
That evoked brushed memories
I knew I would never
Bear the pressure to recall
                               nor dwell on.

This callous decision
To move on with them is
Anything but to sound less obvious
And to erase all commas
                             as if mute anything
That is to be felt and to sense instead.
Elsie Greek Apr 20
Made it again this day.
Hard time saving time
Loosing grip on most sides,
Dots are needled above the "i"s,
Still make no sense of it.

They concur to this idea
Of large scale violence
As an incentive that it may arise
from fixing their dots to nobody's

And what is invention
If not the hustle to make it all
Work fine,
The doubt is it won't, but the process
makes it inspiring.

Sometimes it takes just a grinder,
uninventive but hopeful.
Elsie Greek May 2020
Swim in the ocean
Of rebirth with me
Resonating in
              The Stream
Of what I call
      Clear conscious.
Melody you sing to
                    On its waves
Matching its duality
Is like frustrated blur,
A hum of drastic stakes
       We are to make.
But I like you
In whatever shape
You desire
               to mold me,
Until the end of the day
I am your plasticine.
          And tomorrow,
I am as well you brick,
Your indulgence delusion,
A glass of aspirin water,
Therefore, your immutable side.
Elsie Greek Apr 2020
sleep, we sleep,
we would sleep on it
to make some of life
like buying or not,
flying there tomorrow
or keeping still and alive,
I know, right?
such collisions,
trying to process it first,
then to sleep on it,
but all I get is diluted
Elsie Greek Apr 2020
In rises and sets
My body is given to
What I barely can
Rely on: time.

Though it measures
Breaths, or winks,
or swallows
Of what I barely can
Live through: life.

Hope, it's not all gone,
Sometimes tortured,
Or mocked at, nuzzled into
The very thought of..
but you're a different kind.

The spark of pertinence
You may possess at times,
Giving it all to me
Like you must as a gift
To redeem all the sins.

To reject or submit,
Accept or resist?
I'd leave it all:
You, I never will.
Maybe, if I'm honest,
I could only imply.
I imply..
I will imply it,
Elsie Greek Apr 2020
Stick to whatever,
She told me.
Get it wrong, right
Or do not.
Flee to your scarier
One that is easy
To spot.
Drink wines
From glasses
Of doubt,
Worship your
Local canons.
Stretch them
Within and without,
Stan the unpardoned
Of lords.

Having it all
Given to you,
Acting completely
Trophies in pain
Excruciate you:
None of them **** you,
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