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He poured the coffee
Into the cup
He put the milk
Into the cup of coffee
He put the sugar
Into the coffee with milk
With a small spoon
He churned
He drank the coffee
And he put down the cup
Without any word to me
He emptied the coffee with milk
And he put down the cup
Without any word to me
He lighted
One cigarette
He made circles
With the smoke
He shook off the ash
Into the ashtray
Without any word to me
Without any look at me
He got up
He put on
A hat on his head
He put on
A raincoat
Because it was raining
And he left
Into the rain
Without any word to me
Without any look at me
And I buried
My face in my hands
And I cried
 Oct 2010 Dian Eka
Eoghan Byrne
Men want a confession. Women want a promise.
Men play. Women study.
Men talk and think . Women listen and think.
Men run. Women walk.
Men sing. Women dance.
Men cook. Women serve.
Men count numbers. Women write poems.
Men read puns. Women read paradoxes.
Men want to go fishing. Women want to catch fish.
Men demand dedication. Women demand devotion.
Men think backward. Women think afterwards.
Men want more time. Women want to turn back time.
Men believe in God. Women are friends with God.
Men have shame. Women have pain.
Men have pride and honor. Women have glory and victory.
The woman poured herself another glass of wine,
Like another night alone.
The house was empty,
And the humming of the dishwasher bounced off the walls.
She sat by the window and pulled the black heels off her feet.
This was beginning to get old.
People outside paced in pairs.
Her house was dark.
The only light came from the kitchen,
glowing out to the adjacent ro0m.
She sipped at her wine, and rested the glass on her knee.
With an exasperated sigh,
She threw the wine glass against the opposite wall.
The glass flew, sparkling in the dim light
And merlot ran down the white wall.
She dusted off her hands, and undressed silently.
In the bathroom, she started water for a shower.
In silence, once again, she stood under the rush of water.
An hour's time went by, and the water was shut off.
Without bothering to dry herself, she stepped out,
And fell into bed.
 Sep 2010 Dian Eka
Sweet, here I am
On ur website
writting spam
I'm making coffee
don't be scoffy
Timer's beeping
I must be fleeting
Away I go
To fill my mug
Ouch, it's hot!
Glug glug glug
Let me feel your nakedness,my Lady...
Let me undress you with one single look.
The world out there promises you nothing but bitterness of life.
In my arms i'm holding a dagger of certainty and a rose as red as your sweet blood.
Your lips remind me of those rosebuds that bloomed eternally
Your *******,sacred and pure,i touch with such a lonely desire.
Your fear arouses my manhood charm
This night has no end.
Let us dance with the rhythm of my passion.
The smoothness of your skin i feel with my lips like a heavenly tune.
Your shivering body,my heart beating...
My hands around your waist...
Tighter,closer....bring and bind yourself to me.
My breath runs around your neck,with every kiss you walk closer to the path i'm giving you...
How smooth.... How passionate...
The sweetness of your tongue ,swaggering on my manhood like a golden glass of wine.
This night has no end,my love
Let me see....let me feel your blood drip down  my body...
Let me bathe in your exposed nakedness.
I will kiss the wounds i cut on your heart...
Kiss the pain away as this feeling i bear i can't help it
Your death would be so beautiful as the night grows darker...
Your stream of unconsciousness redeems my lonely soul...
Here on this path,i will lay your sweet  dead body....beneath the stars you can not see
Unto heaven and earth....
After i wrote this i couldn't help thinking of Jack The Ripper...
What did he think of when he was slaughtering his poor victims....
Did he mumble a song in his head? Didn't he have a special woman in his life?

Maybe this poem was supposed to be entitled 'Jack The Lonely Lover'
 Sep 2010 Dian Eka
JJ Hutton
blanket my flaw.
make me easy
to consume.

lights out.

we can pretend
i am one you want.
i am pretty.

lights out.

i am less alive,
but that's hard to tell
with the

lights out.
Copyright 2010 by Joshua J. Hutton
Is there a place that one can go
to truly be alone
to escape the hustle of our lives
and traffics monotone
Is there a place where I can sit
notepad and pen in hand
And capture the true nature
of this majestic land.
My needs are very simple
just somewhere to rest my head
with a simple little woodstove
and a comfortable bed
I have no need of music
for nature plays my song
I will fall asleep to crickets
and awake to sparrows throng
I will read alone by candlelight
the poems of the day
And think of friends I left behind
who would love to live this way
But for now all this is just a dream
that one day may come true
And it seems a little closer
no that its been shared with you
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Love can make you deaf
and love can make you blind
love can make you take your friends
and leave them all behind

Love can lift you up
and love can bring you down
love can make you sink or swim
or wish that you had drowned

Love can make you happy
and love can make you blue
in spite of all these pro's and cons
I still fell in love with you
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