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daúd May 2019
you are sweet as the water
of a woman’s sweet river
that showers with its flowing
every beautiful night:
sweet as the coffee flower
whose  breath is never bitter
sweet like an open orange
that were a mouth-wet, bright

far sweet, far than brown sugar
than honey & fruit you are:
hair of deep lemon-harvest
skin of rose & may
lips made of flame & nectar
keen honey-suckle-arms:
you’re life’s only fountain
where day & night I quench

& if your are touched or kissed
& if you are missed or called
& if you are loved or wanted
if you are away or close
& if you are felt or caressed
if you are enjoyed or hugged
how sweet, how sweet you are
between my sour arms

within this barren heart
you stepped in when you came
& grew sweet & female:
you: sprout of sugar-cane
daúd Mar 2019
as free as crying soul
enclosed deep in a grave
as free as wounded blood
that runs away from veins
as free as infant’s cry
fleeing the cradle’s frame
as free as breeze & wind
as life that goes away

free as all dweller is
on injustice’s horse
free as a wealthy man
within a cell of greed
as free as he that drags
the chains of his remorse
free as the daily slave
of anger, lust & fear

as free as an oppressor
under history’s glance
free as a child that leaves
the jail of his childhood
free as he that can read
the book of fate & chance
free as she that is free
under misery’s foot

oh wife of mine, is this
your wish of liberty?
my heart, my love, my rose
please: don’t give up on me
daúd Mar 2019
i do not sing the storm. i do not sing rage, wrath
the lightning bolt, the scream. Despair i do not sing
i do not sing struggle–revenge poisonous blast–
the hurricane, the quake that tears the city of peace

i do not sing no border. i do not sing no flag
i do not sing no warrior but she that fights all fear
Poverty & sickness-night, the blade, the club, the trap
blows, wounds, cries, lies, bursts & war-blood i do not sing

i do not sing despise for any thing or being
i do not praise no richness no governors, no kings
From all this flower-garden i pick one single rose:
creation is just dew upon the rose of love

i celebrate one flame. i only sing one blues:
the flame of endless loving with you & only you
daúd Mar 2019
you step away from me into your sweet, wild shade
& wrap your lovely being with a dark silence-cloak
you: moon of soft, warm light; you most exquisite girl
avoid my arms of child that hold the rose of love

& then you take refuge behind agonic doors
& wished to trap the wind that play & kiss your hair
& wished to wound the sky with cries of “nevermore”
& with a simple strike you attempt the world to end

you swiftly pass by me  like slender, scented creek
behind the angry wall of this flowery night
worn out, superb and hurt towards the sea of your will:

forgive the loving flame that died upon my arms
forgive this chain of grief that I wove kiss by kiss
forgive this heart of mine that madly love you still
daúd Feb 2019
enlightening with flowers a shade wrapped in dark night
tasting a hidden soul in fruity and luscious lips
setting the world on fire with a hug huge & wild
-with a kiss i am chained yet i’m glorious & free

i kiss your mouth of orange & drink heaven in it:
no more the day gives light, no more the moment beats
The universe is dust, the world a rose of peace
& every light is born from the bright of my tears

i give away all care, regard, worry & dream
i cast thinking away & sing & whirl & cry
& like a wounded bird i fall mad at your feet
& beg you another moment as begs a begging child:

stay close, close to me–like branch & air with wing
stay close, close to me–like mouth with breath & kiss
daúd Feb 2019
a word sweeter than honey i’ve bitten in your lips
your laughter of white bronze flying like flapping light
A slow poison of doubt, a swift nectar of grief:
flavors as gives the earth, feelings as vast as life

i’ve kissed you wildly or soft as an exquisite flame
–in your rebellious mouth that I so madly need–
I have tasted with awe a lone, dark, wild terrain
together with the heaven of your feminine being

i’ve come to know you by your mouth just bit by bit
-its fluency of rain, its deep hunger of fire
that burns words like straw scenting with only a kiss
flesh, heart, breath, hair & being–time, place, dream & desire

to kiss you is to realize–with flame, with blood, with soul–
the meaning of all life, the secret of the unknown
daúd Feb 2019
an angry wind blows by and sets you hair on fire
like autumn-leaf in flames you’re dragged on trails of ashes
a rain falls over us, a rain like a coarse choir
a rain that wets the soul & that the dark inspires

enraged, you tear the cloak of affection & care
& show a deeper flesh: the naked flesh of  pain
–gorgeous magnolia annoyed by sore, merciless sun
flower that hates the kissing of bright dew at the dawn

how young you look–oh my–when mad you never talk
how youngster I am too carrying with my hands
fresh songs, flowery lines in wild, perfumed, lush bunch
for that young queen of mine that free me without words:

my young girl of the combatant, dominant wimp & cry
that gets  all what she wants with the smile of her eyes
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