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 Feb 2016 Curing
Got Guanxi
I ran
 Feb 2016 Curing
Got Guanxi
I Ran

She had this hedonistic Houdini nature,
She escaped from Shiraz,
Her personal Alcatraz,
She laughed as I asked;
How did you escape?

"I Ran" she said "I Ran"

She was particularly Persian,
Beautiful soul,
Perfect prose,
stunning, gorgeous,
My dreams came true,
As we ran the gauntlet between our acquaintances judgemental glare.

She walked through the door,
With shallow breath and a panting chest;
Windswept hair.

How did you get here I asked?

"I Ran"

She came so far,
To say I was her King.
Her shy Shah,
She said.
The concept of this,
Flew over my head,

As I asked where she was from,
she paused for a second


told me she came from Iran.
 Feb 2016 Curing
Got Guanxi
Print screen my whole being,
in the cadence of seasons changed.
Generation X's sweet heartbreak.
Strangers share the pain.
We walk the walk online,
in these times that are a changed.
Changing no more - subtly maybe.
The footfall of history stored,
in Google baby,
& terrabytes & ram.
A virus called.
And the rhyming stalled,
Man made museums in nothing, but,
soldiered components,
smaller than the eye can see.
Nano moments,
lost in scrolled screens,
likes and comments,
compassion shared
the world,
until forgotten;
into familiarities.
Then we logged out of life,
and left reality behind smokescreens,
of PCs
HD ready, on blue days -
Blue Rays,
now smaller.
Our brain waves microwaved.
Attention spans,
in the palm of our mouse shaped hands.
Say goodbye to the old days,
guilty as charged,
the strife of low battery life;
running out of charge.
had this concept inside me for a long time - still needs work x

Update - thanks for feedback on this - I've changed the title as the last one wasn't really pc.
Then I changed it back
 Feb 2016 Curing
Blowing silence
like a bugle
to announce his dismay

he got set
to make a statement
without speaking for a day

but his mother
just assuming
he had nothing much to say

sent her silent
son outside to play;

in the kitchen
by his mother's disregard

for campaigns
of wild muteness,
the rebellion fell apart

to the sound
of scuffing shoes
and the grumble in his heart

'cause silent protest
tends to lose
when no-one's listening very hard..
 Feb 2016 Curing
She opens a window
and hopes for the sky
to fall in from outside
and it's tailwind bring

her the moon and the clouds
lined with silver, a crowd
of the finest of stars
and a spare pair of wings..
 Dec 2015 Curing
Tonight is one of the worst I have yet experienced.
I cannot stop thinking about him.
Regret is starting to sink in that we didn't try my love.
That we did not give what I thought was so strong a fight.
Belly I think we could have made it past the terminal.
Sadly, I don't think we will ever get the chance to know.
I miss you more more than I have in a while and the memories come in waves.
Tonight, without you, I'm drowning.
I want you so badly to be mine again.
I still love you and I've never been more sure than right now in these passing months.
You were the one who understood me, my best friend.
I'm petrified that I will never know another who could read me like their favorite book.
Who could do anything and make me smile.
And God that sweet sweet face who looked at me like I was everything in the world to them.
I love you Ben..
I'm not sure when I'll stop.
Most men run like clockwork.
Each piece is relevant to the system.
Alas, I am different.
I am a clock, like all other men,
But I am filled with broken parts:
Broken gears, broken hands,
And broken everything else.
I can no longer move forward in time
For my hands are stuck
Cursed to tell and retell one minute.

Why would the clockmaker
Turn me into a monstrosity?
Is this a punishment for my sins
Or is it a challenge I cannot win?
Am I broken to start with
Or is this a cruel joke?
I wish not to retell the same time
Because it is a time that haunts me.
A time that has brought me grief.
Fix me, so I may not be stuck.
 Dec 2015 Curing
 Dec 2015 Curing
If you can see a future without me and that doesn't, like, break your heart, then we aren't doing what I thought we were doing here
Eric and donna my life and luv
It'll always break my heart and I'll always want it all back but it's alright **** happens
 Dec 2015 Curing
You Broke Me
 Dec 2015 Curing
You broke me.
Not beyond repair, you're not that powerful.
But still
You broke me.

I put myself back together
Piece by piece.
One of those pieces I couldn't put back.
Because it was you.

Thanks to you,
I'll never be complete.
Whenever I look down at myself
There's something missing.
There's a hole in my side.

I'll never be whole
I'll always be reminded
You broke me
And I'll never be the same
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