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  Oct 2015 Winter Allen Jane
"you can't just
touch my soul
and leave"
You used to look at me with ur heart
And you would fill mine with joy
Eventually your heart grew cold
And i would feel myself getting paralyzed
In the frost
And you left me behind

Where did you go
Our happy days seem so long ago
Yet we're still sleeping in the same sheets
Yet i still smoke to eliminate stress
But it's only a timekiller

It's just a waste. waste. waste.
I should walk away
But if you call for me
You know i'll come
But you're already gone
Just fearing one day soon
You'll be gone forever
And i'll sit there in silence
Smoking my last cigarettes
His  h a n d s  were so beautiful
Rough, like a first-time bikecrash
Manly, bruised, ragged cuticles
Curiously wandering trough
this undressed  f o r e s t
Exploring every part with soft touch
Tryna reach for the appletree
Craving for that fresh taste
When he's giving me  h e a d
on the unmade bed

Slowly   s i n k i n g
further and further into his love
It  h e a t s  me up
My bones become gelatin
His breath becomes my  o x y g e n
Our heartbeat becomes a melody
His maddening eyes watching me ***
Goosebumps appear all over my skin
This feeling is so confusing and ineffable
Yet so   e u p h o r i c   and intense
it can't be explained
We're two lights burning on one candle
Together, we melt
into this burning desire
for  e a c h   o t h e r.
Finding love

is like spotting 2 rainbows at the end of the road
like finding a typo in a book
or crying but not ******* your makeup up
like getting those annoyingly catchy song out of your head
like trying to stay completely sober at a party or
trying to concentrate at an exam when you hear penclicks
and stomach noises like there's a war going on inside them

Finding love
is like smoking cigarettes in the rain
or writing a song without chords or even words
like getting lost in this small village of 2 streets long

Finding love
is like forgetting the thought of you
when that's the only thing i can think about during the days
Finding true love is like loving you without missing you
Like doing things without receiving the endless strings of consequences
or like explaining yourself when you don't even understand it
or like getting your **** together when you're completely lost

Finding true love
is finding someone along the road
that falls for you as hard as you did for them
And they'll fit so perfectly like one long lost puzzle piece
That it makes you feel like you were made for each other

The feeling of confirmation that someone loves you so unconditionally
It's even better than knowing all the secrets god knows
It's like spotting 2 rainbows at the end of the road

It's so **** hard
And even harder for those who are looking for it
But when true love is found you must cherish it till death

Because finding true love is so hard to find
Winter 2k15
I just want to get drunk with you in the middle of the night
And stare at the none-ending universe
And wonder how we are just a small molecule
if we compare ourselves to the whole galaxy
and all the places we didn't discover yet
the whole wide world is just at our feet

I just want to have those late night calls with you
Where we tell our stories once again
And I'll listen to your voice
till we both fall asleep

I just want to laugh and cry with you
Laugh about those stupid metaphorical love poems
But i'm such a hypocrite because i'm writing that **** now
I used to joke about those corny cliche lines every poets uses
to describe their lovers, like their ocean blue eyes or
their cherry red lips and how they're so madly in love
So joke if you must
But i'm liking those poems nowadays
Because every poem is starting to remind me of you

I just want to cry with you
crying about those songs which we don't even know the lyrics to
but just because the song is so beautiful
the beauty of the melody and how the words fit so nicely along with it
I dig that ****

I just want to have endless conversations with you
About the questions only god knows the answer to
And always argue about our disagreements
And **** boy, you are so stubborn
But you probably think the same about me

I just want to explore your mind
Read every page of your book
And every little thing no one else sees
Your mind is like a labyrinth
It's just so confusing and ****** up like mine
But i'll find my way
And the more i learn about you
the more i'm starting to fall in love

I just want to describe the wonderful person that you are
and to analyse every little thing you do
And notice your beautiful features
but when i look at your face
it feels like my mind just stops thinking
like writing songs without chords
lost words and unfinished sentences
And when i look in your eyes
I see a galaxy with countless stars and i just get lost
And the only thing i could possibly write down is that
Boy you're so **** amazing
And I think I love you
There, I said it. I feel so relieved now
Cause i always hated to admit that

I just want to wake up next to you
Each and every day
And to start a new day and a new life with you
And i know there are so many places we didn't discover yet
And so many long roads to wander on
And if a car ever crashes into us
I wouldn't mind dying that night
cause to me it seems like such a heavenly way to die
Just right there, in your arms
Feeling nothing but peace

And even if we were going straight to hell
I wouldn't ever be scared, I wouldn't even doubt it
Cause when i'm with you

Everything is fine.
I haven't written for a while so it feels good to be back. Even though this is not some great masterpiece, but just my thoughts lately.  

Winter 24.4.2015
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