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Hope Weber Feb 2019
How am I suppose to be so called "happy"
when all I wanted,
all I needed,
all I had,
is now gone.
Hope Weber Feb 2019
there once was a girl,
alone in a world,
filled with neglect and hatred.
she learned to use that neglect and hatred on herself.
she ripped her wrists like it was paper every night.
and cried a river till the sun would rise.
she looked in the mirror and did not recognize
the beauty and love she had this whole time.
there once was a girl.
Hope Weber Feb 2019
I just want you,
but you didn't try.
you just said bye.
and left me all alone.
alone with nothing but a broken heart and a mask.
a mask to hide all my sadness.
and a broken heart leaning towards any guy that tells me I'm beautiful,
only to be broken once again.
but after every broken heart,
it all comes back to you.
the one guy who truly broke my soul.
Hope Weber Feb 2019
you didn't only break my heart,
you broke my soul.
Hope Weber Feb 2019
I cant eat,
I cant sleep.
you are running through my mind.
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