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Darby Boyette Jan 2015
It has been a year,
Since that awful day,
When life as I knew it,
Slowly slipped away.

Losing more than consciousness,
More than dignity and pride,
I'd end up losing everything,
Even my will to survive.

When I-come to-that day,
I thought it couldn't get worse,
But time would soon show me,
There'd be no end to this curse.

Everything I had known,
Everything that I held true,
Cut and shredded to pieces,
Before justice would be through.

Not reporting the assault,
To the police right away,
Left me running for my life,
So I could live another day.

To leave me alone,
I would later see,
Was not in the abusers,
Plans involving me.

He left me no choice,
But to report to the police,
In hopes they would offer,
Some protection to me.

I needed some guidance,
Protection and some care,
Someone to lead me through it,
And help me over the fear.

What I received instead,
I could not begin to perceive,
They said he said I was lying,
And they believed him, not me.

I was called a liar,
Straight to my face,
By the investigators,
Who were looking at my case.

Stating they'd investigated,
And my report they did see,
But not one of my witnesses,
Was asked for their plea.

"Break the silence today"
The commercials we all see,
hear them on the radio,
watch them on Tv,

I was strangled by him,
The abuser did that to me,
But it was in the hall of Justice,
That life was taken from me.
Written on the one year anniversary of my strangulation by the man who swore he loved me. 7-1 2006
Darby Boyette Jan 2015
My New Year Wish  

We Pray Lord, for.…..

the hope of someday blooming again,
so we can envision a new dream.

the courage and fortitude to attempt,
what we dared to dream.

to trust ourselves, so what we dream,
will one day become our reality.

to pause, reflect, and absorb the wisdom,
we’ve learned from past lessons.

to be brave in starting our new direction,
so we gain insight to the journey thus far.

to be more forgiving, as we have been forgiven,
for all our many past transgressions.

to respond truthfully to the heart of the soul,
in able to better understand our purpose.

to slow the pace and enjoy each moment,
so our memories will be more vibrant.

to walk without fear, knowing He has a plan,
if only we heed and listen.

to stay calmer, having peace of mind,
while healing from pain and loss.

to remember and honor the people in our past,
for they helped shape our future.

to look forward with dignity and grace,
so we don’t stumble looking back.

to give love more abundantly, understanding
love carried us when we couldn't walk.

to move between, what's behind and what's before,
with serenity, peace, and comfort.

and to clear the fog, allowing a sharp pristine view,
forever shining with grace, beauty, and love….
In memory of my fiancé, B.A.N. and my fur friend, Wyatt. May they shine high on that mountain.
Darby Boyette Jan 2015
What I have learned in one month...I now know...

I know you have more family and friends than I can fathom;
          They love and miss you dearly.

I know you have a sweet, loving, and beautiful daughter;
          When she holds me----I'm holding you.

I know you have a devastated little brother and sister;
          Wanting the comfort of their only big brother.

I know it is now useless to make plans for the future;
          Life proved harshly---it has a mind of it's own.

I know I could only stand and face the reality this happened;
          After crawling through the dark tunnel of shock.

I know I can experience love and pain, down to my inner-being;
          But not the full depth of one--without the other.

I know I've had pain inflicted to the point I had to surrender;
          Yet still not this intense--this suffocating--this soul-killing.

I know this season of life must carry a much deeper meaning;
          It's not only my eyes, my heart and soul are weeping.

I know some say you won't be my first, last, and only thought;
          That sounds sad to me--And I'm not ready for that.

I know your parents would like you to know how much they love you;
          While praying you can't see them--such heart-wrenching pain.

I know if I had to do it over... knowing of your cancer, then the wreck;
          Not a soul here could stop me, I love you just that much.

In memory of B.A.N. My love, my life, my fiancé. He courageously fought Lymphoma and beat it with the help of MDAnderson, only to lose his life in a jeep accident, 8 months later. He will be missed.

— The End —