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Diksha Dhiman Mar 23
Let my moon keep my worries
Let my stars move with flurries.
Diksha Dhiman Mar 21
No matter what,we all are going to mess up.
I am at peace because I know universe is taking care.
Diksha Dhiman Feb 22
It’s just that your mind is yet to be trained to see positive things happening.
Diksha Dhiman Feb 19
Flowers in my heart bloomed for you....
Diksha Dhiman Jan 27
Sometimes don't give someone talks about struggles of life, that how much their life is messy now and they have to clean it. Sometimes just be a place where they can hide and be safe until they gain strength and conquer all the chaos.
                                 -diksha dhiman
Diksha Dhiman Jan 26
Only communication is the real healer...
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