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 Mar 2021 Siobhan
j a connor
Don't think I was wrong
Leaving this place
The names are the same
Just a different face
I've changed
I've grown
A better life
I chased
Somewhere on my journey
I missed something in my haste

Look to the future
You can't change the past
Respect for each other
Let's build a world to last
 Mar 2021 Siobhan
David R
Heart palpating
Mind is racing
Mouth is dry
With silent cry.

So I went to him, all nerves,
All jitters and all swerves,
Smiled awkward, feeling helpless,
Breathless 'n defenceless.

"Take a tablet," he said,
"You lack chemicals in your head,
Not your fault at all,
That's the way you were born."

So I took the pill
Went for the ****
Now my mind is dead
No happiness. No dread.

So which is better?
To live and fretter,
Be woebegone
Or an automaton?

To be or not to be
A feeling existentiality,
To be a soul with a goal,
But nerves out o' control ...

Or not to be myself,
But as a book on a shelf,
No feeling nor living
With constant misgiving?

To feel, to think,
Are God's gift to humanity,
I'd rather be a madman
Than vegetable with sanity.
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
 Mar 2021 Siobhan
s y kalindara
I miss you in tides,
high as the summer afternoon sun in the skies
we danced beneath.

I miss you in hues
of grey, green and blue;
akin to carbon copies of your eyes.

I miss you like cities miss the stars,
I'd switch this country's lights off for just a glimmer in the dark.

I miss you with my throat exposed,
heart pacing back and forth down your road,
itching for your call.

I miss you in reveries,
and silent dreams,
in distractions, and the mindful winds I breathe.

I miss you through all these whirlwind feelings.
I miss you when I'm numb to them all.
I'll miss you tomorrow like I did today.
I'll miss you in waterfalls.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Missing J.
 Mar 2021 Siobhan
Colten Sorrells
it's been a strange trip
trying to get to the point
where I know myself
 Mar 2021 Siobhan
Qualyxian Quest
They are going to say: mental illness.
They are not completely wrong

But my illness and my stillness
Lead to sacred songs

I worked all ordinary
Decades before ding ****

I want to rest, both East and West
Am I late along?

Help me when I'm weak
For dailiness soft strong.
 Mar 2021 Siobhan
A Keeper
 Mar 2021 Siobhan
Within the garden of my heart
A fragile flower grows
How much light is needed
It seems that no one knows

Some days it blooms
Fiery and bright like the sun
Other days it withers
Before the day's even begun

A deep and dark soil looms below
Complexity colors the delicate petals
A gentle breeze allows for dancing
And in the silence it settles

My heart seeks a caretaker
One with a gentle hand
As such rough manipulation
It can barely withstand

This little flower needs love most
With a true and steady touch
Tis the soft caress of a keeper
This heart has needed so much
Written 5.31.20
 Mar 2021 Siobhan
 Mar 2021 Siobhan
Strange days of boredom
Oddly flavored
Typical, worn out...
And hardly favored
What is necessary
Camouflaged verbiage
Made playfully literary
& some approximation
Made writ and authoritarian
That's all the information
Fit for publication
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