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  Oct 2015 courtney
Let the crushing waves
wash the abrasive sand from our eyes

Let the infinite blue
replenish our breaths for deeper dives

Let these words fall free
and fill the silence between us

Let the beats of our hearts
set the pace for our lives
  Oct 2015 courtney
Seán Mac Falls
Bare feet on long beach
So short was our time together
Sands slipping to sea
courtney Oct 2015
He captures my heart in quick, quiescent moments;
in seemingly soulless surroundings
my eyes are open -  as spoken is a promise of hope.
He steals seconds of concentration
for openly encountered
He's jealous, he seeks my attention,
and, when I'm
thorough but thoughtless
he invades, like a lover
desperate for connection.

(C) 1/10/15
Courtney L
courtney Sep 2015
Picking up pieces
and seeing the creases
in skin worn down to flesh -
sowing shoe-laces
and borrowing traces;
now clear and smooth is best.

Courtney L
courtney Sep 2015
If ever a poet lets you read their work -
beware, it's a trick; for they're
not showing you a poem at all:
They're cross-sectioning their heart,
contents spread apart;
inviting examination
into blood-vessels as
they bleed.

(C) 17/9/15
Courtney L
courtney Sep 2015
Eucalyptus & honey,
my throat's been quite funny -
aroused in coughing hysterics
all day.
Green tea with lemongrass,
helps tedious hours pass
as I sniffle and sneeze

(C) 17/9/15
Courtney L
courtney Sep 2015
I'm reliving the times thoughts
clouded my mind,
in swirling storms of doubt:
But now I see, deconstructed at least,
the strings I've snapped and broken.
Once choking and heaving I've
become to bleeding
out the darkness inside of me.
Looking to you, staying true to
your words and heart so dear;
Emerging whole I've shed the
mould of a mind oppressed by fear,
And I see so clearly your light
burns within me, a triumph
awaited my tears.

(C) 17/9/15
Courtney L
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