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  Mar 2021 Siobhan
Within the garden of my heart
A fragile flower grows
How much light is needed
It seems that no one knows

Some days it blooms
Fiery and bright like the sun
Other days it withers
Before the day's even begun

A deep and dark soil looms below
Complexity colors the delicate petals
A gentle breeze allows for dancing
And in the silence it settles

My heart seeks a caretaker
One with a gentle hand
As such rough manipulation
It can barely withstand

This little flower needs love most
With a true and steady touch
Tis the soft caress of a keeper
This heart has needed so much
Written 5.31.20
She can walk
             night and day
               never letting either
                  get in her way.
She learned this trick
                     many moons ago
                     going deep within
           and never letting it show.
Her soul is innocent
her heart is pure
she’s gone through more
than most could endure.
            She’s an angel of light
                 an angel of dark
                 you never know
              what you will spark.
                      You want to hurt her?
                         Please, go ahead and try
                           she’ll be the one to show you
                                  just how well she can
­                                                                l­
                                                                ­  y.
                                  Her soul innocent
                    her heart pure
      but never think for one minute
that she’s not secure.
                                Say what you will
                          please, do what you must
                       but your jealousy and hatred
                             won’t waver her trust!
Even Those Angels Out There Have Their Limits…..
  Mar 2021 Siobhan
Strange days of boredom
Oddly flavored
Typical, worn out...
And hardly favored
What is necessary
Camouflaged verbiage
Made playfully literary
& some approximation
Made writ and authoritarian
That's all the information
Fit for publication
  Mar 2021 Siobhan
Samantha Cunha
The man
who kept
his emotions
at bay
in them
  Mar 2021 Siobhan
Jace Albine
I rather be awoken from a dream

Then be too afraid in life

To do

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